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2ememain is an e-commerce company which provides users to buy and sell new items along with second hand items. Customer needs to register and login in to the site to buy and sell the products belonging to various categories. The site also provides easy way to place an ad in the website. The search engine also provides easy way to search for the items in concerned sections. There is a separate section for second hand cars to be bought and sold. The website stands top in the research conducted by various surveys which found the number of visitors to the site because of its best 2ememain customer service.

Buy and Sell
There are wide range of sections from which customer can buy or sell and can do both at the same time. Some of the products being offered in the site are agricultural products, pets, autos, antiques and art, jewellery and watches, kitchen equipment, collections, boats, construction, home appliances, kids and baby products, studies, realty, movies, jobs and services, cosmetic and wellness, garden, toys and games, garden, photos, musical instruments, bicycles, scooters and other automobiles, clothing and various others. However, customer can also search the products near their location by refining search options and any issue can be sent to 2ememain customer service.

Write to 2ememain Customer Service
In the help page of their official website, there are various options in the help page- sale, buy and make offers, security issues, login and register. Some of the frequently asked questions by the customer are directly given under these sections with proper solutions. Some of the top 5 questions include hacked account, login issues, account blocking, contacting seller or buyer, evaluation. The solutions for these issues are clearly given in the help page for which there is no need to ask the 2ememain customer service.

Fill the form
Like many other e-commerce sites, there are no contact numbers used by 2ememain customer service. They just ask the customers to fill the query form in their website under help section. Customer is asked to select the topic under which issue comes followed by the selection of sub-section. The options given under the topic bar are security, sale, buy and make offers, login and register, However, after selecting the topic, customer needs to select one issue from the dropdown list of subsections. Later, customer can also give additional information regarding the issue so that customer service can serve the customers better in order to ensure customer satisfaction which is considered important.

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