Amazon Customer Service

Amazon Customer Service


About Amazon
Amazon is an electronic commerce company based in America with its headquarters in Seattle, Washington. is especially an online bookstore and is internet based retailer in United States. However, it later diversified its products by selling Blue-Rays, DVDs, and CDs etc. Jeff Bezos is the founder of Amazon and serves its customers worldwide providing wide range of services. is also well known for its fast shipping, kindle and virtual selling of books online. With Amazon customer service, each and every customer is served with high quality in order to satisfy them which are the one of the important goals of Amazon.

Cloud Products and Services
Amazon offers wide range of web services like storage, global compute, analytics, database, deployment services and applications which helps organisations to offer services fast at lower IT costs along with Amazon customer service. Hence, many large enterprises trust theses services by using mobile and web applications, game development, loT, data processing and warehousing, archive, storage and others. Through, people can buy various products like software, video games, apparel, electronic, food, furniture, kindle readers, toys, jewellery, laptops and mobiles. Even some low end products like USB cables are being sold by Amazon through AmzonBasics. Also, Amazon is the largest provider of cloud services in the world.
Best Amazon customer service is provided to the customers for wide range of issues which are listed in the help page of their official website. Some of the broad sections in which help is provided are orders, payments, returns and refunds, gift cards, account details and manage addresses. If query is not answered in webpages through FAQ list, customer can contact through chat, telephone or e-mail services provided by Amazon customer service.

E-mail, chat or telephone
When the customer is directed to the contact page, the page asks to select the issue which the customer is facing. The dropdown list has several issues like delivery issues, product issues, quality issues, promotions, refunds and returns issues. Further, the issue details are to be selected. Finally after selecting the details about the issue completely, Amazon customer service provides relevant solution for the issue. However, Amazon can be contacted through various social networking sites like facebook, twitter and the Amazon blog being maintained by it. Amazon also provides any app only services in order to boost sales through mobile app rather than web page. With all these features, it provides Amazon customer service with high quality.

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4 Responses to Amazon Customer Service

  1. Annie Gunst says:

    Still waiting for my replacement Kikkerland solar queen. I returned mine who never worked! The return packed also costed me money! I already send Amazon on 6/11 where my replacement of Queen solar was because I was still waiting for a working Queen solar. No answer. Now 19/11 and still nothing!!!
    Can you tell me what’s happening?!!

  2. Samuel Pienica says:

    Since last week I have been unable to have Internet connection with my Kindle, and thus unable to receive ebooks.
    Can Amazon help me ?

  3. Wenceslas MBAMBA MUANDA says:


    Je viens de faire une commande sur, j’habite Anvers en Belgique. C’est bien marque en cas d’achat de plus de 25€ le transport est gratuit. par contre, en effectuant mon achat il y a un montant de 8€ qui m’a été facturé pour le transport. Aucune possibilité de le retirer. Merci de faire le nécessaire pour le corriger.
    Message sur le transport sur le site:
    Belgique et Luxembourg
    Contenant un livre : GRATUIT sans minimum d’achat
    Contenant tout autre article* : GRATUIT à partir de 25,00 EUR d’achat par commande. (consultez nos tarifs pour une commande d’un montant inférieur à 25,00 EUR)

  4. Laurentiu says:

    Hello, i have a few question, the first one is:
    – I can sell in every country?
    – The distribution you will do it?
    – Can i do the distribution?
    – For the name of product i have to find names?
    – Can i send from China straight to Amazon?
    – And what means FBA, how will help me?

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