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Welcome to From today you can record your Calls for 30c per minute. You must have the bill payer's permission to proceed. We provide a call connection with recording with 32702 numbers. Please be aware that calls to other access numbers (not 32702) will not be recorded and that we are in no way affiliated with the companies or actual brand listed on this website. You must be 18+ or have the account holders permission. service provided by Halak Online Ltd.

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Billi – Internet Complete
Billi is a cellular company that provides mobile, internet, and phone and VOIP solutions for both businesses and private persons. It has around 40,000 customers by the end of 2015 including employees of Billi Customer service. Billi is known for its amazing quality even at competitive prices compared to other service providers. With full internet subscription, Billi provides unlimited free internet telephony.

Internet, Fixed Telephony and Mobile Services
Billi provides services in Mobile, internet and telephony sectors with best quality. Billi internet complete provides surfing with the entire family on tablet, phone, laptop, game console or PC. With internet complete and internet Max services, Billi offers fixed telephony services for free. Billi also provides free number portability without asking to change your number with the help of Billi customer service. As a token of gratitude, Billi provides many free extra services. Call forwarding, call waiting and caller ID, voicemail are the main other services provided by Billi at cheaper and competitive prices compared to other providers. Billi proudly claims that its prices are 70% cheaper than other service providers’ prices. The entire installation is cared by the technicians from Billi Customer Service. The customers are also provided with easy switching to Billi services from other providers.

Need Help? Take it from Customer Service
Customers can take help of many service options from their official website. If there is any problem on urgent basis, customers can directly talk to employees from Billi Customer Service that is available from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM on week days. Customers can directly reach to customer service on 022900900 or can create a support ticket in their contact page in official website. If the issue is of general type, customers can easily get those issues resolved through frequently answered questions.

Important Message for Callers
Customers may talk to Billi Customer Service employees directly but it is better to see their FAQs before calling as it takes generally sometime to connect call to the Billi Customer Service providers. Customers should keep in mind that Billi Customer Service is not available on weekends and of course they can send email to the customer service anytime – [email protected] In order to ease services for its customers, Billi also provided the best way to manage their products online by simply signing into their accounts. Any new transition to Billi can also be obtained by simply calling to the customer services who give complete details on the procedure and whose technicians do the installation for you.

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