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Bouygues Telecom
Bouygues Telecom is a French company founded in 1994 with its headquarters in Paris. It serves only France and gets net income of 444 million Euros. As per March 2011, the number of employees in Bouygues telecom is 9,200. Bouygues telecom is a network that incorporates the latest technology and is a large national mobile network. The mobile coverage of Bouygues telecom in France includes 2G (99%), 3G (97%) and 4G (72%). Currently, Bouygues Telecom is serving around 1.9 million corporate customers and 11.6 million mobile customers with its excellent Bouygues telecom customer service.

Multiple Services under one roof
Bouygues Telecom has around 7500 experts that serve the digital life of its customers. It provides wide range of services in Mobile, TV, Fixed telephone, and Internet and cloud storage. Both fixed and mobile telephone services are being offered to 11.6 million customers. The various internet services rendered by Bouygues Telecom are Box Internet Pro, Box internet, services pour la Bbox. Fixed broadband services are provided to around 3,96,000 customers out of which 29,000 are on FTTH network. Over 2.7 million customers are provided with BBOX services and Bouygues Telecom customer service. The main reason for such a wide coverage by the company is its exclusive offers and privileges given to its customers. Bouygues Telecom has roaming agreements with 272 locations which makes its service available at cheap cost.

Excellent Customer Service by Bouygues
Bouygues became the biggest mobile phone service provider because of its excellent customer service facilities. Customers can avail any information from Bouygues telecom Customer service through helpline number. Bouygues telecom Customer service has 6 call centres in France with 4,500 customer advisors and sales. Unlike many customer services, Bouygues telecom Customer service provides 24 hour helpline service. Bouygues telecom Customer service is offered in various names- Bouygues Telecom, service De telecommunications mobile, Fixe and TV Et internet. More information regarding the services can be obtained by calling: 0810 825 614, +33 653 19 09 13, 0 800 29 1000. From landlines or other operators, customers can call at 1064. Customers can easily reach through e-mail: [email protected]

Best Service to customers
As it provides 24 hours customer service, customers can call Bouygues telecom Customer service anytime. For emergency, customers can call 112 from their network or other networks. When the customer uses 3G network technologies, price of roaming calls will be charged as similar to common call. Because of its excellent services to customers, Bouygues telecom became the best customer loving network in France.

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  1. Kalia Lofitou

    Bonjour, j’ai un contrat avec bouygues en France et je déménage en Belgique. Du coup, je me demande s’il existe bouygues en Belgique aussi. Merci d’avance.

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