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Jetairfly is an airlines based in Belgium with its headquarters in Ostend, Belgium. Its centre of flight operations is at Brussels airport, Belgium. Jetairfly is officially known as TUI Airlines Belgium and has adopted its present name in 2005. Jetairfly has focus mainly on four cities- Antwerp International airport, Liege airport, Brussels south Charleroi airport, Ostend-Bruges international airport. Together with other six airlines, Jetairfly is linked to TUI airlines alliance and is a part of largest leisure fleet in Europe. Jetairfly has a fleet size of 21 offering services to 105 destinations and provides service in the name of Jetairfly customer service.

On medium haul and short haul flights, Jetairfly mainly offers 3 different types of services- Economy class that offers standard service which includes catering facility, economy class with buy on board service that offers snacks and drinks which are available for purchase, economy class with VIP selection that offers premium meals, free alcohol and newspapers. For the last class of passengers, Brussels airport has separate check-in and more security. Boeing 767 and Boeing 787 provides long-haul services. In Boeing 767, Jetairfly offers economy class with standard service and economy class with lounge access and security fast lane. In Boeing 787, Jetairfly offers economy class with standard service, economy class with more enhanced services and premium club that offers lounge access, security fast lane in Brussels airport with premium meals along with Jetairfly customer service.

Contact options for customers
Jetairfly customer service provides four options for contacting the customer service department- modification of reservation, request to book reservation for more than 9 people, full or partial cancellation of reservation and other questions. Jetairfly customer service is always available at +32 (0)70/22.00.00. For partial or full cancellation of reservation, customer is required to enter details in a form in the official webpage. In order to enquire prices for more than 9 people, customers can enter details of passengers for which reservation should be booked. Jetairfly offer low cost services depending on the desired flight and size of the group as contacted from Jetairfly customer service.

Tips for callers
Jetairfly customer service can be contacted from 9 AM to 7 PM on weekdays and from 9 AM to 10 PM on Saturdays and from 10 AM to 10 PM on Sundays. However, Jetairfly customer service remains closed on public holidays and hence customers are charged more for calls on those public holidays. Customers can get answers to their queries from Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) listed in the FAQs section in the official website.

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  1. patricia RAEDEMAEKER

    We flew from Brussel to Orlando on 5 July 2016 with Jet air and very happy , flew in upgraded classes.
    Only problem, as we could not book online, we were not sitting together .

    Suppose to come back on 19 July 2016 from Miami to Brussel early morning, we received an email 2 days before that flight was delayed till 21 h 20

    When check in, sitting in the airport , flight was delayed for 3 hours, no reason according to staff, except paperwork!
    Not only 3 hours, no water, no hot drinks as all shops closed.

    When on board with NEOS flight, worst flight ever, and we are both 60 years and travel a lot in the world, flight started at 12 h 30
    First unfriendly and arrogant flight attendants, no respect at all, no blankets in economy and it was freezing, all tired after more than 3 hours delayed.
    No coffee, no thea as we there was no hot water, also no possibility to heat milk for the babies!
    Food was not fresh, and the minimum with no drinks, specially the breakfast!
    When asking in the cabine for drink ,reply was ” get out not allowed, only water”!

    When asking for email to complain, reply” search online”!
    Jetairfly: 021530558

  2. De Grande Roland

    Kan mijn fiestkoffer me op de vlucht TB 4334 van Palma de Mallorca naar antwerpen 10 55 13 35 op 4/52017?

    Dank u gr

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