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Ageas – Insurer in Europe and Asia
Ageas is an insurance group with an international experience of 190 years. It is ranked among top 20 insurance companies in entire Europe whereas its business activities are concentrated in both Asia and Europe. Ageas provides its service through partnerships and wholly owned subsidiaries. In Belgium, Ageas is the market leader for employee benefits and individual life. In United Kingdom, Ageas occupies third position in the number of car insurances and more than 13,000 people are employed in various entities of Ageas whereas over 30,000 employees are working in non-consolidated partnerships along with Ageas customer service employees. Ageas reported annual inflows of EUR 26 billion in 2014.

Insurance Products
All around the world, Ageas works for its important goal: provide peace of mind to customers when they need it through best Ageas Customer service. Ageas helps to keep customers free from risks related to life, casualty, and pension at every stage of their lives. Ageas designs its policies frequently based on the needs of customers for today, tomorrow and future. Almost 33,00o people in ageas working in both Europe and Asia take responsibility for everyday happenings in the company. Ageas provides personal insurance, business insurance for various stakeholders.

Service Not Only To Customer but To Everyone
Ageas Customer service accepts requests not only from its customers but also from others like journalists, existing or potential investors, general candidates who are interested in the company. IF the enquiry is specific to a country, Ageas Customer service can be obtained from local authorities through local websites of Ageas. There are different contact numbers for different entities like investors, media officers, Ageas club. However, the general issues are solved by Ageas Customer service when customers call at +32(0) 2 557 57 11 and can FAX at +32(0) 2 557 57 50. Ageas Customer service also accepts requests through online by filling contact form.

Tips and Tricks
Customers are provided with many options to get their issues resolved as they can call different Ageas Customer service employees based on their need and issue. It is always suggested to call local customer services as they can deal with the customer’s issues effectively rather than contacting the main office for every issue. If the issue is still not resolved, Ageas always be forward to deal with all kinds of issues as it values its customers more. Customers can also call different local customer service numbers based on their criteria for making their insurance claims.

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