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Vanbreda Customer Service

Vanbreda is a Belgium based insurance company founded in 1937 and is regarded as the largest insurance broker in Belgium and leading partner of insurance in Benelux. For risk based companies, social institutions, public institutions and entrepreneurs, Vanbreda formulates answers which work with more than 550 employees that advise over 30,000 clients. Its advice to its clients varies in wide range of areas like risk management, insurance and employee benefits. With its Vanbreda customer service, it can serve clients with 90% satisfaction rate which is the main elements of the company’s success.

Advices to Customers
Vanbreda helps its customers with insurance advice, risk management and claims. Insurance advice is given to customers who are related to different types of assets, liabilities and people. Vanbreda helps to reduce risk of customers and also reduces cost of risks so that optimal risk financing can be developed. Each of the claims of the company are specialised in their fields and all the damages are treated together. The damages may be due to contamination on medical liability or due to structural changes. The company also protects from various kinds of cyber risks. The e-services provided by the company improve efficiency and communications with clients through Vanbreda Customer Service.

Different customer services
Vanbreda customer service is provided in various countries like Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. In Belgium, many local customer services are provided in some prominent cities like Antwerp, Brussels, Brasschaat and Hasselt. Antwerp customer service can be contacted through +32 3 217 67 67 and If the customers want to contact insurance, then they can call to +32 3 217 62 22 or can email to Customers can also contact local Vanbreda customer service than calling headquarters.

Online Vanbreda customer service
Vanbreda customer service can also be availed through online by filling a form. Messages will be replied as soon as possible to the concerned customers. All that the customers wanted to do is to fill the online form with various details like name, email, company, phone number, and subject of issues, copy of message and a Captcha. Customer can contact through LinkedIn, a social networking site in which the company is very active at. All these services makes customers’ issues to be resolved very soon so that customers’ satisfaction towards the company will be high which increases profits of the company. For general questions, customers can call to 03 217 67 67 or can contact online also.

UCB Customer Service

Union Chimique Belge (UCB)
UCB is a biopharmaceutical company founded in 1928 with its headquarters at Belgium (Brussels). It has a revenue turnover of 3.3 billion Euros and mainly focuses on Research and development (R&D). It manufactures various medicines for Epilepsy, Crohn’s disease and Parkinson’s disease and focuses on UCB customer service. The main focus of the company is on treatments for many diseases that are treated by specialists in the fields of Central Nervous System (CNS) disorders, oncology and inflammatory disorders. In order to promote research in neuroscience, the company presents UCB award for every 3 years. As per 2014 report, the company has over 8,500 employees operating in about 40 countries and has 2 research centres in UK and Belgium.

UCB’s Products
All around the world, the medicines of UCB makes a real difference when compared with others. UCB provides an amazing UCB customer service to patients that wonder them as how a pharmaceutical company can show such an interest and affection towards patients. Their main products are divided into two categories: Immunology and Neurology. Products in Immunology can help in treating axial spondyloarthritis, Crohn’s disease, Psoriatic Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis. Similarly, products in Neurology can be used to treat Epilepsy (Vimpat, Keppra), Parkinson’s disease (Neupro) and restless leg syndrome (Neupro).

UCB Investor Relations
UCB customer service is always very happy to answer questions from its customers or patients. Isabelle, Antje and Nathalie as a part of UCB customer service answers every question posted by the customers. In order to contact Antje Witte (VP Investor Relations), customers can call at: +32 2 559 9414 or can e-mail at: Isabelle Ghellynck (Associate Director Investor Relations) can be contacted through Tel: +32 2 559 9588 or through e-mail: Also, Nathalie Deldime (Investor Relations Events Manager) can be contacted at Tel: +32 2 559 9291 and at Nathalie.

Contact IR Team
Investor Relations team can be directly contacted through phone: + 32 2 559 9291 or through FAX: +32 2 559 9571 or through e-mail: UCB customer service reception can be contacted directly through Tel: +32 2 559 9999. However, UCB customer service provides customers to be in touch with the company in twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube through its feed. Any other queries can be directly written to the address: Allee De la Recherche 60, 1070 Brussels, Belgium. However, patients should contact their health care providers for personal health concerns.