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KPN – A Telecommunication Group
KPN is a Europe based Telecommunication Company and mainly operates in the Belgian, German, Spanish, Dutch and French markets. The organization is situated in The Hague, Netherlands and was founded in the year 1989. Since then it is actively providing landline and mobile telecommunication network in the Western Europe.
The company is growing its network with the annual revenue of €8.472 billion in the year 2013. Currently, there are more than 18,949 employees who are serving for KPN operations in Europe.
Also, there are seven major Subsidiaries of KPN Group. The list is given below:
• Telfort
• Simyo
• Base
• Getronics
• E-Plus
• Planet Internet

KPN Customer Service
KPN is basically providing services in the field of telecommunication market. But, “KPN Customer Service” is dealing with some other products and services as well. The group has shown its active participation by introducing Internet, IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) and Digital Terrestrial Television Services in the European Market too.
KPN subsidiary company BASE is the third biggest supplier of portable telephony and virtual mobile operator in Belgium. Right now “KPN Customer Service” is outsourcing all its innovation divisions to innovation accomplices. The organization is changing into a business association with the emphasis on offering telecom memberships.
The ultimate objective of “KPN Customer Service” is to participate in the market as telecom service provider rather than a telecom supplier.
“KPN Customer Service” is providing a huge list of facilities to their customer. If you face any problems with your Internet, Call or TV, then you just have to enter your zip code to the form given on their website. Soon, you can find a planned maintenance support in your nearby area.
The list of “KPN Customer Services” includes a variety of options, like: Change or cancellation of plans, New Wi-Fi connectivity, View invoice and bills online etc. They also provide a user manual and installation settings for the use of TV, Internet and Call.
KPN Customer Service has also launched a mobile application called MIJNKPN to get the entire invoice on your mobile phone.

The other List of KPN Services is as follows:
• Network Services
• Transmission Services
• Internet Access Services
• Enhanced Services & Reporting
• Communication Services
• Data center & Security Services

The Contact Method
As a customer, you can reach to KPN in several different ways. But, making a contact through e-mail or telephone is the best option to record your conversation for the future use as well. You can simply visit to the official company website: or the international web portal . There you can choose your region to get an instant support from them.
[email protected] is the best medium to reach directly to their inbox, or you can have a direct chat with their representatives on a telephone network also. Try out this number to have a conversation with them: +31 70 343 4343.
KPN is also providing the Live Chat options to their customers on their website as well. So, you can choose any of the given methods

Recommendations for the Customers
Make a registration to the KPN Care Portal before making any call to them. It will ease your process while having a chat with their staff. The best contact timings to get an instant reply is to call in the business hours, but as a customer you can 24/7 Support from their system.

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