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Renault Customer Service

Renault is an automobile manufacturing company based in France which was founded in 1899 by Louis Renault, Fernard Renault and Marcel Renault. It produces wide range of vans and cars and had manufactured tanks, trucks, buses and auto rail vehicles in the past. As of 2013, it is considered as the world’s eleventh biggest automaker. It sells its automobiles to countries outside Europe which constitutes around 50% of their total shares. Since 2001, Renault Trucks is a part of Volvo Trucks and Renault is especially known for its role in motor sport especially Formula 1 and rallying. Around 127, 086 employees are working in Renault along with Renault Customer Service.

Various Services
Renault provides wide range of services to its customers- vehicle finance, maintenance contract, live services and coyote series. Some other additional services from Renault are extension of vehicle warranty, controlling budget maintenance, buying navigation and multimedia services, ensuring vehicle, choosing from list of finances along with Renault customer service. Warranty extensions can be done to recently purchased vehicles or used vehicles. Services contracts are available for both individuals and professionals. Some services that come under multimedia are Media Nav, phone hands free, music audio-streaming, R &GO.

Renault customer service assists for driving with serenity. Renault assures quality of service and also assures mobility. It also assures and guarantees various solutions for mobility in various circumstances mainly in European countries. Renault also provides troubleshooting either on site or at nearest workshop. The mobility solutions provided by Renault allow the customer either to continue his/her journey or care for consistent journey in the customer’s own vehicle. All the assistance services from Renault are free as a part of warranty from Renault. With its excellent service and warranty conditions, it always aims for customers’ satisfaction under any circumstances.

24X7 Renault Customer Service
Renault provides 24X7 Renault Customer service by a team of professionals in Belgium and also in other European countries. Customers can call to 0800.15.0.51 (Belgium) or (abroad) anytime from their mobile phones. Customers can also contact their dealers directly whose details are given in the official web pages. The most effective method to contact Renault customer service is through online by filling form as it helps customer service employees to collect the information from customer as soon as possible. Customers can also fax their queries or issues to 02 334 76 19. All the customers’ opinions and suggestions can be written directly through online form.

Zen Customer Service

About Zen
Zen Internet has grown in to a company from pioneering ISP which provides data, hosting and voice services to residential and business customers in UK. Through this network, customers can communicate, pursue and collaborate with their long term goals. In this highly connected world, Zen provides an opportunity of infrastructure business in order to compete. The mission of Zen is to provide best class ISP service in UK which constantly requires investment, assessment and development. The operational processes and technical infrastructure can be reviewed to identify various opportunities through Zen customer service.

Wide range of services are provided to its customers by Zen- cloud and hosting, voice, networking and connectivity, managed services and professional services. Under cloud and hosting services, the services provided to the customers are infrastructure, web and app hosting, hosted exchange, cloud platforms and database hosting. Under networking and connectivity services, Zen provides leasing and IV VPN services to its clients. Both ISDN and Sip services are provided under voice services. Managed cloud hosting and managed networks services are provided under Managed serices. All these services are aided by Zen customer service.

Help and Support
Zen customer service helps customers to manage their accounts through billing, tracking order, portal guide, moving home, updating contact details and lost username or password. Separate customer service is provided to small businesses, medium and large businesses. Customers can contact technical service, billing and other customer services at 01706 902001. For medium and large businesses, customers can contact at 01706 902902 for technical support, billing and other customer services. Phone services can be availed from Zen customer service along with troubleshooting and other issues in support forum where many customers post their questions regarding the services provided by Zen.

Contact Zen Customer Service
Any query regarding technical issues can be contacted directly to Zen customer service. However, customer has many other options to get help and support from the customer care. Help and support section in the site is especially dedicated for this purpose as Zen values its customers’ satisfaction. Any question posted in Support forum is answered as soon as possible. Live chat is also enabled from Monday to Friday (10AM to 4 PM) excluding public holidays and bank holidays. Customers can also email to Technical support can be contacted from 8 AM to 8 PM on weekdays and from 9 AM to 5 PM on weekends.

VOLVO Customer Service

Volvo Cars
Volvo started its first production in 1927 and is steadily growing since then with breakthrough innovations. Volvo also has factories in various countries like Belgium, Sweden and China. Wide range of vehicles is being produced by Volvo maintaining its quality of brand irrespective of the type of car- Sedans, SUVs, and Sports cars. Volvo Car group is the property of Zhejiang Geely Golding Group (Chinese). Volvo is proud of its management team and Volvo customer service that have experienced in many centuries with good code of conduct in both ethical concerns and business standards. The mission and vision of Volvo cars include progress of its brand in the entire world.

Various Services
Volvo offers and provides various services like support, accessories, wheel kits, assistance, Apple carplay, maintenance and repair, my Volvo vinter, price indicator and finding dealers. Customers can easily configure and buy Volvo after booking a test ride. Dealer can be found in the official website only to reduce frauds in the dealerships. Brochures and price lists are also updated in the websites periodically so that customers can know the price of the car correctly through Volvo customer service. Offers are also displayed int he site to increase sales. Some of the additional service provided by Volvo cars is fleet, Volvo financial services, Volvo car insurance, military diplomat expat, government auctions etc.

