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TUI fly Belgium, legally incorporated under the name of TUI Airlines Belgium S.A./N.V. Jetairfly, formerly known as Jetairfly, is a Belgian airline headquartered in Brussels Airport. However, this airline is a subsidiary of the TUI group and a part of TUI Airlines. TUI Airlines also includes sister companies TUI fly Netherlands (Netherlands), Corsair International (France), TUI fly Deutschland (Germany), TUI Airways (United Kingdom) and TUI fly Nordic (Sweden).  To know more about the company, you can visit it’s ‘about us’ page!

You can find Jetfly Customer Service & Contact Number below if you want to speak to the customer care executive of the company. They also offer help centre on their official website that claims to answer all your queries and solve your issues. You can visit their ‘FAQ’ section for more information.

Jetairfly Customer Service Phone Number List

Jetairfly ServicesBelgium Contact Numbers
Customer Support+32 (0) 70 22 00 00

About Jetairfly

The airline was established in November 2003 as the home carrier of the tour operator Jetair, which is part of the TUI AG tourism group. The initial plans were to operate two aircraft, but after charter company Sobelair (Jetair’s home carrier) ceased operations, Jetairfly began operations with five aircraft. On November 23, 2005, the airline was renamed Jetairfly as part of the new brand image of Jetair, the first tourist brand in Belgium.

In the year 2012, Jetairfly announced that Jet4you, a Moroccan low-cost carrier and also a subsidiary of the TUI AG group, would be fully integrated with Jetairfly. The merger was completed in April 2012. In March 2012, Jetairfly officially became a full-time airline, while charter flights previously operated some of its flights. As a result, all trips can be programmed in both directions, even by non-European citizens.

At the beginning of 2013, Jetairfly was the first leisure airline in the world to introduce the Embraer E-Jet 190 into its fleet. In autumn 2013, the new office and maintenance shed “Jetairport” was introduced at Brussels Airport. In December 2013, Jetairfly was the original and only Belgian airline to launch the all-new Boeing 787-8 “Dreamliner”.

On November 14, 2014, Jetairfly sealed a crew lease agreement to provide up to four crewed aircraft to operate on behalf of ECAir, the Republic of Congo’s airline, from mid-2015. In the year 2015, it was the first and only Belgian ISO 14001 certified airline for its interest in sustainability and the smallest ecological footprint.

On May 13, 2015, the TUI group announced that TUI’s five airline subsidiaries would be named TUI fly while retaining their separate air carrier certificate, which will take more than three years. On 19 October 2016, Jetairfly received the new brand TUI fly Belgium, whose legal name is still TUI Airlines Belgium NV as the second airline of the TUI group having undergone the name change.

TUI fly Belgium also carries a network of 180 routes to more than 100 airports in the Mediterranean, Red Sea, Caribbean, Canary Islands, Cape Verde Islands, Africa and the United States. The base of the airline is Brussels Airport, but flights are also provided from 8 other bases: Liège Airport, Lille Airport in France, international airport Mohammed V from Casablanca, Brussels South Charleroi Airport, Antwerp Airport, Ostend-Bruges International Airport, and Marrakech Menara Airport Morocco.

Jetflyair Customer Services 2018

  • Short & Medium-Haul

TUI fly Belgium headquarters in Ostend: On short and medium-haul flights, there are three types of services offered on economy-class aircraft:

Economy class with onboard purchase service offering snacks and drinks for purchase , including catering.

Economy class with Service + VIP Selection, allowing high-end meals, free alcohol, newspapers. Access to the VIP lounge of Brussels-Zaventem airport, with fast check-in and safety line.

  • Long-haul

Boeing 767

  • Economy class with standard service, including catering.
  • Comfort class with access to the lounge and expressway at Brussels-Zaventem airport, high-end meals including free alcohol, newspapers, extra legroom and toiletries.

Boeing 787

  • Economy class with standard service, including catering.
  • Economy + Class with extra legroom and improved standard services.
  • Premium Club with access to the lounge and fast safety line at Brussels-Zaventem airport, high-end meal including free alcohol, newspapers, extra leg seats and amenity kits.

Note:  On all long-haul flights, there is AVOD for each traveler.

