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With Delhaize website, Belgium witnessed revolution in food distribution as it introduced sucursalisme, groceries shops, wines, colonial goods, spirits form a central warehouse. It journey started from 1883 and is still continuing with lot of changes in its structure and services. As of 2009, it has around 790 stores. Delhaize has various formulas stores like AD Delhaize, supermarkets Delhaize, Tom & Co, Red Market which generates a turnover of 4.6 billion Euros. The company has around 17,000 employees working in it along with Delhaize customer service. The total network of Delhaize consists of 2732 stores according to the 2009 data.

Store Services
Delhaize provides various services like lotto and post point, mobile more, self-scanning, wine tips and additional services. More products like Bingo and Post points are found in stores at various locations. Mobile more helps in calling and sending SMS at cheaper prices. Self-scanning helps in saving a lot of time when the customer is doing shopping by simply scanning the purchases while putting products in cart. Unlike other stores, Delhaize also provides some tips to customers in addition to providing various qualities of wines through Delhaize customer service. However, some other additional services like different payment methods, selling tickets, special carts are also available to the customers.

Contact Delhaize customer service
Customer service provided by Delhaize is very unique as it provides separate space for different entities like customer, online customer, journalist, media governed or advertising, supplier. Each entity has different needs and hence different customer services are provided for them. Delhaize customer service always accepts feedback from the customers. Whether the customer wants to write complaint regarding the product or write some positive feedback, he/she can write to the customer care or to any employee in the store itself. A form can also be filled in the website as customer service replies as soon as possible.

Telephone Service
Customers can make use of telephone service by Delhaize customer service by calling to 0800-95713. For international calls, customer should call to +32 800- which is toll free from Luxembourg or +32 2.412.21.11 for fee. Customers can also mail to Delhaize customer service, street osseghum, 53, 1080 Brussels. If the customer wants to mail the customer service, they can write mail to [email protected] Any other suggestions can be written to the customer service by filling the form online by providing various personal details like name, telephone, card number, address and name of store and store type.

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  1. Anja Daelman


    ik heb in de delhaize opgemerkt dat vele mensen een bonnenboekje met gratis producten hebben, wij zijn heel regelmatige klant wekelijks of mijn ouders bijna dagelijks en wij hebben dit bonnenboekje niet ontvangen, niet in de winkel en niet thuis zoals een mevrouw mij in de winkel wist te vertellen, kunnen wij nog zo een bonnenboekje krijgen?

    met vriendelijke groeten,



    Nous avons eu un gros problème au Delhaize Mutsaard ce 06/10/2017.
    pourriez vous me communiquez une adresse email afin que je puisse expliquer mon problème et joindre nos tickets de caisse.

  3. Do Trong Giang

    Hi Delhaize,
    I bought boiled-peeled shrimp (Garnalen-Roze-Gekookt-Gepeld) in Delhaize Heverlee on October. But I found it a lot of sand and dirt in the item. This spoiled my dinner. I wrote this to warn you about the quality of this product, and asked a compensation. I still keep the sample as a proof. Otherwise, I may use social media to warn other customers about this problem.
    Best regards,

  4. Allan Bluestone

    I’ve been a client of your group for over 40 years and I always enjoyed visiting whether in Brussels or the surrounding areas. Within the last several month shipping has become a disaster. Each time I go shopping, there are at least one or two items that are out of stock. When I go back a few days later, the products I’m looking for are still out of stock and some new ones I’m looking for as well. Even your employees admit something has changed. And I’ve been advised that they were ordered but there’s a problem at the ‘central dispatching’. I now live in Uccle and regularly go to the Delhaize on av de Fre, which is more and more out of stock of everyday items.
    If you would like you can email me at or phone me at 0475-74-36-66. My Plus card number is 0 460014 669776.
    I know that I’m not the only client that is complaining about this problem.

  5. Jackie Worrow

    I went to Delhaise customer service today with receipts where my points had not been credited because I had mislaid my card. Each receipt says that I can take my receipts when I next shop for them to be credited. I went to Delhise Moliere today with my card and asked customer service to add them. I wad told very forcibly that i should have got them credited when I had shopped. As the Service Agent did not pause for breath and my French isn’t good enough to interupt I was unable to put across my point of view. I asked for the managerand was told that she was.

    Typical lack of service from Delhaize staff. Often appalling and rotten produce where it has been badly stored. Be warned shoppers, the customer is neither right, nor listened to.

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