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Delhaize Group is one of the leading food retailer headquartered in Saint-Jean Molebeek, Brussels, Belgium. It started its journey in the year 1867 and currently operating in seven countries and on three continents. To know more about Delhaize Group, you are can visit its ‘about us’ page!

You can find Delhaize Customer Service & Contact Number below if you want to contact the customer care executives of the company. You will also get the local address and the direct telephone number of different departments of the company.

Delhaize Customer Service & Contact Number


Delhaize Services


Belgium Contact Numbers


Customer Support



+32 2 412 22 11

Belgium is one of the historical homes of Ahold Delhaize, with Delhaize supermarkets established in the country in 1867. In addition to Delhaize – the country’s leading supermarket chain – their brands in Belgium include the supermarket Albert Heijn, and online retailer In Luxembourg they also operate the Delhaize brand. Their stores provide a huge selection of foods from their quality own-brand ranges, as well as thousands of non-food items. In total, they have approximately 800 stores in Belgium, supported by 14,000 associates. Their revenues in the country in 2017 were almost €5 billion.

Delhaize Belgium contact number

With Delhaize website, Belgium witnessed revolution in food distribution as it introduced sucursalisme, groceries shops, wines, colonial goods, spirits form a central warehouse. It journey started from 1883 and is still continuing with lot of changes in its structure and services. As of 2009, it has around 790 stores. Delhaize has various formulas stores like AD Delhaize, supermarkets Delhaize, Tom & Co, Red Market which generates a turnover of 4.6 billion Euros. The company has around 17,000 employees working in it along with Delhaize customer service. The total network of Delhaize consists of 2732 stores according to the 2009 data.

Delhaize Formation

Ahold Delhaize was formed in July 2016 from the merger of Ahold and Delhaize Group. Delhaize Group dates back to 1867, when the Delhaize brothers opened a wholesale grocery business in Charleroi, Belgium. Ahold traces its roots back to 1887, when Albert Heijn opened a first store in the Dutch town of Oostzaan. What’s more? Ahold Delhaize owns or co-owns a number of supermarket chains and e-commerce businesses.

Delhaize’s international headquarters are in Zaandam, the Netherlands. Their brands are running in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Serbia the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Romania and the United States and they also participate in joint ventures in Indonesia and Portugal. Delhaize shares are listed on Euronext Amsterdam, and Brussels (symbol: AD) and their American Depositary Receipts are traded OTC on OTCQX International.

Ways to Contact Delhaize Customer Services

There are multiple ways to get in touch with Delhaize customer support. Simply, follow the instructions below to reach them;

  1. Call on their customer service contact number.
  2. You can contact them on their app.
  3. You can contact them by visiting their ‘List of media contacts’
  4. Check-in to their social media platforms
  5. Visit their contact us page.

For more information about Delhaize, visit its official website.

Contact us Delhaize Belgium

 Delhaize Belgium Services 2018

Delhaize provides various services like lotto and post point, mobile more, self-scanning, wine tips and additional services. More products like Bingo and Post points are found in stores at various locations. Mobile more helps in calling and sending SMS at cheaper prices. Self-scanning helps in saving a lot of time when the customer is doing shopping by simply scanning the purchases while putting products in cart. Unlike other stores, Delhaize also provides some tips to customers in addition to providing various qualities of wines through Delhaize customer service. However, some other additional services like different payment methods, selling tickets, special carts are also available to the customers. Their list of services includes;

  • e-shop
  • Promotions
  • Vin&Bulles
  • e-magazine
  • Carte-plus
  • Folder
  • Sustainable Retailing

They are working for a healthier society that supports their long term business success and the communities they serve. This simply means that their decisions need to benefit both – their business and society. They are on a mission to increase vitality through healthier food, eliminating food waste and running an inclusive business is where they choose to make the difference.

Delhaize New Store Concept

Delhaize launched its new store concept on 21, September, 2018 the first new supermarket based on the brand’s updated positioning. The concept was developed after a thorough analysis of customer needs and leaves behind the store’s classic design to meet the ever-changing expectations of today’s consumer.

