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Google Belgium

Google was founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin with its headquarters at Mountain View, CA. The mission of Google is to organise the information and make it accessible and useful in universal perspective. Since its inception in 1998, it served millions of customers around world. Today, Google has its presence in more than 40 countries with 70 offices around the world including its office in Belgium. Behind the tools that we use every day, more than 40,000 Googlers are present working for us. Google values its customer satisfaction through high class Google Customer service which makes every issue of the user to be resolved quickly.

Google Belgium

Innumerable Services

It is really a difficult task to count the number of services provided by Google. It is also not astonishing to say that a 5 min service halt by Google brings millions of losses for many people across the world and it is literally not possible to work without Google customer service. Google offers services in different categories like Web, Mobile, Business, Media, Geo, Specialised search, Home & office, Social and Innovation. It also develops new services by updating itself to the current needs and requirements of the changing world.

Google Chrome

Google Brussels

With its branch in Google Brussels, the company offered services in Belgium local language. The main office of Google in Belgium is located at Brussels. Google Customer service in Belgium can be contacted at: +32 (0)2 894 85 45. Any other queries can be written directly to Chausse d’Etterbeek 180 Etterbeeksesteenweg. However, customers can also send queries through e-mail at: [email protected] Belgium Customers can contact Google Customer service in Belgium for various enquires and information regarding Google products and services.

how Google works

Google Customer Service

Customers who want to share reviews and feedback regarding Google’s services and products can also various contact numbers of Google Customer service. For registering complaints, suggestions, enquiries regarding Google Belgium, Google customer support can be used anytime by the customers. Customers can reach at: 0800-581-29, toll free number that works 24X7 in Dutch and French and the other customers from the places other than these can contact: 1-646-257-4500 which is available worldwide. The e-mail id of customer support can help customers to contact the supporters directly who reply as soon as possible. Customers can contact these toll free numbers anytime to get their doubts cleared with the help of some suggestions provided by the Google customer care employees.

Google customer service

Google Belgium FAQs

  • How ‘Google Search’ works?

Google search engine algorithm is so dynamic that there is less possibility for us to give an exact answer to the question “How Google works?” However, Google itself provides some guidelines to its user about how Google bots crawl the web, index the pages and serve the result in SERP. Google algorithm mainly consists of three steps say crawl, fetch and render.

While serving the result, Google considers more than 200+ ranking factors apart from content quality like page speed, domain age, back-linking, user search behaviour, location etc. However, Google does not make all 200+ factors public.

To get more info on the same, you are advised to refer to Google’s official guide.

  • How to make money with Google AdSense?

AdSense is a blog monetisation service offered by Google, and it’s an excellent platform for earning money from blogging. It provides a wide range of ad publishing tools. Most importantly; you are paid on time online with notification on your mail or contact number.

Most of the bloggers out there opt for Google AdSense initially because it lets you become your own boss. There are lots of instances of bloggers those are earning well from AdSense.

This is how AdSense works precisely;

AdSense works through a program called AdWords – which is a marketing system that allows people to pay per click, and where providers can bid on specific keywords. For example, you want to sell home-made bracelets, then you bid on the keyword ” homemade bracelets ” and based on the amount of your bid, Google places your advertisement as a search result.

AdSense is the amount you receive from the AdWords revenue. If someone clicks on the ad, you earn about 68% of the click, while the rest goes to Google. And the following applies the more content your site has; the better Google can determine what your site is about. Based on this information, it can then match similar advertisements to your site.

But where people often go wrong when they hear about AdSense, it is in thinking that it is a way to get rich fast. In reality, it costs a lot of work to make money. You are not assured that you will earn a lot of money if you sign up for AdSense!

How much money you earn per click is clearly dependent on many external factors!

For example, the amount of money that advertisers pay to Google for the ad in question plays a role. You will eventually receive a part of that amount. This is somewhere between $0.02 and $14, -. Keep in mind that this amount is often lower than hoped.

Also, the amount you will earn depends on the number of visitors your site attracts. And what this audience consists of. The advertisements have to be tailored to the interests of your audience. If this does not happen, the chance that people click on the advertisement, and with that, the chance that you generate income via AdSense is a lot smaller.

You can easily keep track of how much you have earned (per day).

However, it is difficult to give an exact estimate. Only Google will be able to provide you with the answer to the question of how much you will earn. For every advertisement, a different amount is requested, and every advertiser pays another price.

