Belgacom Customer Service

Belgacom is merged with Proximus which provides various services in mobiles, fixed line, internet, equipment and television. Quality is the prime focus area of Belgacom and is hence merged with Proximus which also gives high priority to quality and also provides high speed uploads with less noise in transmission. The company along with its Belgacom Customer service provides ultra powerful mobile network which is being facilitated in around 20 Belgian cities with dazzling speeds. The network also helps in switching between 3G and 4G automatically according to the availability of signal. Hence, network quality and service quality are given highest priority by the company.

Products and Services
The company provides best option to choose from various packs or to customise own pack and customers can also add mobile subscriptions. Various mobile services like mobile subscriptions, smartphone with subscription, prepaid cards, reloading of Pay & Go Car online are provided by the company. Mobile internet, internet subscriptions are some of the internet services provided by the company with its best Belgacom customer service which helps in solving every technical issue. The television services like Proximus TV subscription, football and sports, series and movies, packages and passes are some other services under Television.

Experts at Belgacom customer service
Whenever customers need help, customer service is always at help through various modes like chat, e-mail, social media etc. For other technical questions, customers can contact the operators until 10:00 PM and works even on Sundays. However, customers facing issues regarding Proximus TV can call the Belgacom customer service anytime (even in midnight). Technical support is also provided at home where technicians come to home even on Saturdays. The company also provides some frequently answered questions in their official website which help customers to get solutions to various issues including issues in billing.

Contact Customer service
Belgacom Customer service gladly serves its customers through call, chat and e-mail. Customers can call at 0800 55 800 from Belgium and at +32 475 15 60 30 from abroad. For technical questions, the customer service can be called anytime from 8 AM to 10 PM. In case of lost or stolen mobile, customer service can be called at anytime to block the card. Any other questions can be answered from Mondays to Saturdays (8AM to 10 PM) except on holidays. Customers can directly mail to the customer service through their webpage by selecting the proper product and reason.

Orange Customer Service

Orange acts as network operator for broadband internet, mobile phones in almost 32 countries. The main focus areas of orange are: connected objects, cloud, big data and augmented reality. Presently, there are 10 orange fab programs being run in countries like Taiwan, Israel, USA, Poland, france, ivory coast, south-Korea, Spain and Jordan. The company is also very active in investment and finance with Orange customer service. 20 million dollars is allotted through budget in the first financial year of Orange digital ventures which is a new investment vehicle. The main goal of orange is to accompany around 500 start-ups in the world by 2020 through its various programs.

Wide range of services
Orange provides various kinds of services like business services, money transfer services, healthcare, submarine telecommunications etc. It also provides mobile finance services: Mobile banking, mobile payment and mobile money. Orange business services provide many solutions to the needs of the business irrespective of small, large or medium business. With Orange money, the lives of people in Africa are made easier because of common currency and Orange customer service. In the field of submarine telecommunications, orange marine is highly specialised with accurate communications between various submarines in water.

Big Orange Customer Service
Customers can expect prompt answers from the Orange customer service employees by contacting various employees according to the needs of the customer. All about life and news of the orange group can be responded very soon by the customer service. Customers can be in touch with group by clicking on various profiles as given in the site under group contacts section. Companies, professionals and multinationals can avail customer service benefits from orange business services. All inquiries can be written to the customer service by submitting requests directly to the employees.

All Customer Contacts
In order to cater needs of customers, Orange France opened Orange customer service to all the English speaking customers in France. Technical support from the customer service is provided in English by contacting the number +33(0) 9 69 36 39 00 either from France or from abroad. However, the call charges vary depending on the network rates. Customers can also be in touch with the orange group through various social networking sites like LinkedIn, twitter, Google+, facebook, YouTube and pinterest. For any other general question, customers can contact the technical team and sales team through various modes. With the best customer service provided to the customers, Orange is known for its customers’ satisfaction.

Ortel Mobile Customer Service

Ortel Mobile
Ortel Mobile is a subsidiary of Royal KPN, established in 2005 by a business person Celal Oruç. After one year in 2006, the company was founded in Belgium again. KPN holds 100% shares of Ortel mobile, since 2010. The company operates under MVNO, so it doesn’t have its own particular telecast networks and thus utilizes other operators. In Belgium, Ortel customer service uses BASE Company network under MVNO. Ortel customer service is one of the biggest European suppliers of cell telephone services and having solid vicinity in the Belgium, Netherlands in France, and Germany.