Fresh Workshop

One of the highlights of the new concept is the “Fresh Workshop” which offers ready-to-eat meal solutions prepared daily, using recipes that contribute to a balanced diet. In line with Delhaize’s commitment to sustainability, fruit juices and soups of the day will use unsold produce from the fruit and vegetable department. The Fresh Atelier is located at the entrance of the store to allow guests to enter and exit the store quickly.

Fresh Triangle

The heart of the store is fresh; the “fresh triangle” is at the heart of Delhaize’s new store concept and includes the bakery, fruit and vegetable, prepared foods, sushi, fish, meat, butcher, cheese and cold cuts and vegetarian products. The area has low furniture, so that guests can see directly in the butchery, sushi and fish departments. The partners in the new triangle are very knowledgeable about the products and can answer any questions.

Wider Range Of Products

They have wider choice of products. The new concept puts more emphasis on the categories in which Delhaize wants to be a specialist, including cereals, pasta, legumes, wine and alcoholic beverages. Coffee and chocolate are presented together near wine for the first time. And organic products are honored to meet the growing demand, as well as for a bulk department that is environmentally friendly.

The New Concept

Digital is key for customers – and the new concept – the new concept store offers not only “Collect”, which allows customers to recover the products they have ordered via, but also to order online when they buy, via five screens positioned in the store. This means that hundreds of additional products are available to customers, in addition to the 20,000 products available in store, for the next day’s pickup or for home delivery.

Delhaize Brands

Why Choose Delhaize?

  • Delhaize is one of the most prominent food distribution groups in the world, a leader in supermarkets and e-commerce, and a company at the forefront of sustainable distribution.
  • They have a family of leading local brands who serves more than 50 million customers each week in the United States, Europe and Indonesia.
  • Each brand is passionate about quality, value and innovation, as well as creating inclusive workplaces that offer rewarding career opportunities.
  • Their brands have also established meaningful and sustainable commitments to strengthen local communities, source responsibly. And also, help customers make healthier choices.
  • Delhaize brands are solely dedicated to assisting customers to shop anytime, anywhere, and in any way.
  • In extension to their stores, their brands carry the leading online retailer in the Benelux and the number one online grocer in the Benelux and the United States.
  • Their local brands are also among the leading suppliers of fresh produce and clean brand products, including a diverse selection of affordable natural and organic products.

 Delhaize Belgium Updated Contact Numbers 2018

If you have any problem related to Delhaize services, you can contact Delhaize right away on their updated customer support number +32 2 412 22 11.  You can also get in touch with them by visiting their ‘list of media contacts’ page on its official website; you can either ‘chat with them live’ or ‘call them live.’ And, you also have the option to email; send them an email and they will get back to you as soon as possible to resolve all your issues and enquiries.

You can also contact them on social media. However, company claims to solve most of the user’s problem by FAQs. You can visit their FAQ page and ask anything. They have a full guide on their official website to get you acquainted with the best of their knowledge.

Sustainable Retailing

Delhaize Belgium Operating Hours

Their shops opening hour are; Monday to Friday – 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Note: They are closed on Sundays.

Complaint or Feedback

They are always looking for ways to improve, so if you have suggestions or any complaints regarding their services and products you can let them know by visiting their website. There you will find on their ‘feedback page.’ They respect your privacy and the provided information will not be published in any form.

If you still feel that you are stuck and unable to find any solution, you can call the customer support team and file a complaint. To call on their customer support number and seek help dial +32 2 412 22 11 from your mobile phone.

Contact Delhaize via Social Media

You can also contact the company by visiting their social media channels. Here are the links to their social media accounts.

  1. Twitter
  2. LinkedIn
  3. YouTube

You can post your query or reach them on Facebook or Twitter as they have a specialized social media team that will answer your queries instantly.

Delhaize social media

Delhaize Belgium FAQ’s

  • How was Delhaize developed?

Belgium took the emphasis of Delhaize and stepped up while promoting a great revolution in food distribution. Thus Belgium introduced various groceries shops, wines, colonial goods, spirits from a central barn or warehouse. The journey of success was started in 1883 which is continuing with a lot of changes in its structure and services.

