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Sanef Customer Service

Sanef is a 2063 km motor way in France and is based on concession model which is considered as successful business model. This model helps in maintaining the infrastructure along with financing the delegate construction thereby guaranteeing public expenditure. The main quality of sanef is that it didn’t tie up with any construction group but is the subsidiary of Abertis which is a French company. Abertis is a world leader in managing highways. Sanef’s main missions are exploiting, secure, maintain, valorise and develop. To achieve all these missions, an expert team with sanef customer service is highly essential.

Sanef services
Sanef provides services in various fields with high quality and amazing sanef customer service. Some of the services provided by the company are infrastructure management, facility management, and salt order. The technical and human resources of the company helps in meeting the demands and serves its customers in maintenance and management of infrastructure of organisation. The facility management is provided by sanef whose operation is explained in the website. Salt can be delivered either in bulk or in bags. Customer can also choose the type of salt that suits their need.

Sanef customer service at your disposal
Many questions are answered from sanef customer service through its high qualified technicians. Some of the questions which are answered are visit to toll, advancing trip, damage of car, subscription toll, and administrative matters and joining issues. Questions on any other subject are also answered with high precision. If an individual wants to apply for the vacancies, they are directed to career space in the company’s official website. Sanef has around 24 service centres and customers can contact to 01 41 90 59 00 from Monday to Friday during business hours. High quality of service is guaranteed to customers from the service employees.

Contact Sanef customer service
Sanef customer service can be contacted through 01 41 90 59 00 and Customers can also send the filled form through online in which various details like name, social reason; email, phone, subject and message are required to be filled with accuracy. The customer service further contacts the customers through the email as mentioned by the customer in the form. Dedicated customer service is provided for different issues and different subjects. Any other questions or queries can directly be written to the crossing, 30 gallieni. The company can also be found on twitter as “sanef groupe”.

UPS Customer Service

UPS is a messenger company which was founded in 1907 in United States of America. In its journey, it has grown in to multibillion dollar companies as it clearly focused on enabling e-commerce all over the world. In the present scenario, UPS is regarded as the best recognised and most admirable brand for transportation of various couriers and packages in the world. It is known for its specialised logistic services and transportation. UPS is being operated in more than 220 countries with everyday flow of goods, information and funds. With UPS customer service, the customers’ satisfaction is given highest priority by the company.

Courier Services
UPS provides various courier services like shipping, tracking and freight transportation services. In shipping services, company provides for the return in case of any damage. UPS account can also open which synchronises the customer’s purchase history every time the goods are delivered. Customers can also track the shipments and can access UPS MY CHOICE service which is displayed in the main page of the official site. Freight services include critical freight, air freight, and ocean freight and customs brokerage services. All these services are backed by UPS customer service all the time.

UPS customer service is provided in various categories like tracking package, calculating time and cost of the delivery, receiving e-mail communications from the UPS customer service and multimodal access plan. The registration details of the company in Belgium are: trade registry- Brussels, Trade registration number- 480.871 and VAT number: BE0428759497. For any details from the parcel office, customers can contact to 078-250-877 or can e-mail UPS from the web page itself. In order to e-mail through web page, customers should fill a form with details like name, email address, support category, support topic. Customer service professionals are highly trained in order to provide best customer service to its customers.

Frequently Asked Questions
UPS official site has some Frequently Answered Questions for which various solutions are enlisted in the site itself for which UPS customer service is not needed. Some of the questions which are listed under this category are: Meaning of Next Expected Tracking Event, “On vehicle for delivery”, number of days for delivery, delivery of package in three days and up-to-date information about package. Support can also be browsed by various topics like shipping, tracking, receiving shipment, billing and payment, technology support. Shipping services include shipping with UPS, national services, international services, import or export; void a shipment, locations and UPS holidays.

VLM Airlines Customer Service

VLM Airlines
VLM airlines started its service in 1993 and became the most successful commercial airlines in Belgium. In the entire aviation history of Belgium, no other airlines have witnessed continuous profit for 10 years except VLM airlines. Its routes go from Antwerp, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, and Rotterdam to Manchester, London and Jersey by operating more than 500 flights a week. This brought VLM airlines many awards including the prestigious Regional Airline of the Year. The airlines are also known for its customer service as the best VLM Airlines Customer service. However, in 2008, this airline was acquired by France’s KLM airlines.

