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INBEV Customer Service

Anheuser-Busch InBev
INBEV (Anheuser-Busch InBev) is a multinational brewing company based in Belgium with headquarters at Leuven. With around 25 percent of market share in the world, it is considered as the world’s largest brewer. It is founded in 2008 by the merger of Anheuser-Busch and InBev. It mainly produces beers and soft drinks and generates around 47 billion U.S Dollars by employing more than 155,000 employees including INBEV (Anheuser-Busch InBev) customer service. It is operating with more 16 brands and generates huge profits in 25 countries. The company is primarily listed in Euronext Brussels and has highest markets share in seven out of ten countries.

Innovation and Brands
Some of the brands of this company are Budweiser, Corona, and Stella Artois etc. INBEV (Anheuser-Busch InBev) company considers its brands as the foundation of its company. Some of the international brands are Leffe, Beck’s and Hoegaarden with its local champions- Bud Light and Michelob Ultra. With its continuous innovation and investments in various areas, it is able to keep its brand fresh and new in the minds of customers who are provided best service from INBEV (Anheuser-Busch InBev) customer service. With refreshing the customers’ interests, brands can be reached to new customers who increase profits.

INBEV (Anheuser-Busch InBev) is one of the best places to start career as it refreshes itself with latest innovations and talent programs. Global MBA program and Global talent programs helps to increase the skills of its employees in order to push company forward with exciting experiences. Based on the geographic zones, company also offers some other talent programs whose information can be obtained from INBEV (Anheuser-Busch InBev) customer service. Hence, it is the best option to start career in this company as the employee has long-term advantages.

Contact INBEV (Anheuser-Busch InBev) customer service
The INBEV (Anheuser-Busch InBev) customer service is provided from both headquarters and its management office. INBEV (Anheuser-Busch InBev) headquarters can be reached at +32 16 27 61 11 and through Fax: +32 16 50 61 11. Functional management office can be contacted at +1 212-573-8800. The registered address of the company is Grote Markt, 1, 1000 Brussel, Belgium and its registration number is 0417.497.106. If the customer wants to contact the customer service based on specific location, separate local contacts list is given in their contact page where telephone numbers of all the customer services can be obtained which makes it easy for the customer to talk to the company.

La Redoute Customer Service

La Redoute
La Redoute is a private company based in France which was founded in 1837 with its headquarters at Roubaix (France). It serves all the countries in Europe and is specialised in ready to wear apparel. With its wide collection and services, it is considered as the second largest seller of apparel (women) and third largest seller of linen cloth in France. Also, its e-commerce site has attracted many clicks and is ranked first in France with more than 7 million unique visitors every month. It has more than 10 million customers (active) operating in 26 countries with best La Redoute customer service.

Services by Le Redoute
Le Redoute provides products of various brands for men, women and children. It also provides various products for home ware like curtains, table linen, furniture, rugs, decoration, curtains for living room and bedding. Some of the brands which are available in this company are Ulla popken, Romans, Espirit, Eleven Paris, clarks sandals women, chantelle bra and women within. Hence, customers have everything at the shop that serves all their needs. Some of the features that make the company best are free shipping, style account, easy returns and excellent La Redoute customer service.

Customer related Services
La Redoute customer service provides free delivery all over the world for orders above 89 Euros. If the customer changes mind and wants to return the product to the company, he/she can do it within 30 days after which any such returns will not be accepted by the company. Also, if the customers don’t satisfy about the products, they can get their money back from the company. The payment system by the company is also highly secured and is regarded as 100% worry free system. Various promotional offers are also being offered by the company with 10% off on sign ups.

La Redoute Customer service
If customers want to any other related information, they can directly call to 0041 848 848 718 or can mail from their web page. If customer wants to mail the La Redoute customer service, they have to fill the contact form which asks the subject of the issue and the message. However, additional details like name of the customer, e-mail, contact number, postal code are asked for further communication from the company. To get in touch with the company always, customers can connect through social networking sites like pinterest, facebook, google+ and twitter.

Lastminute Customer Service

Lastminute is a champion of last minute travels giving five star experiences to its people and three star price tags for the customers. This is being offered by the company since its inception in 1998 and is maintaining its best even in Lastminute customer service. More than 94 percent of the people have chosen Lastminute for their last minute unplanned travels according to a research conducted by the company. With all the services provided by the travels like hotels, meals, city breaks, theatre tickets, spa days etc, Lastminute has proved its efficiency in serving its best to the customers.

Amazing Services to customers
Lastminute customer service provides its last minute services in various categories like hotels, euro star, top secret hotels, short breaks, Egypt holidays, weekend breaks, theatres, restaurants, hotels in London, afternoon tea, cheap hotels, up hotels, flights, holidays, Covent Garden restaurants, spa breaks, London theatre tickets, Tenerife holidays, cheap holidays and many others. All these services are provided to customers without any delay and without any compromise in quality even if they want to avail these services in last minute.

