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Canal+ Customer Service

Canal+ Group
Canal+ is the private television channel which has 186,000 subscriptions who are committed to pay 140 francs a month for watching various channels- most prominently sports and cinema. The leading producer of various premium channels in France is Canal+ which provides many services to its customers through excellent Canal+ customer service. Canal+ also provides live TV in its website and provides various programs relating to different fields in their official website. The different categories in which programs are offered to the customers- emissions, sports, cinema, fictions, and music, humour and information channels.

Various Services
Canal+ group provides various services like broadcasting, distribution, channel packaging and new TV experience. Six premium content networks are provided by canal+ group with entertaining, modern and committed programming. Various channels like cinema, sport, family, decale and series are offered from Canal+ group and are considered as the best screening network in television. The bundling of multi-channels and distribution of many pay-tv offerings, Canal+ group is leading in France with its availability in many broadcasting platforms. Through channel packaging, canal+ group provides two attractive packages that are complementary. A premium offer is also offered by canal+ group with over 150 channels in various brands through canal+ customer service.

My Support
Customers can contact Canal+ customer service for any issues or queries. But it is suggested to look My Support page before contacting the customer service as many questions are answered there. Most of the queries by customers are answered in my support page by customer service. The customer service is available at (230) 602 18 18 from Monday to Sunday (8 AM to 1 AM). The customer service works even on bank holidays and other public holidays. However, the charges to the customer service depend on the types of call through which the customer calls the service.

24X7 Canal+ customer service
Canal+ customer service is provided all the time irrespective of days and timings which shows the value given to its customers by canal+ group. Canal+ can be contacted directly through email, chat or phone. Chat service is the best customer service provided to customers through their official website as the customers get instant response from the service. Some of the services which are provided by customer service are management of subscription, personal information, and withdrawal of account statements, technical questions, claims or any other questions related to the services provided by canal+ group to its customers.

Netflix Customer Service

Netflix Overview
Netflix is the largest television network in the world expanded over 190 countries along with Netflix customer service. It has 75 million members who are enjoying around 125 million hours of movies and TV shows per day including documentaries, original series and feature films. Netflix was founded in 1997 and its headquarters are located at Winchester Circle, Los Gatos, United States of America. Members can watch on internet connected screens any time they want, anywhere and as much as they want. Members can watch all these without any commitments or commercials and can also pause and resume them while playing.

Services of Netflix
Netflix is a rental service that offers media services to its subscribers through internet streaming. Netflix also provides video-streaming service separately that gives access to the online library content of Netflix for internet connected devices. It allows many individuals to make use of one subscription by ensuring authenticated login. When the streaming service was launched, no additional charge was taken from the users. Netflix offers rental services for both video-on-demand service and physical disc rentals. In 2013, it launched Super HD services that allow high quality streaming and supported by Netflix customer service. For providing all these services, open connect content-delivery network is used.

Contact Details of Netflix
Netflix provides “Netflix customer service” through calls and email services. For any press related Netflix customer service cases, one should email to The inbox of this mail is monitored from Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM. If the issue is regarding to any Netflix customer service, then go to for contact information. Netflix customer service can be availed by calling 1-800-585-7265 which is available round the clock. For faster service, it is better to login into the site and then click “call us” link which provides service code along with waiting time.

Tips for Callers
Callers can call service number: 1-866-579-7172 to know information regarding joining Netflix service. Social media is the best and fastest mode of customer service by Netflix. Netflix accepts queries from both Facebook and twitter accounts. Callers should first take use of live chat on Netflix web page as it provides solutions to their questions quickly because of less waiting time. As it takes sometimes for the Netflix customer service to answer questions, one should look at the troubleshooting tips given in the official website. New user or existing customer can call anytime as the service is for 24 hours, 7 days. For better guidance, description of issue is vital.