But there is some play in this: some keywords are searched more often than others, so you can also estimate yourself what you will earn the most.

For example: much is sought for things like ‘’Email Marketing’ or ‘Made With Love.’

And: the more popular the keyword, the more advertisers want to pay, and the more you earn as an AdSense publisher.

Create your own website for AdSense: All nice and nice, but of course you have to have your own website (or blog). Relevant here is that you choose a topic for your site that you know a lot about and can write a lot about (content). And the more you know how to report, the more audience you attract, and the higher the chance that you can earn money with it.

  • How to submit my website on Google?

To add your site to Google Search results, you don’t have to submit your site to Google. Google uses software known as ‘web crawlers’ that automatically explore the web on a regular basis to find out sites to add to their index. In fact, most of the websites that are listed in their search results are not manually submitted for addition, but added automatically when their bots crawl the web.

  • Does Google own YouTube?

Yes, YouTube does belong to Google.

Google acquired the site in the year 2006 for 1.38 Billion Euros, and it now operates as one of the leading subsidiaries of Google.

YouTube earns most of its revenue from Google AdSense, a program which targets ads as per the site content and audience. The vast majority of its videos are open and free to view, but there are exemptions, including, film rentals, subscription-based premium channels as well as YouTube Red. YouTube Red is a subscription service offering ad-free access to the website and access to independent content made in partnership with existing users.

However, as of February 2017, there are further 400 hours of content upgraded to YouTube each minute, and one billion plus hours of content is watched on YouTube every day. As of April 2017, the website is listed as the second most popular site in the world by ‘Alexa Internet’ which is a famous web traffic analysis company.

  • How Google Maps Work?

Google Maps is a web Mapping service which offers spy-in-the-sky imagery and street Maps, real-time traffic situations. Also, it collects data from different sources and brings it to us.

Another important reason why it collects data is to help improve and maintain Google Maps. You will be extremely surprised to know the amount of data collected by Google.

Google Maps provide you with real-time traffic updates. It uses your data that is;

  • Path
  • Distance
  • Time To Tell Near Real-Time Traffic

Google gathers a massive amount of offline information. The service ‘Google Play’ plays an essential role in providing more subjective information because photos and videos are associated with Maps. You can also use Google Maps guide to the world. Google Maps collects data from the following sources:

  • Street View: Based on the GPS coordinates of vehicles Google cover the surface of its street view images. Google can read objects like road signs and traffic signals.
  • Location Services: Google locates the spot data obtained by your Smartphone. This data can be valuable in real-time traffic updates and estimated current traffic speeds.
  • Maps Partners: Google has a partnership with an extensive and authoritative data sources with the help of Base Maps partner program. A large number of companies submit data to Google. This data assists to keep the base Maps up-to-date.
  • Satellites: Google Maps also add satellite view with the collaboration with Google earth. It helps to take high-resolution photographs of the planet.
  • Google Maps Makers: This is another remarkable way which allows anyone to contribute their local knowledge to Google Maps. Users can edit Google’s Maps with their contribution. You can add, edit places, new roads in Google Map maker.


  • What Google Chrome version do I have?

Here is how you can check;

  • Launch Google Chrome
  • Click on the icon located on the upper right corner that looks like 3 short bars
  • Choose ‘about Google Chrome’ to display the version number

If this doesn’t work, try this alternative;

  • Launch Google Chrome
  • Copy the following Web Address:
  • Now, this will help you launch a Webpage displaying the version of the Chrome you are using

Note: For additional help and queries, you can submit their support form or contact them by their toll free number at  0800-581-29

They offer free, live, Belgium based support from Monday to Friday. 8 am – 5 pm

  • What Google Analytics can do?

Google Analytics helps companies and individuals to give a better understanding of what’s happening on their websites and mobile apps.

This service is offered by Google that tracks information about people loading pages, clicking buttons, and navigating around the website, and then aggregates and summarizes that data for the website owner, mobile app company or data/marketing analyst to figure out how they can improve the app, website, content, experience, etc.

At its most basic, Google Analytics gives you a graph showing visitors to a website or mobile app over time. The tool also lets you “drill down” into the data and look at different subsets of those visitors, where they came from, what pages they viewed.

To check your website performance and verify all the ins and outs of your site and want to learn how to use Google Analytics, simply Google it!

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