2dehands Customer Service

2dehands Customer Service


2dehands is a best advertising medium through online in Belgium. In general, it is difficult to reach the right audience without proper advertising platform and hence 2dehands.be is the perfect one stop solution as it helps advertisers to reach the dedicated customers at competitive prices with the help of 2dehands customer service. Through this advertising website, particular group can be targeted who are interested in specific channels so that potential customers can be reached. More than five lakh people downloaded this app and around twenty lakh people subscribed for the newsletter from 2denhands.be. Around two lakh people are active on mobile apps and the site has 220,000 facebook fans.

Many possibilities are provided by 2dehands to its advertisers so that it is very easy to reach audience. Advertisers can display their ads and can also use text links, advertorials in newsletters, partner mailings to attract customers who are interested in various fields. Advertising campaign option is also provided to the advertisers as particular department can be targeted to attract customers. 2dehands has wide range of categories in which ads can be posted- cars, audio, video, antiques, books and comics, constructions, automobiles, business and industry, computer supplies, pets and their supplies, kitchen, jobs and services, clothing etc. served by 2dehands customer service.

2dehands customer service provides help to its customers and advertisers on various issues like selling, buying offer, login and registration, safety. Both advertisers and customers can email to the company through online just by filling the form. Any suggestions can be asked by filling details in the form which is sent directly to 2dehands customer service. In the form of emailing the customer service, subject of the question should be chosen along with the sub category of each subject. Then finally, the customer can write the explanation in detail to the customer service so that the employees can resolve the issue soon.

Frequently Asked Questions
Customer need not contact 2dehands customer service every time for simple issue as there are some frequently asked questions already written in the website for which solutions are given. Some of such type of questions is related to login issues, blocking of accounts, ripping issue of customer, with who do the customers does business, removal of placed appreciation from the customer’s profile. All these questions are answered already in the website so that customers can quickly go through the solutions which save their time in contacting customer service. However, any further questions can be emailed to the customer service.

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