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Royal Dutch Airlines
KLM, legally called as Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij (Royal Dutch Airlines) provides airlines services in Netherlands. KLM, a flag carrier airline is founded in 1919, some years ago with its important frequent flying programme, Flying Blue. KLM is headquartered in Amstelveen, Netherlands with its fleet size as 115 providing services to 138 destinations. KLM also has alliance with Sky Team airlines and is the oldest airline in the world operating with its original name. As of 2013, it has around 32,505 employees and has successfully completed 97 years of experience with best KLM customer service.

Aircraft Services
KLM provides aircraft services and is a reliable partner in aircraft support services along with KLM customer service. De-icing, aircraft towing and water supply are the various professional services offered at competitive prices for handling various aircraft requirements. KLM is the most experienced provider of de-icing services at Amsterdam airport schiphol. Comprehensive range of services is provided to customers at remote de-icing positions. KLM also offers aqua services and offers many services more than toilet and water services. Ground staff is always ready in maintaining cabin temperatures and provide heating or cooling on their own initiatives. Jetstarter services are also available for aircraft and KL uses modern units to handle many aircraft types.

Extensive Contact Information
KLM provides contact details based on the subject- booking, refunds and compensation, change or cancel flights, live flight information, flying blue, check-in, Bluebiz, baggage, complaint or compliment. KLM customer service is also provided through various social networking sites- Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn. For booking, customers can call at 1800 1800 044. KLM provides customer service through all India toll free number- +91 124 272 02 73. KLM customer service can be contacted for sales and service information by calling 1800 1800 044. Standard charges are applied when called from some operators. KLM customer service can also be contacted through FAX- +91 124 256 7603.

Hours and Details
For registering any complaints or compliments, KLM customer service can be contacted at +91 124 272 0273 and standard charges apply. If flight is delayed for more than 3 hours, customers can request compensation from KLM. If KLM customer service is contacted by telephone, customers should keep flight number and travel dates ready. KLM customer service is available from 10 AM to 12 AM and from 2 PM to 4 PM on weekdays. However, the customer service remains closed on public holidays and other important days. E-mail can also be spent through online from the official website.

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  1. Joyce

    Can I kindly request for a last minute one way to nairobi on the 10th Aug.

  2. Thinn Thinn Khine

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Good day to you.

    My original flight was from Singapore to Amsterdam with KL0836 on 30 Jul’16 and last flight was from Amsterdam to Brussels with KL1723 on 30 Jul’16.

    My baggage went missing when I took flight from Amsterdam to Brussels with KL1723 on 30 Jul’16. My file reference No. is “BRUKL10926” in the missing bag declaration form (My bag tag number is 0074 KL 409929).
    I received back my delayed baggage on 1st Aug’16 at 10 am.

    I would like to request the letter for that as I would like to claim for my delayed baggage from my insurance company. As per insurance company “the delay must be verified in writing by the carrier, operator or their handling agents or airline stating the length (date and time) and reason(s) for the delay and the person received back the baggage (date and time)” I received back my baggage on 1st Aug’16 at 10 am.

    I requested to your handling agent to issue the letter for that. They issued the letter but no company’s stamp or without letterhead. I need the letter with airline/company’s stamp.

    I would like to request and I would appreciate if you could help me to provide the requested letter with your airline’s stamp.

    Thank you.

    Best regards,
    Thinn Thinn Khine

  3. tony

    Hi could you tell me how does it work?
    I Mean The UCB procedure
    The Shipment Will be delivered At The aircraft arrival without any storage in The wharehouse?

  4. Patrick decam


    I am a subscriber to Touring , a Belgian company that sent me the November/December issue of their magazine in which you booked two full pages to advertise . On the first page you mention your destinations and invite “in French ” to visit the net address called “” . Any French speaking web surfer will expect à French dedicated site . We are in fact redirected to an English site at I suspect that you know that the three official languages of Belgium are Dutch, French and German.
    Secondly,on the following page you advertise for a contest with a grand prize of two tickets to Bali . Tempting enough I go to the mentionnned site and land on a page that tells me that the contest is closed since October 26 .
    How can such a great company be so deceiving and convey such a deplorable lack of professional communication?
    This is without any doubt a misleading ad .

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