Wide Range of Services
VLM airlines offers wide range of services: booking, baggage, special assistance, rental cars, hotel services, group bookings, travelling with pets. These services are not offered by most of the airlines and with its best VLM Airlines customer service, it values its customers’ comfort. VLM airlines also provide special services for the children who are travelling alone by taking care of them completely from boarding to destination. Customers can also travel along with pets and such customers are given special services to make them journey comfortable.

VLM Airlines Customer Service
Customers are provided with best customer service in wide range of aspects from the point of boarding to leaving them in their destined places. Incapacitated persons, unaccompanied children, patients, pregnant women are given special assistance during the journey and also during flight reservation. Disabled persons are travelled with the assistance of an attendant. However, customers have to give such kind of details before boarding to experience the best VLM Airlines customer service.

Contact for Everything
Customers are attended for every single issue by the VLM Airlines customer service and the only thing customers should do is to contact through Tel: 00 32 3 285 68 66. However, regional telephone numbers are given so that customers are given quick and instant service. Customers should contact only from 8 AM to 4 PM during weekdays. However, VLM Airlines customer service remains closed on Saturdays and Sundays. Customers can also reach the service through the e-mail: For group bookings, customers can contact the customer service as they are provided with some special offers. Hotel search and car rentals are also provided for the customers under their special requests through customer service. Customers can also be in touch with the VLM airlines to provide feedback or any complaints regarding the management in airport or in flight.

TNT Airways Customer Service

TNT Airways
TNT airways are a passenger and cargo airline and are a subsidiary of TNT express. It operates flights mainly to European destinations with its fleet size of 23. TNT airways are found in 1999 and its main hub is present at Liege Airport as its headquarters are located at Liege, Belgium. TNT airways are located at crossroads of European Motorway system as its road access is excellent. Liege Airport guarantees and believes in high quality service for both freight transport and for passengers along with qualitative TNT Airways customer service. Later, TNT airways extended its services to US and Asia.

Airline and Airport Services
The airport services are very efficient and smooth for both passenger and cargo aircraft at a competitive cost. Airports are fully equipped to provide many services for different types of aircrafts. TNT airways workforce is highly motivated and undergoes constant training to exceed customers’ expectation and hence TNT Airways customer service is said to be the best. TNT operates overnight services to about 60 destinations in Europe and provides other services like mail, courier and general cargo. TNT offers express cargo deliveries at any time all over the world with the help of on-line and real-time drawing setup.

TNT Airways customer service offers different contact numbers for different purposes. If customer wants to enquire about shipments, they can contact local TNT Airways customer service number which is unique for every country. For enquiry on any cargo shipments, customers can contact through mail: For any other general enquiries, customers can contact global network information address: To contact through phone, customers can reach at +32 4 239 3000 and through FAX at +32 4 239 3999. TNT airways can be contacted through their address at various locations like TNT Airways S.A., TNT Express Euro Hub, TNT Airways S.A. passenger services.

Ship and Track
If customers want to track their courier or cargo, they can contact directly to 1800 208 9999 or 1800 425 9999. Customers can also send message to the TNT Airways customer service directly by filling the form in their website. Their official website also provides option to trace and trace the courier or cargo sent by the customer. The employees of TNT airways customer service reaches to the concerned customer immediately through email or contact details through which the customer contacted the service. Any internet fraud can be reported by the customer to the concerned authorities to get issue resolved.

Thomas Cook Customer Service

Thomas Cook Airlines
Thomas Cook Airlines is British airlines based in England (Manchester). It serves many destinations worldwide from its main bases- London Gatwick airport and Manchester airport. It also operates from other bases in the United Kingdom. Thomas Cook Airlines was founded in March 2003. It has nearly ten operating bases with fleet size of 29 serving almost 95 destinations. MyTravel Group is merged with Thomas Cook in 2008 and Thomas Cook airlines has many sister airlines which are part of joint fleet management. Thomas Cook Airlines holds an operating licence from United Kingdom and permits carrying passengers and cargo. Thomas Cook Airlines customer service also attracts customers a lot.