  • How do Delhaize works?

Delhaize group holds an admirable prestige in the market. The standard activity of Delhaize group is to supervise the food supermarkets. The company maintains an exclusive operation of food supermarkets.

  •   What does Delhaize Provide to the customers?

Delhaize provides various services such as lotto and post point, mobile more, self-scanning, wine tips and additional services. Products such as Bingo and Post points are also found in stores of Delhaize at various locations. The mobile stores of Delhaize are valuable in calling and sending SMS at much lower prices.

Unlike other stores, at Delhaize self-scanning helps in saving a lot of time when the customer is doing shopping. Shopping is deliberately enhanced by simple scanning while putting the product in the cart. Delhaize also provides some informative tips to customers, in addition, to offer various qualities of wines through Delhaize customer services. Some additional services such as different payment methods, selling tickets, special carts are also available for the customers.

  • How can the customers know that the product is still available or not?

In case the customer is in the urge to grasp a particular product then he can easily contact the department manager at the point of sale. The manager will feel glad to inform the details of the product. You can also gather information from the product manager that at which store the product is available?

  • Why are some products deleted?

The buyers carefully select the assortments in the Delhaize. Assortments are chosen according to the number of criteria and from sales statistics. It is possible that the article which you quoted might be excellent but its if it is no longer in their assortment then it is only because of an insufficient market for it.

  • How can I make a suggestion for the product?

One can easily leave his or her remark about the product at the online site. To do this one should not hesitate to complete the online contact form.

  • If a customer doesn’t find an excellent product then how he or she can find a suitable alternative?

One can always count on a perfect staff of the Delhaize store to help you find an alternative to a product that is no longer asserted.

  • Is meat sold at Delhaize,s house hallal?

The source of meat which comes at Delhaize’s house hallal is exclusively from slaughterhouses that comply with animal welfare legislation. They conclude arguments with the suppliers and the flow of meat is completely discarded that does not conform to it.

  • What personal data does Delhaize have?

Delhaize collects the personal data through Careers website( the careers site). One can also obtain the data offline by remaining in connection with your application for a job or internship with GSO. The information( personal data) provided by Delhaize is collected through the people by connecting with their application.’

All the personal data such as

– the company uses the name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and other contact information.

– Work authorisation status

– CV, resume, cover letter, previous work experience, educational information and a good character certificate is being issued at the time of entering into employment.

– Skills

– Professional and other work-related licenses, permits and certification held

– All information related to the references

– Additional information Such as employment preferences, willingness to relocate, current salary, desired salary. Awards or professional memberships) which is elected to provide to the company

  • How does Delhaize secure your data?

Delhaize seeks to use reasonable organisational, technique and administrative measures to protect personal data within their organisation. Thus no data transmission or storage system can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. If you are mentioning a specific judgment to believe that your interaction with us is no longer secure then you must inform us in accordance with the section “ how can you contact us or make a complaint?” section below.

  • What happens if you already have a position in GSO?

If you are currently working for GSO or for one of their affiliates then you can use the Careers site to apply for an arduous position within the GSO. If can dug out the best of your interest if you accept such a position. The benefit programs and human resources policies may change for you. You can also consult the HR manager for the new position concerning application eligibility, benefit programs and HR policies which are applicable to that [position. The career site distribution or use would be contrary to local law or regulation Whereas the career site does not carry any intention to use by any other person or entity in any jurisdiction or country.

  • How can you exercise your rights to update or correct information about you, or object to the use of that information?

It is must be registered on the career site, on that career site you may access, review and change your data stored therein by logging into the career site and updating your account information. Thus the updated profile will be used as the default for the next time when you will apply for the job using your account online.

To change the data that you have already submitted for consideration for a specific position, one must update his profile and resubmit their application for that position. Delhaize encourages you to promptly update the personal data if it changes or is inaccurate.

  • How does the telephonic conversation at Delhaize help you?