Support Quick Links
Support is provided by Lastminute customer service in various categories like hotels, flights, car hire, experiences, group bookings, price match guarantee, and credit card services, insurance, check my trip, spa, holidays, trip case and restaurants. Some popular FAQs are provided in separate section in official website. Some of the questions for which answers were written are: best available seats, check-in for flights, opening hours, APIS, link to trip case, amending flight booking, selecting theatre seat numbers. Travel advice is also given by the Lastminute customer service to the customers and id displayed in its official webpage.

Call Lastminute Customer Service
Sales and Lastminute customer service can be contacted for many services excluding some services like experiences, spa and package holidays. For any other services, customers can contact at 0800 083 4000 from landline and 0330 100 9126 from mobile and +44 1483 909 006 from abroad. For other types of services and products, customers can contact other numbers which are opened 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Any customer who is calling from abroad can call to +44 1483 909 007 which is customer service and to +44 1483 263 310 on which sales service is provided. For package holidays only, 0800 231 5526 can be contacted which is opened from Monday to Sunday (8AM to 11 PM).

Delhaize Customer Service

With Delhaize website, Belgium witnessed revolution in food distribution as it introduced sucursalisme, groceries shops, wines, colonial goods, spirits form a central warehouse. It journey started from 1883 and is still continuing with lot of changes in its structure and services. As of 2009, it has around 790 stores. Delhaize has various formulas stores like AD Delhaize, supermarkets Delhaize, Tom & Co, Red Market which generates a turnover of 4.6 billion Euros. The company has around 17,000 employees working in it along with Delhaize customer service. The total network of Delhaize consists of 2732 stores according to the 2009 data.

Store Services
Delhaize provides various services like lotto and post point, mobile more, self-scanning, wine tips and additional services. More products like Bingo and Post points are found in stores at various locations. Mobile more helps in calling and sending SMS at cheaper prices. Self-scanning helps in saving a lot of time when the customer is doing shopping by simply scanning the purchases while putting products in cart. Unlike other stores, Delhaize also provides some tips to customers in addition to providing various qualities of wines through Delhaize customer service. However, some other additional services like different payment methods, selling tickets, special carts are also available to the customers.

Contact Delhaize customer service
Customer service provided by Delhaize is very unique as it provides separate space for different entities like customer, online customer, journalist, media governed or advertising, supplier. Each entity has different needs and hence different customer services are provided for them. Delhaize customer service always accepts feedback from the customers. Whether the customer wants to write complaint regarding the product or write some positive feedback, he/she can write to the customer care or to any employee in the store itself. A form can also be filled in the website as customer service replies as soon as possible.

Telephone Service
Customers can make use of telephone service by Delhaize customer service by calling to 0800-95713. For international calls, customer should call to +32 800- which is toll free from Luxembourg or +32 2.412.21.11 for fee. Customers can also mail to Delhaize customer service, street osseghum, 53, 1080 Brussels. If the customer wants to mail the customer service, they can write mail to Any other suggestions can be written to the customer service by filling the form online by providing various personal details like name, telephone, card number, address and name of store and store type.

2dehands Customer Service

2dehands is a best advertising medium through online in Belgium. In general, it is difficult to reach the right audience without proper advertising platform and hence is the perfect one stop solution as it helps advertisers to reach the dedicated customers at competitive prices with the help of 2dehands customer service. Through this advertising website, particular group can be targeted who are interested in specific channels so that potential customers can be reached. More than five lakh people downloaded this app and around twenty lakh people subscribed for the newsletter from Around two lakh people are active on mobile apps and the site has 220,000 facebook fans.

Many possibilities are provided by 2dehands to its advertisers so that it is very easy to reach audience. Advertisers can display their ads and can also use text links, advertorials in newsletters, partner mailings to attract customers who are interested in various fields. Advertising campaign option is also provided to the advertisers as particular department can be targeted to attract customers. 2dehands has wide range of categories in which ads can be posted- cars, audio, video, antiques, books and comics, constructions, automobiles, business and industry, computer supplies, pets and their supplies, kitchen, jobs and services, clothing etc. served by 2dehands customer service.

2dehands customer service provides help to its customers and advertisers on various issues like selling, buying offer, login and registration, safety. Both advertisers and customers can email to the company through online just by filling the form. Any suggestions can be asked by filling details in the form which is sent directly to 2dehands customer service. In the form of emailing the customer service, subject of the question should be chosen along with the sub category of each subject. Then finally, the customer can write the explanation in detail to the customer service so that the employees can resolve the issue soon.

