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Brussels Airlines
Brussels Airlines is the largest airlines in Belgium and is the flag carrier with its headquarters in Diegem, Machelen, Belgium. Although it was founded in November 2006, it started operations from March 2007. Brussels airlines made alliance with Star alliance with overall fleet size of 45. Brussels Airlines is also a member of International Airport Association and Association of European Airlines. Brussels airlines operate flights and provide Brussels Airlines customer service to almost 90 destinations in North America, Europe and Africa and offers crew training, maintenance and additional charter services. Since its operations, Brussels Airlines showed considerate increase in passenger traffic.

Product and Services
Brussels Airlines allows for transportation on passenger aircraft and are specialised in operating from and towards Africa which is the major part of perishable imports. Brussels airlines are partnered with Adelantex by developing “Fresh to Shelf” product enabling direct delivery to major distribution centres and markets. Cargo premium shipments are handled by Aviapartner courier centre which doesn’t require advanced reservation. However, some goods are excluded and are destined to only limited European destinations which are taken care by Brussels Airlines customer service. Brussels airlines also handle shipment of animals on daily basis and are taken care of. Since 2011, Brussels airlines accept valuable cargo like diamonds, banknotes, valuable documents and gold bars on some flights.

Dedicated Customer Service
Depending on the topic, Brussels Airlines customer service helps in finding right person to assist the customer. If the customer has any question or need any help, Brussels Airlines customer service can be contacted through website by selecting from options in scroll down like additional services, baggage allowance, check-in options, refunds and cancellations, general questions, royalty programmes. If customer has other question which is not listed in the options provided, Brussels Airlines customer service provides someone to assist the customer. FAQs section of course helps in dealing with customers’ issues even before contacting Brussels Airlines customer service.

Suggestions and Concerns from Customers
In order to voice a concern, Brussels Airlines customer service provides an option to send feedback to the concerned authorities. Any experienced irregularities can be reverted to the authorities from whom solution is obtained very quickly. However, customers who are well satisfied with the experiences can share a compliment in the form of feedback or in the form of suggestions. Customers can also be connected through facebook, LinkedIn, pinterest and twitter. For quick responses, e-mail can be spent to [email protected] which is handled by Brussels Airlines customer service continuously round the clock.

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