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Welcome to From today you can record your Calls for 30c per minute. You must have the bill payer's permission to proceed. We provide a call connection with recording with 32702 numbers. Please be aware that calls to other access numbers (not 32702) will not be recorded and that we are in no way affiliated with the companies or actual brand listed on this website. You must be 18+ or have the account holders permission. service provided by Halak Online Ltd.

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Facebook Overview
Facebook is founded in 2004 with an aim of giving power to people to share the information so that world will be more connected. With its headquarters in California, facebook has 12,691 employees as per 2015 data. More than 1.04 billion users are active in facebook on an average and 934 people are active in Mobile through facebook app. Around 83.6 % of users are from places outside Canada and U.S. Facebook reaches all the customers with Facebook customer service at different locations. It has data centres in Altoona, Lulea, Forest City and Ashburn.

Professional and Personal Services
Facebook offers wide range of services and products including advertising platforms and communications. Some of the products are Messenger, Facebook mobile app and paper. However, independent experiences are offered through other services like Rooms, Slingshots, app. Some services like Audience insights and page manager are specially designed for business partners like advertisers. All the terms and conditions of usage of these products and services are covered in Data policy of the company which describes how facebook collects, discloses and uses the information and are maintained by facebook customer service. In some cases, some products and services have separate privacy terms and policies.

Facebook Customer Service
Like other companies, there is no Facebook customer service like chat or live support. But all the issues and queries of customers are answered in separate help centre page organised for this purpose. This help centre deals with all the issues of customers like login and password problems, messaging and connecting issues. Users can report an issue in the help centre page where separate page will be opened for reporting such kind of issues. Users can also manage their passwords and any discrepancies can be written to the company through support page. All the regular issues and problems are covered in the FAQs section created by the company in their official website.

Help Centre
All the privacy concerns are resolved by the company through their help centre page specially dedicated for the customers. Because of its high class Facebook customer service, the company has gained trust among millions of people all over in the world in just 12 years. Replies to the issues posted by the customers are directly linked to the customer’s facebook page and all the other important messages are stored in the support inbox of the customer’s account. Customer can easily reply to those messages from the help team.

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