Verizon Customer Service

Verizon Customer Service


Verizon Overview
Verizon is a telecommunications company based in America which was founded in 2000. Its head quarters are located at New York City, United States of America. As of September 2014, it is one of the largest telecommunication service providers in U.S. It was formerly called as bell Atlantic Corporation from 1983 to 2000. The products that are produced by this company are broadband and fixed-line internet services, fixed-line and mobile telephony, global internet protocol backbone network and digital television and network services. As of 2014, the number of employees in Verizon are 1,77,300 along with employees of Verizon customer service. It has many subsidiaries in many parts of the world.

Services by Verizon
Verizon offers data, voice and video services along with solutions on wireline and wireless networks. Its wireless services and products include wireless data and voice services that are provided to customers, government agencies and business across United States of America. Whereas wireline’s products and services include broadband data and video, data centre and cloud services, corporate networking solutions, long distance voice services along with local services, security and managed network services that are reviewed by Verizon customer service. Verizon offers these services not only to customers in United States but also to businesses, carriers and government agencies all around the world.

Contact Details of Verizon
Verizon provides National Accessibility Verizon customer service centre. The Verizon customer service representative is available from Mon-Fri, 8 AM- 9 PM EST, on (888) 262-1999. However, the standard Verizon customer service and support representatives are available everyday from 6 AM to 11 PM. Customer can also chat with the Verizon customer service representative online by clicking chat button on the web page. For more details about the contact numbers of various services, click Customers can also check their billing details by signing into the website for personalized support. The Verizon customer service offered by Verizon is very quick as they reply within 24 hours.

Tips for Callers
Verizon customer service is available at 800-922-0204. As the average waiting time is 8 minutes, one can skip the waiting time by using Skip Waiting on Hold tool. If the customer wants to phone Verizon wireless by himself/herself, here are some notes: First press 2 followed by 0#, then 0, then 0, then 0# and finally 0#. The existing users of Verizon can press 1, then press 4 and then say “Customer Service”. Now, the last four numbers of social security number should be entered. The best caller timings are 6 AM to 11 PM from Mon-Fri and 7 AM to 4 PM on Saturday and Sunday.

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