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KBC is a bank-insurer which helps its customers to realise their goals and dreams by protecting them. KBC doesn’t just work as bank or as insurer but aspires more to inspire, boost and stimulate its clients to reach their goals and dreams. KBC was formed in 1998 after the merger of two banks and one Belgium insurance company. At present, it has clients of 10 million and is extended for many countries like Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Ireland and others. KBC has many branches (1600) and performs its operations or services through various channels and agents. More than 36000 employees are working in KBC along with KBC customer service according to 2014 results.

4 Reasons to be Customer of KBC
KBC is known for its four services- free current account with bank card, savings account with higher interest rates than other banks, an office nearby always, popular mobile banking app. KBC allows customer to save regularly for his or her child and avail a gift as compliment. The other services provided by KBC are save, pay, pension savings, borrow, invest and insure. KBC separates its services to businessmen, private banking and others. All the power services are provided to the customers along with KBC customer service.

Make an Appointment
Appointment can be booked online before going to KBC branch which is nearby customer’s location. Online appointments reduce time and make customers to directly avail services without any delay. Both customers of KBC and non-customers can book appointments in online. However, KBC customers are provided with KBC Touch service by KBC customer service which helps in resolving their issues quickly. Date and time can be chosen from the calendar provided in KBC touch service and customer gets free SMS alerts from KBC to remind him or her of appointment.

Contact KBC Customer Service
Customers can avail KBC customer service for various services like asking questions, problems, suggestions or complaints. If the customer’s card is lost or stolen, customer service can be contacted which blocks the card immediately. Card Stop is the service which provides such blocking services for the customers by calling 070 344 344. Internet fraud can also be reported to the customer service through online. Any nearby locations can also search in the contact us page in their official website. All these services are provided to the customers without any delay as KBC believes in customers’ satisfaction and values each and every customer.

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