On-Board Services
Thomas Cook airlines provide short-haul and long-haul flights along with in-flight entertainment. In short-haul flights, snacks and drinks can be purchased in the flight from the given menu. Gifts can also be selected at the time of booking a flight in “My booking page” of the Thomas Cook airline’s website or from Thomas Cook Airlines Customer Service. All the in-flight meals are designed by Chef James Martin since May 2012. If the passengers didn’t order any meals during the time of reservation, they can order from the cabin crew during journey. Entertainment is also provided on most services. In long-haul flights, both economy and premium economy classes are offered by the airlines. In economy class, in-flight meals are provided along with drinks and snacks.

Customer Service
Customers can contact Thomas Cook Airlines customer service if they have concerns regarding the reservations and special requests. They can call Thomas Cook Airlines at +32(0)2 400 34 22. Before boarding flight, if the customer has any issues, he/she can e-mail to for questions and comments. However, if the customer wants to lodge complaint after boarding the flight, he/she can e-mail to For reporting on baggage losses or damages, customers can contact Thomas Cook Airlines customer service by sending e-mail to For a group request, Thomas Cook Airlines customer service can be contacted through

Customer Service Availability
Thomas Cook Airlines customer service is available on weekdays from 8 AM to 8 PM and from 10 AM to 6 PM on Saturdays and remains closed on Sundays. For complaints and other queries, Thomas Cook Airlines customer service is available from Monday to Friday (9AM to 6 PM). If customers need help regarding booking, they can call to +32(0) 2 400 34 22 with local costs. However, this customer service remains closed on pubic or national holidays and Sundays.

Jetairfly Customer Service

Jetairfly is an airlines based in Belgium with its headquarters in Ostend, Belgium. Its centre of flight operations is at Brussels airport, Belgium. Jetairfly is officially known as TUI Airlines Belgium and has adopted its present name in 2005. Jetairfly has focus mainly on four cities- Antwerp International airport, Liege airport, Brussels south Charleroi airport, Ostend-Bruges international airport. Together with other six airlines, Jetairfly is linked to TUI airlines alliance and is a part of largest leisure fleet in Europe. Jetairfly has a fleet size of 21 offering services to 105 destinations and provides service in the name of Jetairfly customer service.

On medium haul and short haul flights, Jetairfly mainly offers 3 different types of services- Economy class that offers standard service which includes catering facility, economy class with buy on board service that offers snacks and drinks which are available for purchase, economy class with VIP selection that offers premium meals, free alcohol and newspapers. For the last class of passengers, Brussels airport has separate check-in and more security. Boeing 767 and Boeing 787 provides long-haul services. In Boeing 767, Jetairfly offers economy class with standard service and economy class with lounge access and security fast lane. In Boeing 787, Jetairfly offers economy class with standard service, economy class with more enhanced services and premium club that offers lounge access, security fast lane in Brussels airport with premium meals along with Jetairfly customer service.

Contact options for customers
Jetairfly customer service provides four options for contacting the customer service department- modification of reservation, request to book reservation for more than 9 people, full or partial cancellation of reservation and other questions. Jetairfly customer service is always available at +32 (0)70/22.00.00. For partial or full cancellation of reservation, customer is required to enter details in a form in the official webpage. In order to enquire prices for more than 9 people, customers can enter details of passengers for which reservation should be booked. Jetairfly offer low cost services depending on the desired flight and size of the group as contacted from Jetairfly customer service.

Tips for callers
Jetairfly customer service can be contacted from 9 AM to 7 PM on weekdays and from 9 AM to 10 PM on Saturdays and from 10 AM to 10 PM on Sundays. However, Jetairfly customer service remains closed on public holidays and hence customers are charged more for calls on those public holidays. Customers can get answers to their queries from Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) listed in the FAQs section in the official website.

