ING Customer Service

ING Group is multinational banking company based in Dutch with its headquarters in Amsterdam. It provides its business in direct banking, retail banking, asset management, investment banking and insurance services. ING group is a consortium of 11 European banks and is included in the important banks list in 2012. It is also listed in “Fortune Global 500” in the year 2012 and is regarded as the largest financial or banking services in the world. It generates revenue of $150 billion and is the 18th largest corporation in terms of revenue. It has clients in more than 40 countries and able to serve through ING customer service.

Day-to-Day Banking Services
According to a survey, 189,000 customers shifted from various other banks to ING last year. Some of the services provided by ING are credit cards, current accounts, self banking and payments along with ING customer service. Through current accounts, customers can manage either through online or offline through branch. The different types of current accounts are free online account, classic account and youth account. Some of the credit card services are ING visa classic, Flexible credit card and ING master card gold. Self banking services include ING smart banking for smartphone, ING smart banking for tablet, Home’Bank.

Need Urgent Assistance
Customers can contact ING customer service during emergency conditions like blocking card, making insurance claim. Branches can also be contacted directly for such kind of issues or customers can book appointment directly through the website. Investments can be done through ING Invest Account, shares, investment funds and ING lifelong income. Various insurances can be claimed for ING car insurance, travel assistance, home insurance, ING death benefit and Insurance. Retirement benefits like star fund, ING life pension plan, ING life star plan and ING PSPS.

Three ways of ING Customer Service
Customers can avail ING customer service through three ways- visiting branch, call and message. Before visiting branch, customers can make appointment at any branch of customer’s choice. In order to call customer service, customers can reach at +32 2 464 60 04 from 8 AM to 10 PM (Monday to Friday) and on Saturdays from 9 AM to 5 PM. Customer service professionals provides personalised answers to customers based on their questions. Any complaints or suggestions can be written to the customer service directly through message. ING customer service employees contact the customer with relevant solution as soon as possible.

KBC Customer Service

KBC is a bank-insurer which helps its customers to realise their goals and dreams by protecting them. KBC doesn’t just work as bank or as insurer but aspires more to inspire, boost and stimulate its clients to reach their goals and dreams. KBC was formed in 1998 after the merger of two banks and one Belgium insurance company. At present, it has clients of 10 million and is extended for many countries like Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Ireland and others. KBC has many branches (1600) and performs its operations or services through various channels and agents. More than 36000 employees are working in KBC along with KBC customer service according to 2014 results.

4 Reasons to be Customer of KBC
KBC is known for its four services- free current account with bank card, savings account with higher interest rates than other banks, an office nearby always, popular mobile banking app. KBC allows customer to save regularly for his or her child and avail a gift as compliment. The other services provided by KBC are save, pay, pension savings, borrow, invest and insure. KBC separates its services to businessmen, private banking and others. All the power services are provided to the customers along with KBC customer service.

Make an Appointment
Appointment can be booked online before going to KBC branch which is nearby customer’s location. Online appointments reduce time and make customers to directly avail services without any delay. Both customers of KBC and non-customers can book appointments in online. However, KBC customers are provided with KBC Touch service by KBC customer service which helps in resolving their issues quickly. Date and time can be chosen from the calendar provided in KBC touch service and customer gets free SMS alerts from KBC to remind him or her of appointment.

Contact KBC Customer Service
Customers can avail KBC customer service for various services like asking questions, problems, suggestions or complaints. If the customer’s card is lost or stolen, customer service can be contacted which blocks the card immediately. Card Stop is the service which provides such blocking services for the customers by calling 070 344 344. Internet fraud can also be reported to the customer service through online. Any nearby locations can also search in the contact us page in their official website. All these services are provided to the customers without any delay as KBC believes in customers’ satisfaction and values each and every customer.

