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Founded in 1950, aquafin’s main aim was to expand the infrastructure of sewage treatment in Flanders along with operating and financing it. The process of sewage treatment by aquafin includes the collection of waste from municipalities in to collector sewers followed by transportation of the sewed waste to treatment plants where the final treatment of waste happens under Flemish and European standards. Aquafin carry outs the operations by passing this drinking water to various companies. As encouraged by Europe, Aquafin follows ‘Polluter Pays’ principle which is also allowed in Flemish region with the help of Aquafin customer service.

Three types of Services
Aquafin offers its services in three areas- Business, Municipalities and water drainage with best aquafin customer service. Aquafin offers many municipality services in the name of RioTotaal which helps cities to develop new infrastructure for better waste management. The waste is managed through various processes like rainwater plan, RioGis, RioHerrekening, Rioinvestering, RioProject and separation of waste and rain water on land. For businesses, it provides its services in various forms like waste water treatment of temporary discharges and permanent discharges, emergency connections to WWTP, communications buffer force in rainy weather, support Aquaplus. In terms of drainage services, request is taken from the public authorities for the discharge of drainage water.

Contact Aquafin Customer Service
Aquafin provides its aquafin customer service for various entities like individuals, technical partners, companies and towns with dedicated contact numbers so that customers can be addressed easily and quickly. If the customers want to know about the working of infrastructure, they can call aquafin customer service on weekdays from 8 AM to 7 PM at: 03 450 45 45. Otherwise they can also fill the contact form in the website through which query can be directly sent to the customer service employees. If it is of any urgency, then customers can call to the office directly at: 03 450 45 11 which is available from Monday to Thursday- 8 AM to 5:30 PM and on Friday from 8 AM to 4:30 PM.

Services to various entities
It also provides its aquafin customer services for students, companies, press. Technical partners can directly call to 0440.691.388 or can send email to [email protected] or can send queries directly from the online page. Customer service for towns is available at 03 450 45 45 from 8 hours to 19 hours and for any emergency, customer care can be contacted at 0800 16 603.

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