Their additional services include; seat reservation and online check-in

  • Airport parking
  • Fly Deluxe
  • Buy on Board
  • Airport Transport
  • Car Hire
  • Show all add-ons

Why Jetairfly Services?

Flights can be arranged with all extra services a customer wished by the Jetairfly phone number if they would like to charter their aircraft with a variety of aircraft types, such as Corporate incentives, business trips, day trips and visits or participations to sporting events or exhibitions. Other Services offered by the Jetairfly phone number include booking online, 15kg of baggage free of charge or a 20kg baggage for long distance flights, strollers and child safety seats transported, meals on board, picking of airports, optional services on flights leaving from Belgium, promotions, flight connections, hotel booking, online check-in, airport parking, travel insurance and gift vouchers. Here are the top eight reasons why you should choose to fly with Jetairfly services:

  • The Jetflyair Group has 70 737 MAXs on order for the group. The order consists of 18 MAX 10 aircraft, with the remaining variants undefined as of June 2017.
  • In the year 2018, TUI fly Belgium received a total of 4 new MAX aircraft. And, over the next 4 years, they will receive a total of 15 Boeing 737 MAX 8 and 4 Boeing 737 MAX 10 aircraft.
  • Their offerings of the new aircraft to the TUI Group began in January 2018 with the first aircraft, a Boeing 737 MAX 8 being delivered to TUI fly Belgium.
  • It is one of the world’s best premier airlines, well-recognised for its first-rate services, dedicated crew and comfortable flights.
  • You can enjoy a range of in-flight entertainment options in Jetairfly aircraft, like games, TV shows, movies, music, etc. The onboard Wi-Fi makes it all the more convenient.
  • The seven-course menu in the flight offers you fantastic options to enjoy the authentic Middle Eastern cuisines.
  • As a member of Jetairfly’s Customer frequent flyer program, you can redeem the points you earn while you travel in the form of fantastic discounts. Moreover, you get additional benefits like extra baggage allowance and speedy immigration.
  • Manage your booking and check-in online through Jetairfly mobile app.

Jetairfly Belgium Updated Contact Numbers 2018

If you are unable to understand anything or have any complaint against their services, you can call the company anytime and from anywhere on their Jetairfly Belgium Updated Contact Number +32 (0) 70 22 00 00

You also have the option to click on their ‘Questions’ section and visit Jetairfly help centre where you will find all the appropriate information and assistance you need.  Their top FAQs will help you answer your queries. Click on the FAQ link to get under the ‘Questions’, and you will see the top FAQs.

If you are unable to understand anything or have any complaint against their services, you can call the company anytime and from anywhere in Belgium on their Jetairfly Belgium Updated Contact Number. You can also visit their social media pages for any sort of query or help, and it is also known as one of the best ways to reach Jetairfly customer service. You also have the option to click on their contact us page where you will find all the appropriate information and assistance you need. However, their top FAQs will help you answer your queries.

Contact them via the Jetairfly mobile application or stay tuned to their social media platforms where you can access all their latest information on travel deals and discounts. If you need help with delayed or damaged baggage their dedicated Baggage Services Team is always there to help you trace it or make a claim for damaged luggage. For more information on lost or damaged bag visit the FAQs page right away!

Tips or Recommendations to Jetairfly Passengers

If you are planning for a trip and wants to fly with the Jetairfly phone number, all you need to do is to first visit the official website of the Jetairfly because it is through the website where you will find out about the promotions of the airline and it is where you can book a flight online. It is also through the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, where you can find and follow the Jetairfly news updates. You may also subscribe to your email to receive promotions. What’s good with the Jetairfly is their accessibility 24/7, so if you can’t connect to their staff through phone, then sends them a message through the form provided on the website.

Tips For Callers

One can contact jet airway service from 9 AM to 7 PM on weekdays and from 9 AM to 10 PM on Saturdays.  On public holidays the jet airway remains close. Customers are charged more for calls on those public holidays. Customers can get answers to their queries from Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) listed in the FAQs section in the official website.

Contact Jetflyair via Social Media

You can also contact the company by visiting their social media channels. Here are the links to their social media accounts:

You can post your query on any of the social media platform and they will assist you accordingly.  But, if you want to connect immediately and need a quick response, we recommend you to call Jetairfly Belgium on their updated phone number.

Jetairfly Belgium FAQs

  • When Jetairfly started working?

