AWW Customer Service

AWW Customer Service


Antwerp Water Works (AWW) is a Dutch based company which produces water for Belgium city, Antwerp and its surroundings. It nearly produces 150 million cubic meters and also generates revenue of 100 million Euro. Recently, it decided to change it workflow through process-driven approach for the improvement of both services and products. Integrated IT support along with best AWW customer service is essential to achieve this transformational change. With the help of Microsoft Dynamics, AWW can achieve better customer care support because of its flexibility with the rest of operations management.

Drinking Water Facilities
AWW provides drinking water facilities to around 15,000 customers through decent storage capacity. Colleagues of AWW are responsible for maintenance of distribution network and the production facilities so that more people can come into contact with the company through IT. AWW also uses variety of applications to provide best AWW customer service to its customers. Its management is very important because of the size of customer profile. Storage network is highly necessary for AWW customer service to provide its services to customers without any disturbances. AWW also uses EMC for data storage as it is highly important for the company to store its data efficiently.

Quick resolution of Inquiries
With the help of staff members of AWW customer service, customer’s status can be accessed through single access point. This allows the customers to get their many inquires answered very quickly. AWW’s new workflow benefits its customer service as high quality of data can be provided to its customers which bring customer satisfaction which is the prime component of success of any business. This integrated approach of AWW provides not only service to its customers but also to perform internal operations in a hassle-free manner. To achieve this performance, AWW has collaborated with many external businesses to provide quality services to its customers.

AWW’s Data
Water connections, mains network and water supply of AWW’s system is completely available in the form of a single computer network system. As per march 2003, the data was available for AWW area which is processed from municipalities of various areas. AWW staff members are trained in such a way that they can cope up with the dual system until the information is converted back to its initial levels. Staff members are properly trained in sourcing, research and development along with AWW customer service. With the help of various types of software, AWW is able to reach to the customers and gained a wide customer base.

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