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Allocations Families
CAF is a network formed by National Fund for Family Allowances (CNAF). It is estimated that around 30.6 million people get affected by the family allowances provided by CAF. CAF provides aids to the families in the form of income supplements, monitored advice and of equipment. The two mission goals of CAF are: helping families in their daily lives, developing solidarity with the vulnerable section of the society. In the family branch, the four main interventions are: early childhood, children and youth, solidarity and integration, housing and living environment. CAF provides best experience to the people through CAF customer service.

CAF Services
The various services provided by CAF are online services, knowing rights based on situations, learning about aids. Under online services, estimation of rights and benefits are provided to families. Based on whether the candidate is beneficiary or not, the estimation of rights is varied. Similarly to avail benefits, candidate has to claim whether he or she is beneficiary or not. As the site is crowded during peak times, such kind of requests should be given in early mornings or late nights to CAF customer service. Requests for premium activity can be done until the end of March.

Learning about Aid
CAF may provide aids in multiple situations which can be grouped under various themes: solidarity and integration, early childhood, children and youth, housing and living environment. Benefits are provided to the people only in Euros which are in practice since 2014. These benefits may be subjected to various special conditions or number of dependent children or the resources. Customers can contact CAF customer service in order to calculate rights of the concerned individual. Every individual is entitled to all the benefits for which he or she is availed to. Individual can claim sharing of family allowances in case of divorce or separation.

Know Your Rights Situation
Individuals can avail their rights from CAF customer service based on their situations. The various situations are expectation of child, birth of child, adoption of child, reduction or termination of work by the individual and to raise his or her child, education of child, child’s age crossed 20 years, sharing of child’s custody with his or her parent, childcare at home, child in school, type of care for the individual’s child. All these are various situations in which rights can be claimed after the consultation of CAF customer service. The other range of situations is changing situation, renting or buying home, disability.

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