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BASE – Mobile Telephone Provider

BASE is a telephone service & broadband provider in Belgium and Germany. The company’s former name was KPN Group Belgium. It is the third biggest telephone service provider in Belgium and many mobile virtual operators uses its network. It was founded under the brand name of KPN Orange in 1999 in a joint venture between Orange Telecos and KPN Mobile. Later, its shares were sold to KPN Mobile and changed the brand name from Orange to BASE.

According to a latest survey published in June 2015, BASE has reported more than 3.2 million customers in Belgium. In the year, 2013, BASE announced a slogan that was “Freedom of speech,” but they later changed it in 2015 as “Go Mobile”. And, then in the year 2014, the BASE Customer Service annual revenue was € 610 million. BASE marketing strategy was to offer MVNOs for other virtual operators to use their network and offer mobile services under their own name. Also, in a recent acquisition BASE Customer Service has taken the distribution rights of 45 outlets of ALLO Telecom in 2015.

BASE Reload Cards

Product and Services

BASE is the largest growing mobile operator company In Belgium and providing many world-class products and services. BASE Check is the postpaid service introduced by the company and also launched 4G network in 15 Belgian cities. The company extended its 4G network to Brussels in the mid-2014. The (4G+) network rates were recorded up to 250 Mbps and thus the BASE customers can download a 10 MB file in less than 1 second.

However, a recent data updated in June 2015 recoded the BASE customer service network of 2G, 3G and 4G to 99.9% of Belgian population. The BASE customer service has also announced BASE Cloud and Phone address services for their clients. The BASE customer service has the best voice system for helpful calling and messaging and having the speediest 3G network in Belgium. BASE Company emerges in several departments and providing some of the best offers and services, like voice, message, mobile data, self-care solutions and online top-ups.

BASE Subscription Plans

Helping Guide

As a customer you can know more about BASE offers and services with latest products launch. Just mail them to [email protected] Here you can get an instant reply for all your queries and details about the new offers as well. You can also become a partner with BASE Company by joining their MVNO scheme. MVNO stands for mobile virtual network operator and by joining this group you can also use BASE network to sell your own products and services. You can also get an instant help by creating an account on BASE Webmail website


Suggestions to Contact

BASE Customer service provides customer support to their clients in many ways. There is BASE mobile telephony services. And, you can make a free call with your BASE mobile in Belgium on the number 1999. Also with other devices you can call them on 0486 19 1999 and on +32 486 19 1999 from abroad. You can also use the Fax services to contact the support team on 0800 20 487. The best part is their customer service department which works 24/7, so no opening and closing hours.



Base Belgium FAQs

  • How can I use more data with my reload card?

First this you need to reload for at least € 10. Then you will get an add up of MBs for each new tariff plan to surf for free in Belgium.

In case you have already used your free data and if you are out of MB for mobile internet, they will charge you per MB. However, you can also activate the Surf & Mail option. The amount of the usage will then be deducted from your call credit.

NOTE: The Surf & Mail option by default expires after 30 days. And if you still want to keep them, then you have to reactivate them.

Click here to Reload Cards or click on the link to get Credit and free minutes SMS Data

  • How much do I have to pay for My BASE app?

If you have a BASE tariff plan without mobile internet and if your package does not include data, you pay what you use. But you do not consume more than a few KB per session. Of course, you do not pay anything via a Wi-Fi connection.

Open the link to visit My BASE app.

  • How to transfer a call to another number on My BASE?

If you do not want to answer your mobile phone calls then follow the steps below; with call forwarding from BASE you can easily transfer all your calls to another number.

Here is How to use

You simply decide when you want to activate or deactivate call forwarding. All your calls can be forwarded to a mobile number or a fixed number in Belgium.

Activate service: You can activate this service using these codes:

When you do not answer

  • Activate: * 61 * [phone number] # [send button]
  • Deactivate: # 61 # [send button]

When your cell phone does not receive a signal

  • Activate: * 62 * [phone number] # [send button]
  • Deactivate: # 62 # [send button]

When you are talking

  • Activate: * 67 * [phone number] # [send button]
  • Deactivate: # 67 # [send button]

Call forwarding of all calls

  • Activate: * 21 * [phone number] # [send button]
  • Deactivate: # 21 # [send button]

You can furthermore activate and deactivate call forwarding via your mobile’s menu (for this you are recommended to follow the instructions in your manual).

TIP: Is your voicemail enabled? No problem. You can simply activate the call forwarding. Incoming calls are not diverted to your voicemail, but to the number you have entered.


  • How can I share my music with my Facebook friends?

Click “File” at the top of the menu

Click on “Connect to Facebook”

If you grant access to Facebook in this way, a message appears on your Facebook profile that you have Spotify.

