Colruyt Customer Service

Colruyt Customer Service

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A Belgian Family Business
Colruyt was started in 1925 as a small company in Belgium and has now become a company with more than 16,000 people working in various sectors including Colruyt customer service. Significant change of the company happened in 1964 with the onset of supermarkets in the country. As new market forces entered, the company is forced to experiment with various new approaches which are modern. This made company to switch its services to more modern approach including supermarkets, self-service, cash and carry, super bonus etc. Later, it started expanding its business to various locations which made it to be in the top position.

Your Store Colruyt
With different stores in different locations, Colruyt offers best prices with best quality and best Colruyt customer service. It guarantees the best quality products by better conservation of frozen and fresh products, cold chain, organic products, frozen fish etc. In addition to providing various items in its market, it also maintains separate services for kitchen. It takes the customer to a new web page where there are many options like recipes, menus, cooking videos, cook books and search box for various ingredients needed for the recipes. Also, the page provides various details about the nutrition present in food so that customers who are on healthy diet can know the calorific values of their recipes.

Clients Services
Some of the additional services provided by Colruyt are extra card, gifts for couples, Fuji photo service, and information by mail from Colruyt customer service. The extra card provided by the company is very practical as all discounts are loaded into the customer’s card directly. All the customer has to do was to present the card before cashier so that all the discounts will be deducted from the final bill. When the customer asks Colruyt customer service about extra card, all the Colruyt brochures filled with recipes, tips will be received in mailbox.

The Information Colruyt
Colruyt customer service collects the customer mail Id for further communication with the customer regarding discounts, special deals, new initiatives and limited offers. E-mail address should be registered with the company by filling a simple form in their webpage under Colruyt customer service. The form simply needs some details of customer like name, address, postal code, phone, e-mail address, birth data, job, spouse’s name and the reason of your shopping in order to serve its customers better. However, telephone services are not being maintained by the company and all the communication takes place through mails.

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