Frequently Asked Questions
Customer need not contact 2dehands customer service every time for simple issue as there are some frequently asked questions already written in the website for which solutions are given. Some of such type of questions is related to login issues, blocking of accounts, ripping issue of customer, with who do the customers does business, removal of placed appreciation from the customer’s profile. All these questions are answered already in the website so that customers can quickly go through the solutions which save their time in contacting customer service. However, any further questions can be emailed to the customer service.

2ememain Customer Service

2ememain is an e-commerce company which provides users to buy and sell new items along with second hand items. Customer needs to register and login in to the site to buy and sell the products belonging to various categories. The site also provides easy way to place an ad in the website. The search engine also provides easy way to search for the items in concerned sections. There is a separate section for second hand cars to be bought and sold. The website stands top in the research conducted by various surveys which found the number of visitors to the site because of its best 2ememain customer service.

Buy and Sell
There are wide range of sections from which customer can buy or sell and can do both at the same time. Some of the products being offered in the site are agricultural products, pets, autos, antiques and art, jewellery and watches, kitchen equipment, collections, boats, construction, home appliances, kids and baby products, studies, realty, movies, jobs and services, cosmetic and wellness, garden, toys and games, garden, photos, musical instruments, bicycles, scooters and other automobiles, clothing and various others. However, customer can also search the products near their location by refining search options and any issue can be sent to 2ememain customer service.

Write to 2ememain Customer Service
In the help page of their official website, there are various options in the help page- sale, buy and make offers, security issues, login and register. Some of the frequently asked questions by the customer are directly given under these sections with proper solutions. Some of the top 5 questions include hacked account, login issues, account blocking, contacting seller or buyer, evaluation. The solutions for these issues are clearly given in the help page for which there is no need to ask the 2ememain customer service.

Fill the form
Like many other e-commerce sites, there are no contact numbers used by 2ememain customer service. They just ask the customers to fill the query form in their website under help section. Customer is asked to select the topic under which issue comes followed by the selection of sub-section. The options given under the topic bar are security, sale, buy and make offers, login and register, However, after selecting the topic, customer needs to select one issue from the dropdown list of subsections. Later, customer can also give additional information regarding the issue so that customer service can serve the customers better in order to ensure customer satisfaction which is considered important.

CAF Customer Service

Allocations Families
CAF is a network formed by National Fund for Family Allowances (CNAF). It is estimated that around 30.6 million people get affected by the family allowances provided by CAF. CAF provides aids to the families in the form of income supplements, monitored advice and of equipment. The two mission goals of CAF are: helping families in their daily lives, developing solidarity with the vulnerable section of the society. In the family branch, the four main interventions are: early childhood, children and youth, solidarity and integration, housing and living environment. CAF provides best experience to the people through CAF customer service.

CAF Services
The various services provided by CAF are online services, knowing rights based on situations, learning about aids. Under online services, estimation of rights and benefits are provided to families. Based on whether the candidate is beneficiary or not, the estimation of rights is varied. Similarly to avail benefits, candidate has to claim whether he or she is beneficiary or not. As the site is crowded during peak times, such kind of requests should be given in early mornings or late nights to CAF customer service. Requests for premium activity can be done until the end of March.

Learning about Aid
CAF may provide aids in multiple situations which can be grouped under various themes: solidarity and integration, early childhood, children and youth, housing and living environment. Benefits are provided to the people only in Euros which are in practice since 2014. These benefits may be subjected to various special conditions or number of dependent children or the resources. Customers can contact CAF customer service in order to calculate rights of the concerned individual. Every individual is entitled to all the benefits for which he or she is availed to. Individual can claim sharing of family allowances in case of divorce or separation.

Know Your Rights Situation
Individuals can avail their rights from CAF customer service based on their situations. The various situations are expectation of child, birth of child, adoption of child, reduction or termination of work by the individual and to raise his or her child, education of child, child’s age crossed 20 years, sharing of child’s custody with his or her parent, childcare at home, child in school, type of care for the individual’s child. All these are various situations in which rights can be claimed after the consultation of CAF customer service. The other range of situations is changing situation, renting or buying home, disability.

Decathlon Customer Service

Decathlon is a unique e-commerce site in Belgium that sells all the equipment relate to sports giving utmost importance to the quality of products at cheaper prices. The success of the company can be attributed to optimal logistics, ongoing commitment and efficient organisation along with decathlon customer service. The site believes in making sports accessible at affordable rates while making all the sports equipment available at single location. Around 2,000 employees are working in decathlon and are passionate about sports. The main desire of the company is the customers’ satisfaction which is considered as the primary wealth of the company.

Various Services
Decathlon provides wide range of services like Team Decathlon, Sporeka, Atelier, Kipsta Club, Trocathlon, and along with decathlon customer service. Through team decathlon, customer can maintain all the rewards points after the purchase of equipment. Sporeka is a gift card on all valid services and goods that are purchased online and customer can also customise their gift cards as sports gift can be given to anyone anytime. Atelier helps customers to maintain, personalise and repair their own sports equipment. Through Kipsta club, customers can customise their equipment in a single click. Tricathlon allows customers to publish, sell and buy the sports equipment.

