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Cdiscount is an e-commerce website based in France which offers wide range of products including IT, household, high-tech, cultural goods, personal appliances, food. It was founded in 1998 with its headquarters at Bordeaux, France and its present owner is Cnova generating revenue of 1.6 billion. Since its establishment, Cdiscount maintained its brand as the best discount online retailer. In 2013, the company’s growth is more than the market average and hence is considered as the most successful online retail company that operates in four continents: Europe, South America, Asia and Africa along with dedicated Cdiscount customer service.

Cdiscount offers its service in wide range of goods that covers all the needs of the customers like high-tech goods, electronic goods, consumer goods, personal appliances. Cdiscount, in the process of further growth incorporated many high tech goods and services in the name of insurance, travel, financing, mobile phone subscription, wine etc. Cdiscount opened a store in 2006 which utilises some data from websites so that only best-selling products can be selected. For small packages, this store acted as the best delivery point. The others offered at discount rates in the website are furniture, bedding linens, electro household, gaming, data processing, photo camera, car GPS, TV, MP3, toys, baby nursery, food express etc. with the concerned Cdiscount customer service.

Services and Warranties
Cdiscount maintained separates Cdiscount customer service sections for warranty and insurance, SMS order tracking, commitments. All the delivery details can be obtained in the website by entering their order number. FAQs answer most of the customers’ general problems. In the community space section, customers can discuss among them regarding their issues and hence their problems can be resolved without waiting for long-time to talk to the Cdiscount customer service employees.

Contact Cdiscount Customer Service
Customers can dial different numbers for customer service, advertising, results, and professionals. If customers have doubts regarding any orders, they can write to:, customer service, BP 90200, 93472. In the letter, name, order number and email should be written by the customer. If customer wants to talk to the specialists appointed by Cdiscount customer service, they can call to 3979 which charges according to the network. Customers can see all the conditions for such help in their official website. As Cdiscount serves internationally in various countries, their customer service is also maintained in different countries with different employees who addresses in local languages. With this best service, Cdiscount stand at unique place in the retail business.

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