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Google Customer Service

Google Belgium
Google was founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin with its headquarters at Mountain View, CA. The mission of Google is to organise the information and make it accessible and useful in universal perspective. Since its inception in 1998, it served millions of customers around world. Today, Google has its presence in more than 40 countries with 70 offices around the world including its office in Belgium. Behind the tools that we use every day, more than 40,000 Googlers are present working for us. Google values its customer satisfaction through high class Google Customer service which makes every issue of the user to be resolved quickly.

Innumerable Services
It is really a difficult task to count the number of services provided by Google. It is also not astonishing to say that a 5 min service halt by Google brings millions of losses for many people across the world and it is literally not possible to work without Google customer service. Google offers services in different categories like Web, Mobile, Business, Media, Geo, Specialised search, Home & office, Social and Innovation. It also develops new services by updating itself to the current needs and requirements of the changing world.

Google Brussels
With its branch in Google Brussels, the company offered services in Belgium local language. The main office of Google in Belgium is located at Brussels. Google Customer service in Belgium can be contacted at: +32 (0)2 894 85 45. Any other queries can be written directly to Chausse d’Etterbeek 180 Etterbeeksesteenweg. However, customers can also send queries through e-mail at: Belgium Customers can contact Google Customer service in Belgium for various enquires and information regarding Google products and services.

Google Customer Service
Customers who want to share reviews and feedback regarding Google’s services and products can also various contact numbers of Google Customer service. For registering complaints, suggestions, enquiries regarding Google Belgium, Google customer support can be used anytime by the customers. Customers can reach at: 0800-581-29, toll free number that works 24X7 in Dutch and French and the other customers from the places other than these can contact: 1-646-257-4500 which is available worldwide. The e-mail id of customer support can help customers to contact the supporters directly who reply as soon as possible. Customers can contact these toll free numbers anytime to get their doubts cleared with the help of some suggestions provided by the Google customer care employees.

Facebook Customer Service

Facebook Overview
Facebook is founded in 2004 with an aim of giving power to people to share the information so that world will be more connected. With its headquarters in California, facebook has 12,691 employees as per 2015 data. More than 1.04 billion users are active in facebook on an average and 934 people are active in Mobile through facebook app. Around 83.6 % of users are from places outside Canada and U.S. Facebook reaches all the customers with Facebook customer service at different locations. It has data centres in Altoona, Lulea, Forest City and Ashburn.

Professional and Personal Services
Facebook offers wide range of services and products including advertising platforms and communications. Some of the products are Messenger, Facebook mobile app and paper. However, independent experiences are offered through other services like Rooms, Slingshots, app. Some services like Audience insights and page manager are specially designed for business partners like advertisers. All the terms and conditions of usage of these products and services are covered in Data policy of the company which describes how facebook collects, discloses and uses the information and are maintained by facebook customer service. In some cases, some products and services have separate privacy terms and policies.

Facebook Customer Service
Like other companies, there is no Facebook customer service like chat or live support. But all the issues and queries of customers are answered in separate help centre page organised for this purpose. This help centre deals with all the issues of customers like login and password problems, messaging and connecting issues. Users can report an issue in the help centre page where separate page will be opened for reporting such kind of issues. Users can also manage their passwords and any discrepancies can be written to the company through support page. All the regular issues and problems are covered in the FAQs section created by the company in their official website.

Help Centre
All the privacy concerns are resolved by the company through their help centre page specially dedicated for the customers. Because of its high class Facebook customer service, the company has gained trust among millions of people all over in the world in just 12 years. Replies to the issues posted by the customers are directly linked to the customer’s facebook page and all the other important messages are stored in the support inbox of the customer’s account. Customer can easily reply to those messages from the help team.

eBay Customer Service

About eBay
EBay was founded in 1995 with its headquarters at Hamilton Avenue, san jose, CA, United States. It is an e-commerce multinational company based in America and provides services to consumers and businesses through internet. Since the company was started by pierre Omidyar in 1995, it has been in the path of success and today, it is one of the multibillion-dollar businesses operating in around 30 countries. is the online shopping website being managed by the company through which people can buy and sell variety of goods and services all over the world with best eBay customer service.

Wide range of tools and services
With the advancement of various technologies, eBay is trying hard to make both buying and selling easier for the people by providing eBay customer service. eBay stores Markdown manager, E-Mail marketing improvements, new promotion boxes feature, free shipping, eBay MapIt, My world, Skype buttons, eBay pop, eBay Deal finder are some of the services eBay provides for its customers to ease buying and selling. Some of the products being sold/ bought in eBay are baby products, cameras, electronic goods, electric goods, beauty products, toys, apparel, business and industrial products, computers and consumer electronics, musical instruments, video games, pottery and glass etc.

