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Lycamobile – call the world for less
Lycamobile founded in 2006 provides international SIM service while 14 million customers enjoy Lycamobile brand making new customer to join for every 2 seconds. The main mission of Lycamobile is to connect family and friends all around the world. It is the world’s largest mobile virtual network operator providing low cost and high-quality data services to 14 million customers in 19 countries because of its excellent Lycamobile customer service. Lycamobile is now trying to offer wide range of travel and financial services including Lycafly and Lycamoney which helps people to be in touch across border areas.

Other telecommunication businesses
Lyca offers other telecommunication services like Lycatalk, Lycamoney, LycaTV and LycaTel. Lycamobile offers cheap calls to India, morocco, turkey, Romania, Pakistan and china. It provides different tariffs for national, international and for roaming. When top up is done through online, Lycamobile gives extra credit. Some special offer discount plans are also provided by Lycamobile. When customer is registered through Lycamobile, one can view credit balance, call and recharge history, change plans online, set-up auto-recharge at predetermined date and time and any errors can be reported to Lycamobile customer service.

Get in Touch
Lycamobile can be ordered by phone – 0207 132 0322 or from Lycamobile by 322. Lycamobile customer service is available in multiple languages which operate from 8 AM to 8 PM on weekdays and from 9 AM to 6 PM on weekends. When Lycamobile customer service is contacted, 0.09 Euros is charged per call. If customers want to call Lycamobile customer service from abroad, they have to call at 0207 132 0322 or +44 207 132 0322. However, call charges varies depending on the network operators. If customers don’t get satisfactory response from Lycamobile customer service, they can e-mail on [email protected] The complaints will be resolved as soon as possible and the same information is updated to the customer. All the complaints are resolved within 5 working days excluding band holidays and weekends.

Assistance by Lycamobile
If someone wants to buy new Lycamobile SIM card, Lycamobile customer service assists with the purchasing process and ordering process. Also, all the network and service related issues are resolved along with problems in charges and payment plans. Customers can call customer service only in stipulated time and very low cost is charged for calling customer service and every customer is answered and provided the best service. Switching to Lycamobile is also very easy which is assisted by customer service. The personal details can be filled in form in the official website to get quick resolution of issue.

Lycamobile Customer Service exhausting you?

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  1. Ionescu daniel

    am luat o cartela lyca și am activator și după 2 zile nu mai merge nu pot sa mai sun decât primesc și am și bani pe ea
    Ce sa fa. ca nu știu

    1. Rahman Saifur

      I need regestration pls how to possible?give me tel number.thanks.

  2. Ce pot face cu un sim inregistrat dar totusi nu merge am incarcat cu 25€ si dupa reincarcare imi scrie no service de 2 nu ma lasa sa inregistrez in retea lycamobil…sun la pe alta retea dar nu merge …stie cineva ce treb facut?..dupa ce am inregistrat simul miau trimis un cod …asta a fost tot non service intruna…

  3. Nishanth

    I have asked mobile company,, they said that problem is in SIM card activation

  4. alieu

    You guys are really lazy to help. Please tEllen me how to ask my serial number to get registered my sim😠

  5. alieu

    I have called more than 1000 time but no one answer me. Please please please

  6. Gladys Attipoe

    I top up my bundle 10 euro yesterday
    Nd can’t see any message
    Or anything that shows I have top up my bundle pls help me.thankx

  7. Shana Saviye

    My number has been blocked iam being told to register but my number has been registered long time.
    I don’t understand this network at all.
    Sometimes I can’t even call the Helpdesk, it says that that number dat u proberen te bellen is niet bereikbaar!!
    Who is supposed to help then?
    Do I have to change my network already or not?
    Can someone help please?
    People can’t reach me now!!!

  8. Yvonne


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