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Decathlon is a unique e-commerce site in Belgium that sells all the equipment relate to sports giving utmost importance to the quality of products at cheaper prices. The success of the company can be attributed to optimal logistics, ongoing commitment and efficient organisation along with decathlon customer service. The site believes in making sports accessible at affordable rates while making all the sports equipment available at single location. Around 2,000 employees are working in decathlon and are passionate about sports. The main desire of the company is the customers’ satisfaction which is considered as the primary wealth of the company.

Various Services
Decathlon provides wide range of services like Team Decathlon, Sporeka, Atelier, Kipsta Club, Trocathlon, and along with decathlon customer service. Through team decathlon, customer can maintain all the rewards points after the purchase of equipment. Sporeka is a gift card on all valid services and goods that are purchased online and customer can also customise their gift cards as sports gift can be given to anyone anytime. Atelier helps customers to maintain, personalise and repair their own sports equipment. Through Kipsta club, customers can customise their equipment in a single click. Tricathlon allows customers to publish, sell and buy the sports equipment.

Question Area
Customers should register and login in to their accounts before asking questions to decathlon customer service. Customers can directly contact stores or can contact through online. If customers want information about a product or service or to share opinion about a product, they can contact store directly. However, if they want to know something about the process of buying online, ordering online and issues about customers’ account, they can contact through online. Either of the way, the company offers best customer service to its customers as its values their satisfaction more than any other thing.

Free Delivery and Free Returns
The company provides free delivery and free returns if the customers don’t get satisfied with the product or if any damages occur in the product during delivery. Any other issue can be written by filling their decathlon customer service form in which the customer is required to fill various details like name, card number, telephone, email, city, reference product and product name, concerned store, subject of the question and the actual question or remark. After filling all these details, customer can send the question to decathlon customer service whose response is obtained as soon as possible in the customer’s account.

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  1. Walter Lamers

    today we visited the Decathlon Shop in Brugge. Unfortunatley we lost our cell phone (Huawei) possibly while we used a test cabine for checking the size of a throuser. Up to now I could not find an email adress to contact the Brugge shop directly. Can to please help me ?

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