Question Area
Customers should register and login in to their accounts before asking questions to decathlon customer service. Customers can directly contact stores or can contact through online. If customers want information about a product or service or to share opinion about a product, they can contact store directly. However, if they want to know something about the process of buying online, ordering online and issues about customers’ account, they can contact through online. Either of the way, the company offers best customer service to its customers as its values their satisfaction more than any other thing.

Free Delivery and Free Returns
The company provides free delivery and free returns if the customers don’t get satisfied with the product or if any damages occur in the product during delivery. Any other issue can be written by filling their decathlon customer service form in which the customer is required to fill various details like name, card number, telephone, email, city, reference product and product name, concerned store, subject of the question and the actual question or remark. After filling all these details, customer can send the question to decathlon customer service whose response is obtained as soon as possible in the customer’s account.

Colruyt Customer Service

A Belgian Family Business
Colruyt was started in 1925 as a small company in Belgium and has now become a company with more than 16,000 people working in various sectors including Colruyt customer service. Significant change of the company happened in 1964 with the onset of supermarkets in the country. As new market forces entered, the company is forced to experiment with various new approaches which are modern. This made company to switch its services to more modern approach including supermarkets, self-service, cash and carry, super bonus etc. Later, it started expanding its business to various locations which made it to be in the top position.

Your Store Colruyt
With different stores in different locations, Colruyt offers best prices with best quality and best Colruyt customer service. It guarantees the best quality products by better conservation of frozen and fresh products, cold chain, organic products, frozen fish etc. In addition to providing various items in its market, it also maintains separate services for kitchen. It takes the customer to a new web page where there are many options like recipes, menus, cooking videos, cook books and search box for various ingredients needed for the recipes. Also, the page provides various details about the nutrition present in food so that customers who are on healthy diet can know the calorific values of their recipes.

Clients Services
Some of the additional services provided by Colruyt are extra card, gifts for couples, Fuji photo service, and information by mail from Colruyt customer service. The extra card provided by the company is very practical as all discounts are loaded into the customer’s card directly. All the customer has to do was to present the card before cashier so that all the discounts will be deducted from the final bill. When the customer asks Colruyt customer service about extra card, all the Colruyt brochures filled with recipes, tips will be received in mailbox.

The Information Colruyt
Colruyt customer service collects the customer mail Id for further communication with the customer regarding discounts, special deals, new initiatives and limited offers. E-mail address should be registered with the company by filling a simple form in their webpage under Colruyt customer service. The form simply needs some details of customer like name, address, postal code, phone, e-mail address, birth data, job, spouse’s name and the reason of your shopping in order to serve its customers better. However, telephone services are not being maintained by the company and all the communication takes place through mails.

Zalando Customer Service

Zalando is an entity that gathers young professionals from around 100 countries that are infused with great passion. With some business instinct, Zalando was created as an online fashion leader which delivers various fashion products to the customers’ homes across the entire Europe. In 2008, online shopping was considered as highly unsafe and unsecure. But in 2015, Zalando is being operated in around 15 European countries with collaboration from different brands so that customer can do secure and convenient shopping through their laptops or desktops. Zalando is especially considered as e-commerce giant in Germany where the company has relative economic base when compared to other nations along with Zalando Customer Service.

Wide Range of Products
Zalando has products for all age groups- children, men and women that suits for different tastes of customers. Jeans is the unique product in Zalando stores as it perfectly has all kinds of models, washes- boot cut, skinny, straight and all kinds of decorative items for a casual look. Many brands are available in their online stores with wide range of collection so that customers have many options for them to pick their products from many brands that suit their budgets. Wide range of categories is being maintained by the online store various projects are taken up in order to provide best Zalando customer service.

Zalando Customer Service
Zalando Customer service is provided to customers in various forms. Customers can directly get their issues resolved by various solutions given in help topics which aere available in their online page. Customers can also click the sub section in order to get solutions for their issues very quickly. Payment, gift vouchers and discounts, returns and refunds, dispatch are all maintained in separate pages under the heading “customer service”. Customers can simply contact these services so that they can get answers for their doubts very easily.

Free Customer Service
Customers can contact free Zalando Customer service anytime at: 0800 490 80 through phone. Customer service is however available from Monday to Friday (8 AM to 8 PM) and on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 AM to 6 PM. Customers can also approach customer service by filling “contact us” form provided in their official website. This form asks for customer details like name, email, subject and the final field for the description of issue. Later on, the customer service employees directly come into contact through the concerned email provided by the customer. Zalando is also active in various social networking sites like twitter, facebook etc.