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Airbnb is a website that helps people to find, list and rent lodging. It is a private entity found in 2008 by Joe Gebbia, Brian Chesky, and Nathan Blecharczyk with its headquarters at San Francisco, California, United States of America. It is being operated in 190 countries with over 1,500,000 listings. Airbnb is a trusted place for people to book accommodations in various places around the world based on their tastes. Airbnb customer service allows its customers to book their accommodations either from mobile phone or from tablet. Whether it is a one month stay in villa or a one week stay in castle or one day stay in apartment, Airbnb provides unique travel experience to its people.

World-Class Services
Airbnb provides rental services to its customers at affordable rates in different destinations around the world based on the requirements of customers. Since 2008, it served a maximum number of 60,000,000 in more than 34,000 cities and has collaborations with more than 1400 castles. With the best and world-class Airbnb customer service, many users or people want to monetize their space and showcase it to millions of people. All these services by Airbnb also helps in keeping environment clean as sharing houses reduces the emissions of carbon.

Airbnb Mobile
Airbnb customer service is maintained at high class as the company had separate application for mobile users which can be downloaded through Google play store or iOS App store. Hosting is made easy with the Airbnb customer service as reservations are done in simple manner without consuming much of the user’s time. Users can also interact with the hosts to acquaint well them before actually contacting them. Any inquiries are accepted by the company through [email protected]

Responsible Hosting
Airbnb is trusted by many users all over the world only because of its value towards its customers through Airbnb customer service. The company ensures accuracy levels in the details provided to the customers and considers reservation enquiries round the clock (24X7). Calendar is continuously updated by Airbnb customer service to reflect the reservation dates accurately. Commitment, cleanliness and required amenities are the three best things one can trust from Airbnb. Best support is provided to the customers during reservations in order to resolve any issues that may arise. Airbnb also takes reviews from guests within 14 days of checkout and the company is known for its hostility and excellent staying experience.

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  1. ronny deconinck

    hallo, ik heb als host een nieuwe verhuurder aangebracht en nig steeds geen beloning gekregen……. komt niet in aanlerking voor 89€ wordt vermeld
    ik vind dat ik recht heb op die bonus daar ik airbnb een nieuwe verhuurder heb gegeven

    destijds heb ik nogmaals een neiuwe verhuurder aangebracht en toen kwam ik voor de bonus niet in aanmerking omdat zijn eerste gast maar 1 nacht verbleef
    dat is toch niet correct daar hij ondertussen al zovele gasten gehad heeft

    toe heb ik gemaild naar airbnb en heb ik de bonus toch gekregen

    ik ben host in Nieuwpoort Belgie
    ik ben host in Destelbergen Belgie

    kan ne ervoor zorgen dat deze nu ook uitbetaald

    de neiuwe verhuurder is Marijke Pichal uit Hoboken Belgie

    graag een reactie op dit bericht aub

  2. hilde naedsts

    door een ongeval diende ik mijn reis naar NY te annuleren. Mijn verhuurder heeft me het volgende geadviseerd:
    A.J. declined to pay
    30 oct.- 5 nov. · Cozy and GREAT Stay in the West Village heart ❤️
    New York, New York, United States
    Sur Airbnb depuis 2014
    “Hilde, As I advise you before the proper way of solving it is thru Airbnb help center. If I approve this claim I would be paying you out of pocket instead of reversing the charge. Just so you understand better I don’t receive any money before your arrival and if I approve this I’d be paying you AND on top of that not receiving any money because you canceled it. Please find the costumer service number for your country, give them a call or send them an email and I’m pretty sure they will reimburse you! It needs a little digging on Airbnb website on your end or even google customer support for Airbnb in your country. That would be enough. As I’ve never been on the other side of the equation the way of contacting Airbnb for hosts, guests and different countries vary.” Kunt u me aub bijstaan in het recupereren van het bedrag dat ik voor de kamer betaalde.

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