SFR TV Customer Service

In the present times, businesses and individuals want to be connected everywhere with the highest quality of service. SFR offers such high mobile and fixed broadband to meet the needs of its customers: communities, businesses, public and operators. SFR, with its capacity of innovation and investment established itself as major player in telecom services. SFR, founded in 1987 is hence considered as global operator in telecommunication services with its headquarters in Paris. With SFR TV, customers can live a new experience on connected TV. All the services like weather, movies, photos, traffic, photos and real estate are provided directly on TV with best SFR TV customer service.

Live TV Experience
Weather forecast report on TV can be viewed anytime and the areas of interest are France, marine weather, mountains. Weather app can be directly accessed in the application menu or can directly go to the chain 961. SFR especially provides machine-to-machine, unified communications and cloud computing for businesses. With SFR service, any program can be watched at any time and TV can be used for playing, listening music and for looking at pictures. Programmes can be saved from TV guide or recordings can be scheduled remotely. If any program is missed or if customer wants to see the programme again, TV programs on demand can be accessed whenever wanted by customers. Any discrepancies can be complained to SFR TV customer service.

Amazing Service for customers
With round the clock SFR TV customer service, SFR provides best service to customers on daily basis. Customers can contact SFT TV customer service through various contact numbers that his easy to handle their issues. In simple terms, to stay in contact with the SFR group, customers can access SFR TV customer service. More precise options are provided in SFR official website in the customer service page. Customer should enter request details of service like DSL box or Fibre Box. Later, customer should enter the service details like supply and services, contact, account and password, consumption and bill settlement, login and equipment.

24 Hours Voice Server
SFR TV customer service is available 24X7 without any holidays on weekends and public holidays. So, customers can contact SFR TV customer service anytime after checking the FAQs section in the official site as most of the answers to customer’s problems can be obtained in this section. Advisers can be contacted by logging in the official website. If there are any questions regarding the fibre mobile, customers can contact SFR TV Customer service- 0033 6 1000 1900 from 9 AM to 10 PM every day.

FREE TV Customer Service

Free TV was initially started as Federation of Commercial Television Stations (FACTS) in 1960. It was started only after four years of introduction of television in Australia. At present, Free TV acts as public voice for discussion on wide range of issues. In Australia, it represents almost every organisation in its sector. It is governed by a group of directors who represents other member groups like the seven network, the nine networks, network ten, prime television, Imparja television. However, board is being supported by many committees that formulate recommendations and advice related to policy, engineering issues, technical issues, regulatory issues and other marketing areas that affects the industry along with Free TV customer service professionals.

Free TV Commercials Advice
Commercials Advice (CAD) by Free TV provides various information services to agencies, advertisers and production houses related to television commercials and infomercials. Before broadcasting them, all the infomercials and commercials should be classified. CAD is however not responsible for any legal advice. Every advertiser or its agency is ultimately responsible whether the commercials comply with the laws and other regulatory requirements. Information on various other topics can be found in its official website and help can be taken from Free TV customer service.

Contact Free TV
For any information or some kind of assistance, Free TV can be contacted at: Free TV Australia, 11 Avenue Road, Mosman NSW 2088. Free TV customer service can also be availed by contacting (02) 8968 7100. Customers can also ask their enquiries through FAX at (02) 9969 3520. For those who want to contact Free TV customer service through e-mail can send enquiries to For contacting commercials advice, Free TV customer service can be enquired by calling (02) 8968 7200 and through FAX at (02) 9969 8147. E-mail service is also provided at The status of application can of course be searched using CAD Database search function.

Tips for Customers on Complaints
If customers want to give complaints to Free TV customer service, Electronic Lodgement System can be used that comes under the ambit of Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice. Complaints include various types like fairness and respect for privacy, accuracy, program classification, non-program content on television and placement of commercials. Once the complaint is submitted, Free TV customer service will forward it to the selected station which replies directly to the customer. If any concerns are there in lodging complaints to Free TV, customers can directly write to the address mentioned above or can be submitted in online.