  • Import your Facebook friends from Spotify
  • Click the “Social” button in the upper right corner (an icon with two people).
  • Click on the names of your Facebook friends to see the shared playlists of your friends.
  • Making playlists visible to your Facebook friends:
  • Click on the playlist with the right mouse button
  • Click on “Publish”

Your Facebook friends using Spotify now see the playlists that you have made accessible.

  • How to activate my SIM card?

If you have received SIM card, then you should activate them as quickly as possible. Only then can you call text and surf.

TIP: If you have a reload card with your current operator then, use your remaining call credit first and then activate your SIM card. That way you will not lose your calling credit.

  • Read on to know how to activate my SIM card?

Activate your SIM card online. There you enter the following data:

  • Your order number
  • You will find that in all e-mails you received after you ordered your SIM card.
  • Your mobile phone number
  • Did you choose to keep your number? Enter your current mobile phone number there.
  • Did you choose a new mobile phone number? Then enter your new mobile phone number.
  • You can find it on the SIM card holder, to which your new SIM card is attached on your SIM card number. That is on the SIM card holder.

NOTE: You can find the number of SIM card like this;

The number of your SIM card can easily be found in your Customer zone, more specifically under “My data” – “User data”.

Your SIM card number is also mentioned on the letter that the SIM card was attached to and the last thirteen digits of the number are also printed on the SIM card itself.

You can also find out your SIM card number via your Smartphone. Refer to the video for a better understanding:

What after activation?

  • SIM card is activated now! Did you choose to keep your mobile phone number? Then you will receive a text message from your old operator within 10 minutes. The network will then also disappear. Then insert your new SIM card.

What if you choose a new number? Then you can immediately use your SIM card. Insert the SIM card into your device.

ATTENTION: did you choose a reload card? Recharge your SIM card immediately. Only then can you text, call and surf with it.

If the above instructions don’t work, send an email to [email protected]. For security reasons, they send the SIM card blocked. And only you will have the data to activate the SIM card.

  • How can I terminate my contract with BASE?

If you are considering canceling your BASE subscription, you can do this anytime! You are not bound by minimum contract duration, so you can cancel at any time. In case you want to cancel your mobile subscription, call their customer service for free on 1999. One of their employees will help you with your cancellation.

Attention: If you opted for a promotion with the corresponding depreciation table, you pay the residual value of the device. And if you want to cancel your fixed internet subscription, call their customer service on 02-60-80-600. One of their employees will help you with your cancellation.

  • How to check mobile consumption?

In the My BASE app or your customer zoneCheck your consumption wherever you want, simply discover the My BASE app! Or you can view your consumption in your customer zone. There you will also find some extra details.

Do you have a Based on your subscription? Then you discover what you can do with your remaining amount. If you would like to go with a text message, Text free CONSULTS to 1912. You will receive a message with your remaining amount or with the number of call minutes, text messages and dates that you have left.

You can also set a limit for your data usage. You need to visit the app or your Customer zone, go to My settings> Data usage. Keep in mind that your most recent consumption may not yet have been counted. This may be the case, for example, when you are abroad.

  • How can I switch from a reload card to a subscription?

If you prefer a subscription with BASE, you can easily adjust this yourself in the customer zone, with my products> change to a subscription. You will then receive a confirmation via e-mail and SMS. Do you also need a reload card? Call them on their customer service number 1999 and they will do the necessary for you. Or visit a BASE shop in your neighborhood.

  • What is Chat Call and how does it work?

With chat call you can call up to 5 people at the same time to have a conversation together. The person who starts the chat call pays every call, regardless of who participates in the call. This service is automatically available in BASE. To start a chat call;

  • Call your first interlocutor.
  • Put it on hold and press 2 and the [send key].
  • Then call the following discussion partners and repeat the two steps above.
  • Then let all participants have a conversation together by pressing 3 and the [send key].
  • You can even involve foreign discussion partners in a chat call.
  • Only BASE customers are able to request people to participate in a chat call. But the interlocutors can be customers of other operators, both mobile and fixed, in Belgium or abroad.

NOTE: Chat call service is free of cost! But depending on the type of Chat Call you make, the call costs differ.

If you want to keep control of the conversation, you call all participants at the Chat Call. In this case you pay the costs of each call.

For example, if you call 5 friends to chat, you pay the 5 calls at your regular BASE rate. If each participant invites someone else to join the Chat Call, each participant (except the last called participant) pays the price of a single call, regardless of how many people invite the other participants to the Chat Call.

If someone calls you to join Chat Call and you are in Belgium (and you do not call anyone else), then you pay nothing. BASE prepaid customers must have at least € 2.35 on their package to start a chat call.

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    Pourriez-vous me dire comment effectuer mon changement d’adresse et déplacer mon internet dans mon nouvel appart?

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