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Ketnet- Children’s and Youth Channel
Ketnet is the youth and children’s channel of VRT since 1997. Flemish government organises the station and finances the station with the taxes obtained from citizens. Ketnet’s transmitters are renewed on 2006, 2010 and 2015. With the aim of providing public health channel for children, Ketnet was introduced in Flanders (Belgium) along with its Ketnet customer service and is being operated by Flanders’ public broadcaster. It broadcasts both the local and imported products from 6 AM to 8 PM. However, the channels are also broadcasted to Luxembourg and Netherlands.

Programs in Ketnet
Since the start of this channel, wide range of programs is being telecasted on Flemish channel. The most known and longest broadcasted titles are Christmas Day, Amika, The Treehouse, Karrewiet, Mega Mindy, Spring and W817. Ketnet underwent major modernization process since 2006. Ketnet also provides radio services in the name of Ketnet Radio since November 2007 with its own Ketnet customer service. Ketnet Radio is an online radio station with looped 3 hour programme that is broadcasted for 24 hours. On every day, new programme is broadcasted. Listeners can even tune radio on Ketnet’s official website. There are many local productions and co-productions along with imported productions in Ketnet TV programming.

Questions, wishes or suggestions
As it is children’s channel, parents are also interested in it and are allowed to take help of Ketnet Customer service through FAQs section in Ketnet’s website. If parents, children and others have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding the website, they can send letter directly to Ketnet, room 4B1, 1043 Brussels. In addition to sending letter, they can facility to fax their suggestions and comments to 02/735 83 82. Before knowing or enquiring any suggestions, wishes or questions, viewers should visit Frequently Asked Questions section which is designed for the sake of Ketnet Customer service.

Ketnet is ready for Lot of Customers
With its new website, Ketnet is ready to provide better Ketnet Customer service as VRT and Ketnet got separate channels providing more autonomy to Ketnet. With some frequently answered questions, customers or viewers no need to wait for long-time to get their questions answered from Ketnet Customer service. Further, the broadcasting station of Ketnet Customer service also accepts comments regarding their design, working and telecast of various programmes. People may also suggest the channel regarding the wellbeing and talent improvement of their children and the present youth. As the channel is being broadcasted by the Flemish government, it is absolutely citizen-friendly.

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