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EDF is the one of the leading electric utilities in the world with millions of customers and businesses turning towards EDF for electricity needs in their homes, factories and offices. EDF is committed to provide efficient and reliable power supply with the help of EDF customer service. EDF always remains at the forefront of technology in energy whether it is from solar, hydro, wind or nuclear and is updating to new technologies to drive towards carbon free electricity generation. More than 150,000 employees are working in EDF all around the world and it is the best place for any employee to work.

Operation through Various Companies
EDF operates in Belgium through many companies- EDF Belgium, EDF luminus, EDF Energies Nouvelles, Verdesis and Dalkia. It also performs various activities like power generation, supply, renewable energies and corporate services. EDF is highly active in power generation services with a capacity of 1950 MW as per 2013 report. After the generation of power, it supplies to various businesses under various brands with active participation in both national and international markets. With around 60 years of experience, EDF provides best EDF customer service in 13 European countries and supplies power to residential customers also.

EDF Customer Service
Unlike other companies, EDF doesn’t provide any contact or email details through which EDF customer service is contacted. But it answers all the queries of the customers through its online page only. In the official website, one can find “contact” link at bottom of the page. On clicking “contact”, a new page is displayed which asks various details like name, company details, fax, telephone number of customer, area location, Pin code details of area, business sector details, complete address of the customer etc. This is of course the best way to address the customer’s issues than providing multiple contact numbers which are always highly trafficked as customers call customer service for every single issue.

Hassle-Free Customer Service
With its unique way of serving customers, EDF customer service is the best way to address various issues of customers. Customer can explain his/her issue in detail in the form for which separate box will be given to the customer to write about the issue. As customer provides email in this query form, the response is sent back to the concerned customer in stipulated period of time. Later on, the following discussions and queries can be solved directly through emails.

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