Jetairfly began its operations in 2003 as a part of the renowned tourist group Tui AG. At first, the airline was called Jet Air had 5 aircraft. It rebranded two years later to jetairfly and quickly became the number 1 tourism brand in Belgium.

  • How Jetairfly works? And to which areas does the jetairfly focuses?

Jetairfly includes all the routes and destinations which include the Mediterranean, Red Sea, Caribbean, Canary Islands, Cape Verde Islands, Africa and the United States. Jetairfly is the only airline with an ISO 14001 certification for their focus on sustainability and their small ecological footprint. One cannot make a Jetairfly reservation, you can only book Tui flights with Alternative Airlines.

  • How come jetairfly became a part of TUI fly Belgium?

The jetairfly is a part of Belgian airline, and it is also a part of the TUI group as TUI fly Belgium. One can search the TUI fly flights with a wide variety of alternative airlines.

  • How many services does jetairfly offer?

Jetairfly offers three different types of services which are provided on a medium haul and short haul flight services. The economy class offers standard services which include catering facility, an economy class with buy on board service that provides snacks and drinks available for purchase, an economy class with VIP selection that offers premium meals, free alcohol and newspapers.

  • What is the jetairfly baggage allowance?

A jet airway is considered under international flights in which economy class passengers are allowed (1 class baggage of up to 7 kg allowance). The first class and premiere guests are allowed to carry one piece of baggage of weight upto ten kgs. The dimensions shall not exceed 55cm+25cm+35cm(115cms). The passengers can have an additional foldable bag or laptop bag. For infants, people can easily carry a fully collapsible stroller or infant basket.

  • What are the other items which are allowed to carry inside a fully collapsible stroller or infant basket?

The other items which are allowed to carry inside the cabin in addition to the free baggage mentioned above are: blanket or overcoat wrap, umbrella, walking stick, ladies handbag, reading material, small camera, binoculars, infant food for consumption in flight, laptop and fully collapsible wheelchair, a pair of crutches, braces or prosthetic devices.

  • What are the security regulations in jet airways?

The safety and comfort are of the utmost importance to the jet airways. In accordance with the security regulations, the guests are suggested to follow the points mentioned below:

–   Never accept any packets or items from the unknown source

–  Don’t leave your baggage unattended at any time. Unattended luggage is removed by the survelliance.

  • Always try to carry one hand baggage, the dimensions of which should not exceed 1.15 linear metres(45.3 linear inches/115 linear cms).
  • Any electronic device such as battery cells or dry cells carried in the hand baggage or any electrical or electronic items is removed, and the airline will not be in a position to hand over the same at the dimension. The same may be carried in the checked in baggage.
  • What all dangerous goods are on board not allowed to carry an aircraft? 

Alcoholic beverages, perfumes and medicines or toiletries, small gaseous oxygen cylinders which are required for medical use, small carbon cylinders are worn by the guest for the operation of mechanical limbs will be permitted onboard. But as per the security regulations, carriage of the articles such as knives, tools, Scissors, Firearms, Lighters, Firearms, sharp instruments and many more things are not allowed inside aircraft.

  • What does jetairfly customers provide?

Jetairfly customer service provides four options for contacting the customer service department- Modification and reservation, request to block reservation for more than 9 people, full or partial cancellation of reservation and other questions. Jetairfly customer service is 24 hours available at +32(0)70/22.00.00.

  • When the customers do are allowed to contact the jetairfly?

Jetairfly customers can be contacted from 9 am to 7 pm on weekends and from 9 am to 10 pm on Saturdays and from 10 am to 10 pm on Sundays. However, Jetairfly customer services remain closed on public holidays, and hence customers are charged more for calls on those public holidays.

  • Can you book an additional booking for your pets?

Pet animals such as Dogs/cats are preferably mentioned on the reservation form.

While booking, you can indicate whether you wish to bring a dog or cat. If you have already made your reservation, then you have a chance to make an additional booking for your dog or cat on the above-mentioned number.

If the presence of your pet is not notified in advance, then a surplus will apply of 7.50 per pet and per phase of the journey, payable at the airport.

  • Is it possible to purchase a cage or a small bag for your pets?

Purchase for a cage for the transport of dogs or cats in the baggage compartment is not possible. This is the responsibility of the passengers transporting dogs and cats. They need to acquire an appropriate cage in advance.

