Fluxys Customer Service

Fluxys Customer Service

+32 2 282 72 11

Fluxys is a public company based in Belgium with its headquarters in Brussels. Its core service is being an operator for natural gas transmission system. More than 850 employees are working in the company. It has a huge infrastructure with 3700 km of pipelines and ahs a terminal in Belgium. The company is also listed in euro next Brussels share market. Form the breakup of Distrigas, this company was founded in 2001 and acts as an independent operator in Belgium for natural gas transmission and storage infrastructure. Zeebrugge terminal is also being operated by the company with its fast-mover approach along with Fluxys customer service.

Fluxys Activities
The core activities of Fluxys are categorised into three: transmission, storage and LNG terminalling. In the transmission category, Fluxys sells its capacity to its customers through pipeline infrastructure with the help of Fluxys Customer service. It transmits natural gas to various system operators, industrial users and power stations in Belgium. It also moves natural gas to border points to international transmission in Europe. Storage services are also offered by Fluxys which enables customers to take the help of buffer capacity in ensuring continuous delivery of natural gas to its end-users or gas trading places.

Fluxys Customer Service
Customers can directly contact the registered office in Belgium and can call at: +32 2 282 72 11 or FAX at: +32 2 230 02 39. Any questions about infrastructure are answered by the Fluxys customer service after filling the form in the queries section in their official website. Customers can also contact the company through various social networking sites like twitter in which the company is very active with all the latest updates about the company. Customers can also send e-mail to the customer service by filling a form in the website which is named as “email alert” services.

Best Calling Time
Customers can call the Fluxys Customer service at anytime in a day which works for 7 days a week. In case of any accident during the transmission of natural gas, customers should call immediately at: 0800 90 102 or +32 2 282 70 03 or can FAX to: +32 2 282 70 06. All the queries of the customers are resolved as soon as possible by the customer service employees. Hence, the company is known for its best service to its customers which are the main reason for its tremendous success in Belgium for its natural gas transmission to the Europe and for domestic purposes.

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