Cheapest Services in Belgium
The growing network of Ortel customer services permits to give dependable versatile telecom administrations and great quality at the best cost. The company is continuously planning to extend the services and products offerings in the other regions of European markets as well. With Ortel Mobile you generally call at a low levy. When you turn into an Ortel Mobile client you can call at a low cost both inside of Belgium and abroad. Since steadfast clients merit somewhat additional, Ortel customer service brings down the rates to specific nations when you revive your call credit. Every new recharge brings you some additional minutes, so that you can make some calls free.

Easy Way to Get In Touch With Ortel Mobile is one of the best places to find all your answers as an Ortel customer. You can fill their company form on the given websites for all your queries, support and advice. Also you can call the toll free number 1976 as an Ortel customer. But, if you are still not an Ortel customer, then don’t worry, you can still call them on this number: +32 (0) 78 050 010 with standard rates as per your operator. You can also visit to the company at Noordersingel 23, 2140 Antwerp, Belgium, if you face any difficulties with your subscriptions and plans.

Best Hours to Contact Ortel Support Team
If you are a new customer with Ortel Mobile and thinking to make a call to their customer support team, then the best hours would be 8 AM to 9 PM from Monday to Friday. But, if you want to make a call on the weekdays, then the timings will be 9 AM to 6 PM. You can also leave a message on the 1966 if you have purchased any Mobile Internet Bundle from their website or stores. You will get an instant reply as soon as your scheme will be activated on their system. The message facility runs for 24/7, so as per your chosen bundle of offers this is the best option to get a quick support and activation of new plans.

Proximus Customer Service

Proximus – History And Background
Proximus, otherwise called Belgacom Mobile is now one of the biggest of Belgium’s three top mobile telecommunication organizations. The other two main rivals of Proximus are Mobistar and BASE. Proximus was established in 1994 as a joint endeavor between Belgacom and AirTouch. Later, AirTouch was converged with Vodafone. The company assumed control over the operatorship of the old MOB2 simple system, and also the new second era GSM system. “Proximus Customer Service” has only somewhat more than 45% of the business sector now considered as immersed.

Proximus Specialized Information & Services
“Proximus customer service” as an organization declared the income of € 2,239 million and an EBITDA of € 1,135 million. The company is presently completely coordinated in the Proximus Group and is no more a subsidiary of Belgacom Mobile. “Proximus customer service” has declared Pay & Go as one of the main prepaid service of the company and works under GSM 900/1800MHz, UMTS 900/2100MHz and LTE 1800MHz frequencies. The “Proximus customer service” is utilized by various Mobile Virtual Network Operators, including TMF Mobile, Scarlet, RSCA Mobile and Post Mobile. The main line of Proximus services and products include a variety of options. Some of the main products and services are Mobile subscription, Smartphone subscription, Pay & Go prepaid card, Internet subscription and fixed line subscription.

Connect With Proximus
There are several different ways to connect with Proximus and get advantage of “Proximus customer services.” As a customer you can visit the Proximus Center or Point-of-sale by simply making an appointment with their staff. You can also make an appointment at your home or at one of the best suited places you prefer. You will get a customized advice from their expert. The other nice option is to shoot an E-mail in their inbox. For that, you must create an account on the company website and fill the auto generated form to get an instant response from them. The last, but the easiest way to connect with them is to make a call at the “Proximus Customer Service” representative. You can make a call on the given numbers: 080055800 from Belgium and +32475156030 from abroad.

Useful Advice To Consider
Are you a new customer to join Proximus? Don’t worry; you are at the right place to get some useful advice, before subscribing for their services. “Proximus customer service” offers the “Toll Free Numbers” for their customers and future clients. So, you don’t need to spend money to have a chat with them. The opening hours of the Proximus support Center is from 8 AM to 10 PM daily. But for the Proximus TV the support team is available until Midnight. Both options fall under the Frequently Ask Questions category. But, if you are already a client with Proximus and want to report for your lost of stolen mobile then you can call the support team 24/7.

Mobistar Customer Service

Mobistar – Virtual Network Operator
Mobistar is the second biggest of Belgium’s mobile telecommunications operators and a member of the “Free Move” alliance. It was established in 1996 at Brussels, Belgium under a joint endeavor between Telinfo and Orange S.A. The company built a GSM 900 network and an integral DCS 1800 system. At first Mobistar added to its network by marking contracts with suppliers, like Motorola and Talkline, Cellway, and Debitel Belgium and became the first GPRS provider in Belgium. Currently, more than 1804 employees are working with Mobistar and it’s increasing day by day. “Mobistar Customer Service” purchased 90% of the shares of VOXmobile in 2007 and reported annual revenue of €1.665 billion in the year 2010. Mobistar’s larger part claimed by the Orange S.A which holds a 52.91% stake and thus the company is listed in Brussels Stock Exchange also.