The telephonic services can make the customers to use the telephonic service by Delhaize customer service by calling to 0800-95713. If the customer wants to make an international call, then he should call +32 2.412.21.11 for free. Customers can also mail to Delhaize customer service while writing a mail at [email protected] If you want to write any other suggestion, then it can be written to the customer service by filling the form online by providing various personal details such as name, telephone, card number, address and name of store and store type.

  • What should i do  if I am not happy with the quality of the product? Can I contact customer service? 

Here the most urgent desire is to mediate the level of the supplier. The company would appreciate if you could address the product back with the receipt. Or its packaging in your point of sale. You will get a refund as well as a return for your product to their quality department.

In case you no longer have the product or the packaging then they surely advise you to contact their customer services through the online contact form or the use of free phone number 0800/95.713. This number can help you in your step and can assist you in finding the solution adapted to your problem. At this point, you must lend as much as information as possible about the product such as name, brand, weight, the price of the product etc.

  • Can I consume a product after its expiry date?

The manufacturer guarantees that the product will keep its priorities until the next date, which is also a period of minimum durability. It doesn’t mean that the product is no longer be consumable after the date. And after that date, the manufacturer and the distributor will get get a release from any liability.

  • Can I consume some products while on a diet?

They advise people to follow a specific diet while consulting a dietician before because each person needs a personalized follow up.

  • What control do you have to ensure on the quality of the product?

All the products on their site have strict quality controls every day. The company have an exaggerated response to the slightest suspicion or any sign of a possible quality problem. Delhaize also ensures you the utmost importance in providing the freshness of its product. In case, you encounter a problem with the you could bring the product or its packaging back to the point of sale. Bringing back the product can intervene at the level of  their supplier. You will get a  refund as well as a return for your product to their quality department.

Delhaize Customer Service exhausting you?

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  1. Anja Daelman


    ik heb in de delhaize opgemerkt dat vele mensen een bonnenboekje met gratis producten hebben, wij zijn heel regelmatige klant wekelijks of mijn ouders bijna dagelijks en wij hebben dit bonnenboekje niet ontvangen, niet in de winkel en niet thuis zoals een mevrouw mij in de winkel wist te vertellen, kunnen wij nog zo een bonnenboekje krijgen?

    met vriendelijke groeten,



    Nous avons eu un gros problème au Delhaize Mutsaard ce 06/10/2017.
    pourriez vous me communiquez une adresse email afin que je puisse expliquer mon problème et joindre nos tickets de caisse.

  3. Do Trong Giang

    Hi Delhaize,
    I bought boiled-peeled shrimp (Garnalen-Roze-Gekookt-Gepeld) in Delhaize Heverlee on October. But I found it a lot of sand and dirt in the item. This spoiled my dinner. I wrote this to warn you about the quality of this product, and asked a compensation. I still keep the sample as a proof. Otherwise, I may use social media to warn other customers about this problem.
    Best regards,

  4. Allan Bluestone

    I’ve been a client of your group for over 40 years and I always enjoyed visiting whether in Brussels or the surrounding areas. Within the last several month shipping has become a disaster. Each time I go shopping, there are at least one or two items that are out of stock. When I go back a few days later, the products I’m looking for are still out of stock and some new ones I’m looking for as well. Even your employees admit something has changed. And I’ve been advised that they were ordered but there’s a problem at the ‘central dispatching’. I now live in Uccle and regularly go to the Delhaize on av de Fre, which is more and more out of stock of everyday items.
    If you would like you can email me at or phone me at 0475-74-36-66. My Plus card number is 0 460014 669776.
    I know that I’m not the only client that is complaining about this problem.

  5. Jackie Worrow

    I went to Delhaise customer service today with receipts where my points had not been credited because I had mislaid my card. Each receipt says that I can take my receipts when I next shop for them to be credited. I went to Delhise Moliere today with my card and asked customer service to add them. I wad told very forcibly that i should have got them credited when I had shopped. As the Service Agent did not pause for breath and my French isn’t good enough to interupt I was unable to put across my point of view. I asked for the managerand was told that she was.

    Typical lack of service from Delhaize staff. Often appalling and rotten produce where it has been badly stored. Be warned shoppers, the customer is neither right, nor listened to.

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