KLM Customer Service

Royal Dutch Airlines
KLM, legally called as Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij (Royal Dutch Airlines) provides airlines services in Netherlands. KLM, a flag carrier airline is founded in 1919, some years ago with its important frequent flying programme, Flying Blue. KLM is headquartered in Amstelveen, Netherlands with its fleet size as 115 providing services to 138 destinations. KLM also has alliance with Sky Team airlines and is the oldest airline in the world operating with its original name. As of 2013, it has around 32,505 employees and has successfully completed 97 years of experience with best KLM customer service.

Aircraft Services
KLM provides aircraft services and is a reliable partner in aircraft support services along with KLM customer service. De-icing, aircraft towing and water supply are the various professional services offered at competitive prices for handling various aircraft requirements. KLM is the most experienced provider of de-icing services at Amsterdam airport schiphol. Comprehensive range of services is provided to customers at remote de-icing positions. KLM also offers aqua services and offers many services more than toilet and water services. Ground staff is always ready in maintaining cabin temperatures and provide heating or cooling on their own initiatives. Jetstarter services are also available for aircraft and KL uses modern units to handle many aircraft types.

Extensive Contact Information
KLM provides contact details based on the subject- booking, refunds and compensation, change or cancel flights, live flight information, flying blue, check-in, Bluebiz, baggage, complaint or compliment. KLM customer service is also provided through various social networking sites- Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn. For booking, customers can call at 1800 1800 044. KLM provides customer service through all India toll free number- +91 124 272 02 73. KLM customer service can be contacted for sales and service information by calling 1800 1800 044. Standard charges are applied when called from some operators. KLM customer service can also be contacted through FAX- +91 124 256 7603.

Hours and Details
For registering any complaints or compliments, KLM customer service can be contacted at +91 124 272 0273 and standard charges apply. If flight is delayed for more than 3 hours, customers can request compensation from KLM. If KLM customer service is contacted by telephone, customers should keep flight number and travel dates ready. KLM customer service is available from 10 AM to 12 AM and from 2 PM to 4 PM on weekdays. However, the customer service remains closed on public holidays and other important days. E-mail can also be spent through online from the official website.

Brussels Airlines Customer Service

Brussels Airlines
Brussels Airlines is the largest airlines in Belgium and is the flag carrier with its headquarters in Diegem, Machelen, Belgium. Although it was founded in November 2006, it started operations from March 2007. Brussels airlines made alliance with Star alliance with overall fleet size of 45. Brussels Airlines is also a member of International Airport Association and Association of European Airlines. Brussels airlines operate flights and provide Brussels Airlines customer service to almost 90 destinations in North America, Europe and Africa and offers crew training, maintenance and additional charter services. Since its operations, Brussels Airlines showed considerate increase in passenger traffic.

Product and Services
Brussels Airlines allows for transportation on passenger aircraft and are specialised in operating from and towards Africa which is the major part of perishable imports. Brussels airlines are partnered with Adelantex by developing “Fresh to Shelf” product enabling direct delivery to major distribution centres and markets. Cargo premium shipments are handled by Aviapartner courier centre which doesn’t require advanced reservation. However, some goods are excluded and are destined to only limited European destinations which are taken care by Brussels Airlines customer service. Brussels airlines also handle shipment of animals on daily basis and are taken care of. Since 2011, Brussels airlines accept valuable cargo like diamonds, banknotes, valuable documents and gold bars on some flights.

Dedicated Customer Service
Depending on the topic, Brussels Airlines customer service helps in finding right person to assist the customer. If the customer has any question or need any help, Brussels Airlines customer service can be contacted through website by selecting from options in scroll down like additional services, baggage allowance, check-in options, refunds and cancellations, general questions, royalty programmes. If customer has other question which is not listed in the options provided, Brussels Airlines customer service provides someone to assist the customer. FAQs section of course helps in dealing with customers’ issues even before contacting Brussels Airlines customer service.

Suggestions and Concerns from Customers
In order to voice a concern, Brussels Airlines customer service provides an option to send feedback to the concerned authorities. Any experienced irregularities can be reverted to the authorities from whom solution is obtained very quickly. However, customers who are well satisfied with the experiences can share a compliment in the form of feedback or in the form of suggestions. Customers can also be connected through facebook, LinkedIn, pinterest and twitter. For quick responses, e-mail can be spent to which is handled by Brussels Airlines customer service continuously round the clock.