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Fluxys Customer Service

Fluxys is a public company based in Belgium with its headquarters in Brussels. Its core service is being an operator for natural gas transmission system. More than 850 employees are working in the company. It has a huge infrastructure with 3700 km of pipelines and ahs a terminal in Belgium. The company is also listed in euro next Brussels share market. Form the breakup of Distrigas, this company was founded in 2001 and acts as an independent operator in Belgium for natural gas transmission and storage infrastructure. Zeebrugge terminal is also being operated by the company with its fast-mover approach along with Fluxys customer service.

Fluxys Activities
The core activities of Fluxys are categorised into three: transmission, storage and LNG terminalling. In the transmission category, Fluxys sells its capacity to its customers through pipeline infrastructure with the help of Fluxys Customer service. It transmits natural gas to various system operators, industrial users and power stations in Belgium. It also moves natural gas to border points to international transmission in Europe. Storage services are also offered by Fluxys which enables customers to take the help of buffer capacity in ensuring continuous delivery of natural gas to its end-users or gas trading places.

Fluxys Customer Service
Customers can directly contact the registered office in Belgium and can call at: +32 2 282 72 11 or FAX at: +32 2 230 02 39. Any questions about infrastructure are answered by the Fluxys customer service after filling the form in the queries section in their official website. Customers can also contact the company through various social networking sites like twitter in which the company is very active with all the latest updates about the company. Customers can also send e-mail to the customer service by filling a form in the website which is named as “email alert” services.

Best Calling Time
Customers can call the Fluxys Customer service at anytime in a day which works for 7 days a week. In case of any accident during the transmission of natural gas, customers should call immediately at: 0800 90 102 or +32 2 282 70 03 or can FAX to: +32 2 282 70 06. All the queries of the customers are resolved as soon as possible by the customer service employees. Hence, the company is known for its best service to its customers which are the main reason for its tremendous success in Belgium for its natural gas transmission to the Europe and for domestic purposes.

AWW Customer Service

Antwerp Water Works (AWW) is a Dutch based company which produces water for Belgium city, Antwerp and its surroundings. It nearly produces 150 million cubic meters and also generates revenue of 100 million Euro. Recently, it decided to change it workflow through process-driven approach for the improvement of both services and products. Integrated IT support along with best AWW customer service is essential to achieve this transformational change. With the help of Microsoft Dynamics, AWW can achieve better customer care support because of its flexibility with the rest of operations management.

Drinking Water Facilities
AWW provides drinking water facilities to around 15,000 customers through decent storage capacity. Colleagues of AWW are responsible for maintenance of distribution network and the production facilities so that more people can come into contact with the company through IT. AWW also uses variety of applications to provide best AWW customer service to its customers. Its management is very important because of the size of customer profile. Storage network is highly necessary for AWW customer service to provide its services to customers without any disturbances. AWW also uses EMC for data storage as it is highly important for the company to store its data efficiently.

Quick resolution of Inquiries
With the help of staff members of AWW customer service, customer’s status can be accessed through single access point. This allows the customers to get their many inquires answered very quickly. AWW’s new workflow benefits its customer service as high quality of data can be provided to its customers which bring customer satisfaction which is the prime component of success of any business. This integrated approach of AWW provides not only service to its customers but also to perform internal operations in a hassle-free manner. To achieve this performance, AWW has collaborated with many external businesses to provide quality services to its customers.

AWW’s Data
Water connections, mains network and water supply of AWW’s system is completely available in the form of a single computer network system. As per march 2003, the data was available for AWW area which is processed from municipalities of various areas. AWW staff members are trained in such a way that they can cope up with the dual system until the information is converted back to its initial levels. Staff members are properly trained in sourcing, research and development along with AWW customer service. With the help of various types of software, AWW is able to reach to the customers and gained a wide customer base.

Aquafin Customer Service

Founded in 1950, aquafin’s main aim was to expand the infrastructure of sewage treatment in Flanders along with operating and financing it. The process of sewage treatment by aquafin includes the collection of waste from municipalities in to collector sewers followed by transportation of the sewed waste to treatment plants where the final treatment of waste happens under Flemish and European standards. Aquafin carry outs the operations by passing this drinking water to various companies. As encouraged by Europe, Aquafin follows ‘Polluter Pays’ principle which is also allowed in Flemish region with the help of Aquafin customer service.

Three types of Services
Aquafin offers its services in three areas- Business, Municipalities and water drainage with best aquafin customer service. Aquafin offers many municipality services in the name of RioTotaal which helps cities to develop new infrastructure for better waste management. The waste is managed through various processes like rainwater plan, RioGis, RioHerrekening, Rioinvestering, RioProject and separation of waste and rain water on land. For businesses, it provides its services in various forms like waste water treatment of temporary discharges and permanent discharges, emergency connections to WWTP, communications buffer force in rainy weather, support Aquaplus. In terms of drainage services, request is taken from the public authorities for the discharge of drainage water.

Contact Aquafin Customer Service
Aquafin provides its aquafin customer service for various entities like individuals, technical partners, companies and towns with dedicated contact numbers so that customers can be addressed easily and quickly. If the customers want to know about the working of infrastructure, they can call aquafin customer service on weekdays from 8 AM to 7 PM at: 03 450 45 45. Otherwise they can also fill the contact form in the website through which query can be directly sent to the customer service employees. If it is of any urgency, then customers can call to the office directly at: 03 450 45 11 which is available from Monday to Thursday- 8 AM to 5:30 PM and on Friday from 8 AM to 4:30 PM.

Services to various entities
It also provides its aquafin customer services for students, companies, press. Technical partners can directly call to 0440.691.388 or can send email to or can send queries directly from the online page. Customer service for towns is available at 03 450 45 45 from 8 hours to 19 hours and for any emergency, customer care can be contacted at 0800 16 603.

EDF Customer Service

EDF is the one of the leading electric utilities in the world with millions of customers and businesses turning towards EDF for electricity needs in their homes, factories and offices. EDF is committed to provide efficient and reliable power supply with the help of EDF customer service. EDF always remains at the forefront of technology in energy whether it is from solar, hydro, wind or nuclear and is updating to new technologies to drive towards carbon free electricity generation. More than 150,000 employees are working in EDF all around the world and it is the best place for any employee to work.

Operation through Various Companies
EDF operates in Belgium through many companies- EDF Belgium, EDF luminus, EDF Energies Nouvelles, Verdesis and Dalkia. It also performs various activities like power generation, supply, renewable energies and corporate services. EDF is highly active in power generation services with a capacity of 1950 MW as per 2013 report. After the generation of power, it supplies to various businesses under various brands with active participation in both national and international markets. With around 60 years of experience, EDF provides best EDF customer service in 13 European countries and supplies power to residential customers also.

EDF Customer Service
Unlike other companies, EDF doesn’t provide any contact or email details through which EDF customer service is contacted. But it answers all the queries of the customers through its online page only. In the official website, one can find “contact” link at bottom of the page. On clicking “contact”, a new page is displayed which asks various details like name, company details, fax, telephone number of customer, area location, Pin code details of area, business sector details, complete address of the customer etc. This is of course the best way to address the customer’s issues than providing multiple contact numbers which are always highly trafficked as customers call customer service for every single issue.

Hassle-Free Customer Service
With its unique way of serving customers, EDF customer service is the best way to address various issues of customers. Customer can explain his/her issue in detail in the form for which separate box will be given to the customer to write about the issue. As customer provides email in this query form, the response is sent back to the concerned customer in stipulated period of time. Later on, the following discussions and queries can be solved directly through emails.