Mobistar Services
Mobistar is one of the primary telecommunication companies in Belgium and Luxembourg. The company is best known for some of the modern day technology and services like Satellite/Internet TV package, Star pack to give telephone clients multi-station TV. Mobistar TV consolidates DTH satellite TV with ADSL Internet to give more than 500 satellite TV and radio stations. It also provides program recording facility with smart phones. The satellite TV package is available with HD and 3D channels, and Free-to-air channels. Mobistar prepaid service was named Tempo. “Mobistar Customer Service” also helps its wholesale partners by offering access to its infrastructure and services. “Mobistar Customer service” also offers “MyMobistar App” to their customers on 3G/4G/Edge and WiFi network. Customers can easily track their usage reports through this application in quick time and also locate the sought closest Mobistar Center.

Mobistar Help Desk
“Mobistar customer service” help desk provides unlimited facilities to their customers. Mobistar professional looking website is the most interactive looking platform to solve any problems as a customer. In the Customer Area of the portal you can easily manage your services and plans online. You can view your bills and invoices of your subscription in that area and can also manage your budget with transparency. You can get the consumption information, recharge services, budget control, and mobile cloud storage facilities as a Mobistar customer and account holder. Mobistar YouTube Channel helps you to guide each and every feature efficiently with minimum efforts.

Important Points to Remember
As a Mobistar customer, one should always know the Company’s customer services first. If you are looking for quick solutions you must know the best possible ways to connect with the Mobistar staff. “Mobistar customer service” connects with their customers mainly through Mobistar Center, Telephone and Online support. The online support works 24 hours a day. So, you can send them an Email and you will get the answers of your queries within 5 working days. But if you need any personal advice, then Mobistar Center is the best place to reach. The centers are open from Monday to Saturday between 10 AM to 6 PM. Apart from it, you can also contact them telephonically. I personally consider this as the best option as you can get instant reply from the other end. The “Mobistar Customer Service” call centers are open from Monday to Saturday between 8 AM to 8 PM, and on Sunday the timings are 10 AM to 6:30 PM. You can call them from your Mobistar mobile number with local rates. The contact numbers to connect with the Mobistar call center are 027459500 from Belgium and for emergency support like for lost or stolen device report call on 080095955.

Base Customer Service

BASE – Mobile Telephone Provider
BASE is a telephone service & broadband provider in Belgium and Germany. The company was formerly known as KPN Group Belgium. It is the third biggest telephone service provider in Belgium and many mobile virtual operators uses its network. It was founded under the brand name of KPN Orange in 1999 in a joint venture between Orange Telecos and KPN Mobile. Later, its shares were sold to KPN Mobile and changed the brand name from Orange to BASE. According to a latest survey published in June 2015, BASE has reported more than 3.2 million customers in Belgium. BASE announced a slogan in 2013 which is “Freedom of speech,” and later changed it in 2015 as “Go Mobile”. Recently in 2014, the BASE Customer Service has announced the annual revenue of € 610 million. BASE announced a strategy called MVNOs for other virtual operators to use their network and offer mobile services under their own name. Also, in a recent acquisition BASE Customer Service has taken the distribution rights of 45 outlets of ALLO Telecom in 2015.

Product and Services
BASE is the largest growing mobile operator company In Belgium and providing many world-class products and services. BASE Check is the postpaid service introduced by the company and also launched 4G network in 15 Belgian cities. The company extended its 4G network to Brussels in the mid-2014. The (4G+) network rates were recorded up to 250 Mbps and thus the BASE customers can download a 10 MB file in less than 1 second. A recent data updated in June 2015 recoded the BASE customer service network of 2G, 3G and 4G to 99.9% of Belgian population. The BASE customer service has also announced BASE Cloud and Phone address services for their clients. The BASE customer service has the best voice system for helpful calling and messaging and having the speediest 3G network in Belgium. BASE Company emerges in several departments and providing some of the best offers and services, like voice, message, mobile data, self-care solutions and online top-ups.