Fortis Customer Service

BNP Paribas Fortis is the insurance and bank for the present changing world. Fortis is a part of BNP group since 2009. The bank offers wide range of financial services to self-employed people, small and medium sized firms, professionals and private individuals. Fortis bank works in close collaboration with AG insurance, a Belgium market leader. Specialist solutions are also being offered by Fortis for public sector organisations and high worth individuals. BNP Paribas has its presence in 84 countries with 200,900 employees along with Fortis customer service.

Fortis provides its services mainly in Insurance and Financing. This bank provides all its services to starters, liberal professions, companies, self employed and farmers. Fortis also gives loans to customers in the form of investment credit, instalment loan, flixecredit, financial leasing and crowd funding. The other lending services by bank are bank guarantee, bonifisc tax facility, overdraft facility and factoring. Fortis also provides Fortis customer service in the categories of financing, pension, insurance, save and invest start-ups and security. Pension services are provided to customers in the form of pension solutions.

All tele-claims can be reported to Fortis customer service at 0800 96 050. Customer service can be contacted through 02 433 43 32 where all issues can be resolved. Fortis customer service is also provided through various ways like email, facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. However, benefit operations can be availed by pc banking, easy banking, ATMs, phone banking. Clients can directly to Fortis customer service which provides solutions to various queries posted by the customer as soon as possible. SOS service is also provided by Fortis customer service for any urgent questions. There are various branches through which Fortis bank provides its services to its customers and hence separate customer service is provided to customers quickly.

Subscribe to Newsletters
To be in update with various services and other offers by banks, customers can subscribe to the newsletters though website. Customers can also give suggestions to Fortis customer service regarding various issues. Appointment can be booked in online quickly without much delay and this reduces paper appointments which provides some difficulty to customers. Every customer’s opinion is counted by the bank which gives ultimate value to its customers in providing various services including Fortis customer service. Online requests can be in various fields like daily management, funding, savings and investment, assurances, remote banking and applications mobile. With its best customer service provided to its employees, customers’ satisfaction is given importance.

AG Customer Service

AG Real Estate
Fortis Real Estate which is called AG Real Estate later is the subsidiary of AG Insurance (Ageas). It is founded in 1824 as a part of Fortis AG and was called Fortis Real Estate since 2002 and is now called AG real estate since 2010. It is the largest real estate group based in Belgium with its headquarters in Brussels. AG real estate is currently involved in many public private partnership projects and is playing lead role in fast-track schools of tomorrow to maintain almost 200 buildings in Flanders with the help of AG customer service.

Core Activities
AG real estate is mainly involved in supporting its core activities: Investment, development, public car park management and financing. AG real estate has completed many residential, office and retail space developments in France, Belgium and Luxembourg. All the activities are mainly focused on four strategic areas: sustainable communities, urban development, PPPs and turkey projects. AG real estate is active as equity investor and also as debt investor in the entire risk spectrum. Under the Interparking brand, AG real estate also provides public car park management. It created more than 290,000 car parking spaces in 9 different countries. Interparking is the Europe’s leading car parking facility operator with which AG real estate collaborated for providing car parking spaces in Belgium and its customers are helped through AG customer service.

Contact AG Real Estate
AG real estate customer service is highly efficient and asks customers to send their queries by completing a form in their website. AG customer service is provided on +32 (0)2 609 68 00. Customers can also avail AG customer service through FAX at +32(0)2 609 68 10. If customers want to contact AAG real estate customer service through e-mail, they can mail to It also provides service to tenants as separate customer service.

Service to Tenants
AG customer service provide excellent options for customers to select the appropriate field like office, residential, retail, warehouse and mixed use projects in order to contact them daily. After the selection of particular category, type of building is asked to be entered so that contact details are displayed on the screen to whom the customer can contact directly to get his/her issue resolved. The customer can directly contact to the manager whose image is also displayed along with the contact number. Because of its excellent customer services, AG real estate became the largest and leading real estate group in Belgium by providing wide range of services.