Contact Volvo Customer Service
Volvo makes all arrangements for customer issues in the website itself in the form of frequently answered questions. But if customer does not find answers to the questions, he or she can contact the company directly and write to the address: Belux Volvo car, customer service, avenue hunderenveld 10, 1082 Brussels, Belgium. Customers can also call to Volvo customer service at: 02/ 482.71.11. After-sales services are provided at 02/ 482.72.22 and customers can also email for after-sales services to

Road Side Assistance
For any road side assistance, Volvo cars can be reached at 0800/ 15 475 or +32 2 773 61 12. With this assistance, Volvo cars protect the customers 24 hours a day which operates for 7 days a week. When the customer is travelling any European country, he or she can call to the toll free number anytime for any kind of assistance which will be provided in the customer’s own language. With such kind of Volvo customer service, customers have high degree of trust and confidence on the company which is the prime reason for its success in the entire world.

Kapaza Customer Service

In 2003, Kapaza started its classified website based in Belgium supporting in two languages- English and Dutch. It is a product of Norwegian Schibsted- Mediagroep. It soon emerged as one of the best classified ads sites in Belgium. In 2009 and 2010, website is regarded as the best website in the category of classifieds. Users can offer wide range of things in their classifieds and is also ad free. If users want to put their classifieds in “spot light”, they have to pay additional charges to make their ads in the top search list and of course free Kapaza customer service.

Various Categories
Kapaza offers classifieds in various categories like real estate, vehicles, media, recreation and leisure, business, jobs, home personnel and others. Many sub categories are also provided under each category. For example, subcategories under vehicles are: cars and its parts, motorcycles and its parts, boats and accessories, caravan and camping. Similarly, under real estate category, the sub categories are rent, properties for sale and holiday. Multimedia also has various subcategories like games, computers, music, audio, photography and cameras, telephony, consoles. Under home and personnel category, many different subcategories were enlisted- children and babies, furniture and decoration, art and antiques, construction, jewellery, care and welfare etc along with concerned Kapaza customer service.

Contact Kapaza Customer Service
Kapaza customer service can be contacted for various reasons like paid ads, technical issues, search, contacting seller, frauds, iphone app issues and any other questions. Customers should first search whether their issues are listed in FAQs section as most of the issues are given in the site along with the solutions. However, if customer wants to give a suggestion, he can directly write in the concerned space provided in the website instead of calling Kapaza customer service. Various tips are also provided in the customer service section like search tips, sale tips, terms of use and selling faster.

Contact Seller
If customers want to contact the seller directly, they should choose contact the seller option in the helpdesk options which redirects to new page where the customer is required to choose subject of the question. If the customer does not find solution for the issue in the website’s help desk, he or she can write email to the kapaza customer service in the website itself. Customer should fill a form where name; e-mail and message are required to be filled before sending the form directly to the customer service. They can also FAX to +32 (0) 2725 5693.

AVIS Customer Service

Avis is a subsidiary car rental company founded in 1946 By Warren Avis with headquarters in NJ, United States of America. As of 2007, it serves in more than 4900 locations. Avis budget group is the main company under which many subsidiaries like budget track rental, budget rent a car and avis are present. Avis group operates in many countries like South America, North America, India, New Zealand and Australia along with Avis Customer Service. Avis also acquired Avis Europe Plc which has separate license under Avis Brand. In the entire world, Avis is the second largest rental agency of cars in the world after Hertz Corporation.

Cars and Rental Services
Avis provides various rental car services like Car Guide, Avis Signature Series, Membership services, Business programs, Miles and points/Programs. It offers various products like Avis Access (Disability products), GPS by Garmin, Satellite Radio. Under services, it offers many Avis services like Select & GO, Avis Mobile, Fuel Plans, Pay Now Rates, Priority Return, International Assistance, Extended roadside assistance, Avis Triplt service, Avis Cares, Avis e-Toll, Mini-Lease Program, Chauffeur Drive with best Avis Customer service. All these services are provided to the customer with best customer service all around the world in various languages.

Worldwide Telephone Numbers
Avis maintains different telephone numbers in different locations all over the world. It provides various facilities in around 150 countries and is ready to meet all the rental needs of customers any time. Telephone numbers for different categories are listed under various countries list where contact numbers are given for rates, reservations, car in the shop, avis car sales, get away or wizard setup, customer service. Avis customer service in US can be reached to 1-800-352-7900. Similarly, in New Zealand, customer services can be contacted at: +64-9-526-3258.

Accident Avis Customer Service
In case of any accidents or incidents during vacation or business trips, customers should take the accident report form from the official website and fax it to 720-479-4034. The form must be completely filled by the victims in order to ensure that there should be no delay in the process of claim. To start the process of remitting payment, the form must be sent to the address: Avis Claims, PO Box 409309, Atlanta, GA 30384-9309. If vehicle is booked with the help of credit card companies, some documents given in the official website are helpful to the customers as provided by the company’s Avis Customer Service (best service).