Helping Guide
As a customer you can know more about BASE offers and services with latest products launch by simply mailing them to . Here you can get an instant reply for all your queries and details about the new offers as well. You can also become a partner with BASE Company by joining their MVNO scheme. MVNO stands for mobile virtual network operator and by joining this group you can also use BASE network to sell your own products and services. You can also get an instant help by creating an account on BASE Webmail website

Suggestions to Contact
BASE Customer service provides customer support to their clients in many ways. There is BASE mobile telephony services to make a call free with your BASE mobile in Belgium on the number 1999. Also with other devices you can call them on 0486 19 1999 and on +32 486 19 1999 from abroad. You can also use the Fax services to contact the support team on 0800 20 487. The best part is their customer service department which works 24/7, so no opening and closing hours.

SFR Mobile Customer Service

SFR- A Global Operator
SFR is a telecommunications company in France with its headquarters in Paris and was founded in 1987. In entire France’s telecommunications market, SFR hold significant position as a global operator. It provides mobile services to consumers, local authorities and as wholesale. SFR is the absolute and sole owner of its infrastructure. The main aim of SFR is to extend its 4G coverage and fibre coverage to every nook and corner of the country without compromising on its service quality. As a leading mobile network provider, SFR’s main objective is to become new leader in mobile markets and broadband. The SFR group is currently serving around 21.8 million mobile customers and around 6.4 million households in broadband services with its best SFR customer service.

Wide Range of Services
SFR provides many services- fixed line, internet access, mobile and audiovisual services. SFR is an expert in providing solutions in various fields like unified communications, machine-to-machine and cloud computing especially for businesses along with SFR customer service.

The Best Customer Service
SFR Mobile customer service is the best service as it continuously provides service 24 hours every day. SFR resolves various types of customers’ problems through different contact numbers. The termination service for mobile is accessible on 0033 811 707 175. However, subscription to any mobile plan can be done only by sending letter and not via telephone. The main SFR Mobile customer service phone number that deals with all solutions is 33-1-71-07-07-07. It operational location is from France. SFR Mobile customer service centres receive 2000 faxed pages daily and it is highly difficult to manage them. So, SFR turned to replace this paper based processes with fail-proof electronic document delivery. With this replacement, more customers are answered in the expected timeframe and hence more clients can be satisfied. With the new improved system of SFR customer service, the faxes are answered in less than 10 minutes. The use of electronic and automated solution of SFR is said to be a leap towards the green orientation of the company. Also, customers are now charged less for the SFR mobile customer service.

Best Ways to get solution from customer care
The SFR Mobile customer service can be accessed on 0033 6 1000 1900. After calling the number, # key should be pressed followed by zero. In order to speak directly to SFR Mobile customer service employees, 1 should be pressed. For other services like adding credit to the account and SIM card, customers can call on 0033 6 1000 1023.

Scarlet Customer Service

Scarlet Company
Scarlet is a telecommunications based company in Belgium and Netherlands. It also acts as Internet service provider and provides fixed and mobile telephony services. It even performs some minor operations in curacao, Luxembourg and Sint Maarten. Scarlet established its internet and telephone services since 1992. However, Scarlet is active in Belgium since 1997 with its internet and telephony services. Scarlet mainly focuses on providing telecommunication services giving best value for money and also provides qualitative Scarlet customer service. Wide range of services like digital television, internet connections (VDSL and ADSL), mobile and fixed telephony is being provided by Scarlet.

Scarlet Trio Services
Scarlet’s Trio services is known for its services in internet, telephone and TV. It provides access to 2 most watched television channels through digital television connection which also includes decoder. Through internet services, it provides download speeds up to 30 Mbps and upload speeds up to 4 Mbps with unlimited data usage. Inclusion of modem and free activation are the additional internet services being provided by Scarlet. Scarlet also handles unlimited calls to landlines for 16 hours in weekdays and for 8 hours in weekends. Wireless surfing can be done throughout home with one modem that has two Ethernet ports. The telephony services are also provided at very cheap costs compared to other service providers and any errors in connections can be reported to scarlet customer service.

How to Reach Scarlet Customer Service?
Help pages in scarlet’s website provides quick answers to most of the questions in the form of Frequently Answered Questions by Scarlet Customer Service. If the answer is not found in the list, then Scarlet Customer Service can be contacted at 02 275 27 27 from 9 AM to 11 PM on weekdays. On holidays and weekends, the Scarlet Customer Service remains closed. However, to place any new order, one can call toll-free at 0800 84 000 or can place order through online in their official website.

Test Your Line
Anyone who wants to test whether their line is available for products to be served by scarlet can check directly in their official website by entering their address details along with pin code. The search results simply show whether services can be provided in the customer’s required area or not. This reduces the customer’s time in calling Scarlet Customer Service to know whether their area is provided with service or not. As customer service is not provided on weekends on holidays, customers should call only on weekdays and calls are easily connected during day times.