On the other hand, it is possible to purchase a soft bag for small dogs or cats which are weighing under 8 kg for transport in a cabin at the TUI fly desk on all Belgian Airports, according to the availability.

  • What kind of assistance is requested in case of reduced mobility?

It’s easily possible for the passengers to receive assistance at the airport of departure and arrival as well as during the flight in case of reduced mobility.

It is advisable to reserve assistance when booking the flight by contacting as soon as possible afterwards. As this assistance is always provided free of charge.

  • How can someone book a flight?

Booking a flight is easily done through the website. You can also make the online payment and any further correspondence will be conducted directly with TUI fly.

Booking the flight over the phone is generally recommended.

  • Is it possible to cancel some of my booked flights?

A reservation for the Jet Airways flight is final. The booking is directly confirmed in our system. IN case of cancellation the cost is 100%. Therefore the reservation is non- refundable.

The cancellation insurance policy must be read carefully. The conditions are to be looked carefully to find out whether or not you are entitled to reimbursement from the insurance company. This will only be the case if the insurance company accepts the reason for cancellation. In case of actual cancellation, you will receive the necessary documents at home.

  • What are the costs which are attached to the cancellation?

In case of cancellation, the cost is 100%. Therefore the reservation is nonrefundable.

In case of cancellation of the complimentary services such as transfers, meals and insurance, TUi fly does not grant any refunds.

  • What is manage booking?

Manage booking is a suite of feature which allows you to retrieve and reprint your bookings and update special requests in your booking record.

  • For how many times you can make use of manage bookings?

There is no limit on the number of times to use manage bookings.

  • How do I benefit from manage bookings?

As jet airways guest, booking is an online self-service initiative which serves only one  purpose which is to aid you by:

Eliminating the need to check your booking details and request booking services by phone. By providing or changing the contact details, Jet privilege number and meal details.

  • Where can I find my reservation number?

You can find your reservation number on the confirmation you received after you made your booking under reservation number. It consists of nine digits and starts with 02.

  • How can you receive your booking confirmation?

Within 24 hours a booking confirmation will be sent to the email address that  you entered under contact information when the reservation was made. This confirmation was not accepted as proof of payment and is also not a valid travel document. The travel documents are available on “My TUI fly”.

  • Can you modify your name in the booking?

You can transfer the booking to the third party who complies with all the conditions about the transport agreement until one day before departure. You may also notify TUI fly of this name modification on time. RTHis comes with a cost of 70.oo per person.

  • Can you modify the date in your booking?

One can modify the date for up to three days before departure. For short and medium half flights this comes with a cost of 50.00 per person and leg. For long distance flights (Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Mexico and USA) it comes with a value of 120.00 per person.

Jetairfly Customer Service exhausting you?

Share with us the experience of the Jetairfly Services (waiting times, courtesy, professionalism, etc.), the price of customer retention promotions & valuable tips for the benefit of all customers


  1. patricia RAEDEMAEKER

    We flew from Brussel to Orlando on 5 July 2016 with Jet air and very happy , flew in upgraded classes.
    Only problem, as we could not book online, we were not sitting together .

    Suppose to come back on 19 July 2016 from Miami to Brussel early morning, we received an email 2 days before that flight was delayed till 21 h 20

    When check in, sitting in the airport , flight was delayed for 3 hours, no reason according to staff, except paperwork!
    Not only 3 hours, no water, no hot drinks as all shops closed.

    When on board with NEOS flight, worst flight ever, and we are both 60 years and travel a lot in the world, flight started at 12 h 30
    First unfriendly and arrogant flight attendants, no respect at all, no blankets in economy and it was freezing, all tired after more than 3 hours delayed.
    No coffee, no thea as we there was no hot water, also no possibility to heat milk for the babies!
    Food was not fresh, and the minimum with no drinks, specially the breakfast!
    When asking in the cabine for drink ,reply was ” get out not allowed, only water”!

    When asking for email to complain, reply” search online”!
    Jetairfly: 021530558

  2. De Grande Roland

    Kan mijn fiestkoffer me op de vlucht TB 4334 van Palma de Mallorca naar antwerpen 10 55 13 35 op 4/52017?

    Dank u gr

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