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Canal+ Group
Canal+ is the private television channel which has 186,000 subscriptions who are committed to pay 140 francs a month for watching various channels- most prominently sports and cinema. The leading producer of various premium channels in France is Canal+ which provides many services to its customers through excellent Canal+ customer service. Canal+ also provides live TV in its website and provides various programs relating to different fields in their official website. The different categories in which programs are offered to the customers- emissions, sports, cinema, fictions, and music, humour and information channels.

Various Services
Canal+ group provides various services like broadcasting, distribution, channel packaging and new TV experience. Six premium content networks are provided by canal+ group with entertaining, modern and committed programming. Various channels like cinema, sport, family, decale and series are offered from Canal+ group and are considered as the best screening network in television. The bundling of multi-channels and distribution of many pay-tv offerings, Canal+ group is leading in France with its availability in many broadcasting platforms. Through channel packaging, canal+ group provides two attractive packages that are complementary. A premium offer is also offered by canal+ group with over 150 channels in various brands through canal+ customer service.

My Support
Customers can contact Canal+ customer service for any issues or queries. But it is suggested to look My Support page before contacting the customer service as many questions are answered there. Most of the queries by customers are answered in my support page by customer service. The customer service is available at (230) 602 18 18 from Monday to Sunday (8 AM to 1 AM). The customer service works even on bank holidays and other public holidays. However, the charges to the customer service depend on the types of call through which the customer calls the service.

24X7 Canal+ customer service
Canal+ customer service is provided all the time irrespective of days and timings which shows the value given to its customers by canal+ group. Canal+ can be contacted directly through email, chat or phone. Chat service is the best customer service provided to customers through their official website as the customers get instant response from the service. Some of the services which are provided by customer service are management of subscription, personal information, and withdrawal of account statements, technical questions, claims or any other questions related to the services provided by canal+ group to its customers.

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