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BASE – Mobile Telephone Provider
BASE is a telephone service & broadband provider in Belgium and Germany. The company was formerly known as KPN Group Belgium. It is the third biggest telephone service provider in Belgium and many mobile virtual operators uses its network. It was founded under the brand name of KPN Orange in 1999 in a joint venture between Orange Telecos and KPN Mobile. Later, its shares were sold to KPN Mobile and changed the brand name from Orange to BASE. According to a latest survey published in June 2015, BASE has reported more than 3.2 million customers in Belgium. BASE announced a slogan in 2013 which is “Freedom of speech,” and later changed it in 2015 as “Go Mobile”. Recently in 2014, the BASE Customer Service has announced the annual revenue of € 610 million. BASE announced a strategy called MVNOs for other virtual operators to use their network and offer mobile services under their own name. Also, in a recent acquisition BASE Customer Service has taken the distribution rights of 45 outlets of ALLO Telecom in 2015.

Product and Services
BASE is the largest growing mobile operator company In Belgium and providing many world-class products and services. BASE Check is the postpaid service introduced by the company and also launched 4G network in 15 Belgian cities. The company extended its 4G network to Brussels in the mid-2014. The (4G+) network rates were recorded up to 250 Mbps and thus the BASE customers can download a 10 MB file in less than 1 second. A recent data updated in June 2015 recoded the BASE customer service network of 2G, 3G and 4G to 99.9% of Belgian population. The BASE customer service has also announced BASE Cloud and Phone address services for their clients. The BASE customer service has the best voice system for helpful calling and messaging and having the speediest 3G network in Belgium. BASE Company emerges in several departments and providing some of the best offers and services, like voice, message, mobile data, self-care solutions and online top-ups.

Helping Guide
As a customer you can know more about BASE offers and services with latest products launch by simply mailing them to [email protected] . Here you can get an instant reply for all your queries and details about the new offers as well. You can also become a partner with BASE Company by joining their MVNO scheme. MVNO stands for mobile virtual network operator and by joining this group you can also use BASE network to sell your own products and services. You can also get an instant help by creating an account on BASE Webmail website

Suggestions to Contact
BASE Customer service provides customer support to their clients in many ways. There is BASE mobile telephony services to make a call free with your BASE mobile in Belgium on the number 1999. Also with other devices you can call them on 0486 19 1999 and on +32 486 19 1999 from abroad. You can also use the Fax services to contact the support team on 0800 20 487. The best part is their customer service department which works 24/7, so no opening and closing hours.

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  1. alexia de ville

    Bonjour, Je souhaite joindre le customer service car je déménage et dois donc également changer mon internet.
    Je n’ai pas d’abonnement gsm chez vous et n’arrive donc pas à joindre le customer service qui ne reconnait pas mon numero dans sa base de donnée..

    Pourriez-vous me dire comment effectuer mon changement d’adresse et déplacer mon internet dans mon nouvel appart?

    Merci d’avance,
    Alexia de Ville

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