Telenet Customer Service

Telenet – A Belgium Telecommunications Company
Telenet is the largest telecommunications provider in Belgium founded in 1996 with its headquarters in Mechelen. It has 2,288 numbers of employees along with Telenet customer service employees and is the largest provider of broadband (cable) services in Belgium. It provides both analog and digital cable television services. Since 2005, Telenet is also listed in Euronext stock exchange. The broadband cable network of Telenet passes through 2.4 million homes in Brussels region.

Internet, Telephony and Television Services
Telenet offers various services like cable television, broadband internet, fixed telephony and mobile telephony. In addition to cable internet services, Telenet also acquired many Wi-Fi hotspots and its main competitors are VOO and Numericable in Brussels region. Voice, data and internet services are also offered by Telenet to its business customers under the name Telenet solutions mainly through optical fibre. Telenet services along with Telenet customer service is being offered since 1998 under the name Telenet Freephone serving more than 6 lakh customers. Similarly, a telephony service is being offered by telenet since 2006 and has more than 80,000 customers. Digital TV services are launched by Telenet since September 2005.

Solutions to every problem!
Telenet customer service provides solutions to every problem of customers. Customers’ satisfaction is the ultimate goals of Telenet customer service. It answers to many questions like setting Telenet mailbox, installation guides, setting Wi-Fi connection etc. Telenet community forum is being maintained by Telenet customer service that helps in providing tricks and tips on various Telenet products. For any administrative questions, call on 015 66 66 66 and then option 1 is to be selected. Then three options are heard: outstanding balance, copy of last charge, speaks to employee. Telenet customer service is available during weekdays from 8 AM to 8 PM and on Saturday from 9 AM to 5:30 PM. On Sundays and public holidays, the Telenet customer service is closed. Any technical problems can be solved on 0800 66 016 which works 24 hours a day.

Tips to customers
If customers don’t want to wait for long-time to talk to Telenet customer service, they can take appointment by calling 015 66 66 66 and choosing option 3, then option 5 and finally option 1. These appointments can be taken from 8 AM to 10 PM (Monday to Friday) and from 9 AM to 10 PM on Saturdays. Subscriptions can also be cancelled by calling 0800 66 350 whereas Sundays and public holidays are closed.

Verizon Customer Service

Verizon Overview
Verizon is a telecommunications company based in America which was founded in 2000. Its head quarters are located at New York City, United States of America. As of September 2014, it is one of the largest telecommunication service providers in U.S. It was formerly called as bell Atlantic Corporation from 1983 to 2000. The products that are produced by this company are broadband and fixed-line internet services, fixed-line and mobile telephony, global internet protocol backbone network and digital television and network services. As of 2014, the number of employees in Verizon are 1,77,300 along with employees of Verizon customer service. It has many subsidiaries in many parts of the world.

Services by Verizon
Verizon offers data, voice and video services along with solutions on wireline and wireless networks. Its wireless services and products include wireless data and voice services that are provided to customers, government agencies and business across United States of America. Whereas wireline’s products and services include broadband data and video, data centre and cloud services, corporate networking solutions, long distance voice services along with local services, security and managed network services that are reviewed by Verizon customer service. Verizon offers these services not only to customers in United States but also to businesses, carriers and government agencies all around the world.

Contact Details of Verizon
Verizon provides National Accessibility Verizon customer service centre. The Verizon customer service representative is available from Mon-Fri, 8 AM- 9 PM EST, on (888) 262-1999. However, the standard Verizon customer service and support representatives are available everyday from 6 AM to 11 PM. Customer can also chat with the Verizon customer service representative online by clicking chat button on the web page. For more details about the contact numbers of various services, click Customers can also check their billing details by signing into the website for personalized support. The Verizon customer service offered by Verizon is very quick as they reply within 24 hours.

Tips for Callers
Verizon customer service is available at 800-922-0204. As the average waiting time is 8 minutes, one can skip the waiting time by using Skip Waiting on Hold tool. If the customer wants to phone Verizon wireless by himself/herself, here are some notes: First press 2 followed by 0#, then 0, then 0, then 0# and finally 0#. The existing users of Verizon can press 1, then press 4 and then say “Customer Service”. Now, the last four numbers of social security number should be entered. The best caller timings are 6 AM to 11 PM from Mon-Fri and 7 AM to 4 PM on Saturday and Sunday.