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Avis is a subsidiary car rental company founded in 1946 By Warren Avis with headquarters in NJ, United States of America. As of 2007, it serves in more than 4900 locations. Avis budget group is the main company under which many subsidiaries like budget track rental, budget rent a car and avis are present. Avis group operates in many countries like South America, North America, India, New Zealand and Australia along with Avis Customer Service. Avis also acquired Avis Europe Plc which has separate license under Avis Brand. In the entire world, Avis is the second largest rental agency of cars in the world after Hertz Corporation.

Cars and Rental Services
Avis provides various rental car services like Car Guide, Avis Signature Series, Membership services, Business programs, Miles and points/Programs. It offers various products like Avis Access (Disability products), GPS by Garmin, Satellite Radio. Under services, it offers many Avis services like Select & GO, Avis Mobile, Fuel Plans, Pay Now Rates, Priority Return, International Assistance, Extended roadside assistance, Avis Triplt service, Avis Cares, Avis e-Toll, Mini-Lease Program, Chauffeur Drive with best Avis Customer service. All these services are provided to the customer with best customer service all around the world in various languages.

Worldwide Telephone Numbers
Avis maintains different telephone numbers in different locations all over the world. It provides various facilities in around 150 countries and is ready to meet all the rental needs of customers any time. Telephone numbers for different categories are listed under various countries list where contact numbers are given for rates, reservations, car in the shop, avis car sales, get away or wizard setup, customer service. Avis customer service in US can be reached to 1-800-352-7900. Similarly, in New Zealand, customer services can be contacted at: +64-9-526-3258.

Accident Avis Customer Service
In case of any accidents or incidents during vacation or business trips, customers should take the accident report form from the official website and fax it to 720-479-4034. The form must be completely filled by the victims in order to ensure that there should be no delay in the process of claim. To start the process of remitting payment, the form must be sent to the address: Avis Claims, PO Box 409309, Atlanta, GA 30384-9309. If vehicle is booked with the help of credit card companies, some documents given in the official website are helpful to the customers as provided by the company’s Avis Customer Service (best service).

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  1. Lenz-Weinert, Wolfgang

    Please inform the office from Avis “BD Garage Mercedes Benz Leuvensesteenweg 1150, Woluwe St. Lambert 1200 BE, that I, Wolfgang Lenz-Weinert, need the car, we rent, til Monday, the 09.05.2016.

    We have the number contrat de location : 13499314

    Thank you. W. Lenz-Weinert

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