How to Contact eBay Customer Service
EBay provides best eBay customer service and customers are guaranteed with excellent experience making sure that every customer is provided with the needed help. There are three options through which customer can contact eBay- chat, e-mail and call. In order to chat with the customer service team, help and contact section can be clicked in the website which has separate sections for every query and then ‘chat’ can be clicked finally to directly chat with the customer care employee.

E-Mail and Contact Number
Customers can also e-mail to the eBay customer service directly from website. In the eBay website page, “contact us” link can be clicked which further navigates to a page where “e-mail” option is displayed. Based on the customers’ questions, it may take from 24 to 48 hours to get response from the customer care service. However, in order to speak directly to the customer care, customers should go to the same contact page and then click on “call” option which generates a unique ID and gives contact number for the selected sub section. Then, IVR transfers the call to the customer care employee. The best time to call the care was from 9:30 AM to 7:30 PM which works 7 days a week.

Airbnb Customer Service

Airbnb is a website that helps people to find, list and rent lodging. It is a private entity found in 2008 by Joe Gebbia, Brian Chesky, and Nathan Blecharczyk with its headquarters at San Francisco, California, United States of America. It is being operated in 190 countries with over 1,500,000 listings. Airbnb is a trusted place for people to book accommodations in various places around the world based on their tastes. Airbnb customer service allows its customers to book their accommodations either from mobile phone or from tablet. Whether it is a one month stay in villa or a one week stay in castle or one day stay in apartment, Airbnb provides unique travel experience to its people.

World-Class Services
Airbnb provides rental services to its customers at affordable rates in different destinations around the world based on the requirements of customers. Since 2008, it served a maximum number of 60,000,000 in more than 34,000 cities and has collaborations with more than 1400 castles. With the best and world-class Airbnb customer service, many users or people want to monetize their space and showcase it to millions of people. All these services by Airbnb also helps in keeping environment clean as sharing houses reduces the emissions of carbon.

Airbnb Mobile
Airbnb customer service is maintained at high class as the company had separate application for mobile users which can be downloaded through Google play store or iOS App store. Hosting is made easy with the Airbnb customer service as reservations are done in simple manner without consuming much of the user’s time. Users can also interact with the hosts to acquaint well them before actually contacting them. Any inquiries are accepted by the company through

Responsible Hosting
Airbnb is trusted by many users all over the world only because of its value towards its customers through Airbnb customer service. The company ensures accuracy levels in the details provided to the customers and considers reservation enquiries round the clock (24X7). Calendar is continuously updated by Airbnb customer service to reflect the reservation dates accurately. Commitment, cleanliness and required amenities are the three best things one can trust from Airbnb. Best support is provided to the customers during reservations in order to resolve any issues that may arise. Airbnb also takes reviews from guests within 14 days of checkout and the company is known for its hostility and excellent staying experience.

Amazon Customer Service

About Amazon
Amazon is an electronic commerce company based in America with its headquarters in Seattle, Washington. is especially an online bookstore and is internet based retailer in United States. However, it later diversified its products by selling Blue-Rays, DVDs, and CDs etc. Jeff Bezos is the founder of Amazon and serves its customers worldwide providing wide range of services. is also well known for its fast shipping, kindle and virtual selling of books online. With Amazon customer service, each and every customer is served with high quality in order to satisfy them which are the one of the important goals of Amazon.

Cloud Products and Services
Amazon offers wide range of web services like storage, global compute, analytics, database, deployment services and applications which helps organisations to offer services fast at lower IT costs along with Amazon customer service. Hence, many large enterprises trust theses services by using mobile and web applications, game development, loT, data processing and warehousing, archive, storage and others. Through, people can buy various products like software, video games, apparel, electronic, food, furniture, kindle readers, toys, jewellery, laptops and mobiles. Even some low end products like USB cables are being sold by Amazon through AmzonBasics. Also, Amazon is the largest provider of cloud services in the world.
Best Amazon customer service is provided to the customers for wide range of issues which are listed in the help page of their official website. Some of the broad sections in which help is provided are orders, payments, returns and refunds, gift cards, account details and manage addresses. If query is not answered in webpages through FAQ list, customer can contact through chat, telephone or e-mail services provided by Amazon customer service.

E-mail, chat or telephone
When the customer is directed to the contact page, the page asks to select the issue which the customer is facing. The dropdown list has several issues like delivery issues, product issues, quality issues, promotions, refunds and returns issues. Further, the issue details are to be selected. Finally after selecting the details about the issue completely, Amazon customer service provides relevant solution for the issue. However, Amazon can be contacted through various social networking sites like facebook, twitter and the Amazon blog being maintained by it. Amazon also provides any app only services in order to boost sales through mobile app rather than web page. With all these features, it provides Amazon customer service with high quality.