Renault Customer Service

Renault Customer Service

0344 335 0000

Renault is an automobile manufacturing company based in France which was founded in 1899 by Louis Renault, Fernard Renault and Marcel Renault. It produces wide range of vans and cars and had manufactured tanks, trucks, buses and auto rail vehicles in the past. As of 2013, it is considered as the world’s eleventh biggest automaker. It sells its automobiles to countries outside Europe which constitutes around 50% of their total shares. Since 2001, Renault Trucks is a part of Volvo Trucks and Renault is especially known for its role in motor sport especially Formula 1 and rallying. Around 127, 086 employees are working in Renault along with Renault Customer Service.

Various Services
Renault provides wide range of services to its customers- vehicle finance, maintenance contract, live services and coyote series. Some other additional services from Renault are extension of vehicle warranty, controlling budget maintenance, buying navigation and multimedia services, ensuring vehicle, choosing from list of finances along with Renault customer service. Warranty extensions can be done to recently purchased vehicles or used vehicles. Services contracts are available for both individuals and professionals. Some services that come under multimedia are Media Nav, phone hands free, music audio-streaming, R &GO.

Renault customer service assists for driving with serenity. Renault assures quality of service and also assures mobility. It also assures and guarantees various solutions for mobility in various circumstances mainly in European countries. Renault also provides troubleshooting either on site or at nearest workshop. The mobility solutions provided by Renault allow the customer either to continue his/her journey or care for consistent journey in the customer’s own vehicle. All the assistance services from Renault are free as a part of warranty from Renault. With its excellent service and warranty conditions, it always aims for customers’ satisfaction under any circumstances.

24X7 Renault Customer Service
Renault provides 24X7 Renault Customer service by a team of professionals in Belgium and also in other European countries. Customers can call to 0800.15.0.51 (Belgium) or (abroad) anytime from their mobile phones. Customers can also contact their dealers directly whose details are given in the official web pages. The most effective method to contact Renault customer service is through online by filling form as it helps customer service employees to collect the information from customer as soon as possible. Customers can also fax their queries or issues to 02 334 76 19. All the customers’ opinions and suggestions can be written directly through online form.

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