FREE TV Customer Service

FREE TV Customer Service

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Free TV was initially started as Federation of Commercial Television Stations (FACTS) in 1960. It was started only after four years of introduction of television in Australia. At present, Free TV acts as public voice for discussion on wide range of issues. In Australia, it represents almost every organisation in its sector. It is governed by a group of directors who represents other member groups like the seven network, the nine networks, network ten, prime television, Imparja television. However, board is being supported by many committees that formulate recommendations and advice related to policy, engineering issues, technical issues, regulatory issues and other marketing areas that affects the industry along with Free TV customer service professionals.

Free TV Commercials Advice
Commercials Advice (CAD) by Free TV provides various information services to agencies, advertisers and production houses related to television commercials and infomercials. Before broadcasting them, all the infomercials and commercials should be classified. CAD is however not responsible for any legal advice. Every advertiser or its agency is ultimately responsible whether the commercials comply with the laws and other regulatory requirements. Information on various other topics can be found in its official website and help can be taken from Free TV customer service.

Contact Free TV
For any information or some kind of assistance, Free TV can be contacted at: Free TV Australia, 11 Avenue Road, Mosman NSW 2088. Free TV customer service can also be availed by contacting (02) 8968 7100. Customers can also ask their enquiries through FAX at (02) 9969 3520. For those who want to contact Free TV customer service through e-mail can send enquiries to For contacting commercials advice, Free TV customer service can be enquired by calling (02) 8968 7200 and through FAX at (02) 9969 8147. E-mail service is also provided at The status of application can of course be searched using CAD Database search function.

Tips for Customers on Complaints
If customers want to give complaints to Free TV customer service, Electronic Lodgement System can be used that comes under the ambit of Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice. Complaints include various types like fairness and respect for privacy, accuracy, program classification, non-program content on television and placement of commercials. Once the complaint is submitted, Free TV customer service will forward it to the selected station which replies directly to the customer. If any concerns are there in lodging complaints to Free TV, customers can directly write to the address mentioned above or can be submitted in online.

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