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Mobistar – Virtual Network Operator
Mobistar is the second biggest of Belgium’s mobile telecommunications operators and a member of the “Free Move” alliance. It was established in 1996 at Brussels, Belgium under a joint endeavor between Telinfo and Orange S.A. The company built a GSM 900 network and an integral DCS 1800 system. At first Mobistar added to its network by marking contracts with suppliers, like Motorola and Talkline, Cellway, and Debitel Belgium and became the first GPRS provider in Belgium. Currently, more than 1804 employees are working with Mobistar and it’s increasing day by day. “Mobistar Customer Service” purchased 90% of the shares of VOXmobile in 2007 and reported annual revenue of €1.665 billion in the year 2010. Mobistar’s larger part claimed by the Orange S.A which holds a 52.91% stake and thus the company is listed in Brussels Stock Exchange also.

Mobistar Services
Mobistar is one of the primary telecommunication companies in Belgium and Luxembourg. The company is best known for some of the modern day technology and services like Satellite/Internet TV package, Star pack to give telephone clients multi-station TV. Mobistar TV consolidates DTH satellite TV with ADSL Internet to give more than 500 satellite TV and radio stations. It also provides program recording facility with smart phones. The satellite TV package is available with HD and 3D channels, and Free-to-air channels. Mobistar prepaid service was named Tempo. “Mobistar Customer Service” also helps its wholesale partners by offering access to its infrastructure and services. “Mobistar Customer service” also offers “MyMobistar App” to their customers on 3G/4G/Edge and WiFi network. Customers can easily track their usage reports through this application in quick time and also locate the sought closest Mobistar Center.

Mobistar Help Desk
“Mobistar customer service” help desk provides unlimited facilities to their customers. Mobistar professional looking website is the most interactive looking platform to solve any problems as a customer. In the Customer Area of the portal you can easily manage your services and plans online. You can view your bills and invoices of your subscription in that area and can also manage your budget with transparency. You can get the consumption information, recharge services, budget control, and mobile cloud storage facilities as a Mobistar customer and account holder. Mobistar YouTube Channel helps you to guide each and every feature efficiently with minimum efforts.

Important Points to Remember
As a Mobistar customer, one should always know the Company’s customer services first. If you are looking for quick solutions you must know the best possible ways to connect with the Mobistar staff. “Mobistar customer service” connects with their customers mainly through Mobistar Center, Telephone and Online support. The online support works 24 hours a day. So, you can send them an Email and you will get the answers of your queries within 5 working days. But if you need any personal advice, then Mobistar Center is the best place to reach. The centers are open from Monday to Saturday between 10 AM to 6 PM. Apart from it, you can also contact them telephonically. I personally consider this as the best option as you can get instant reply from the other end. The “Mobistar Customer Service” call centers are open from Monday to Saturday between 8 AM to 8 PM, and on Sunday the timings are 10 AM to 6:30 PM. You can call them from your Mobistar mobile number with local rates. The contact numbers to connect with the Mobistar call center are 027459500 from Belgium and for emergency support like for lost or stolen device report call on 080095955.

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  1. Efstratios Bellos

    I called regarding my phone that was stolen and i wanted to make sure that my Sim card was deactivated. A lady answered and in fluent english she respond that she was in the dutch speaking department and she would redirect me in the english department. I had to wait 10 minutes on the line for a french speaking person to receive my call and once i told him that i had been redirected from his colleague that was speaking english, his response was “OK, sir, now what is your phone number?”. Are these guys serious? Don’t they understand that this is the face of Orange to their customers? When i am making a complaint i want it to be heard not to be dismissed!!!

  2. Jürgen Wurth

    Dear Sir or Maddam,

    I got your contact from my colleague Irina Heuerz.
    I am from P3 communication and we are a testing engineers company for several OEM customers.

    I would like to ask you for your support.

    We have a worldwide hardware test project and we need Carrier Aggregation (4CA/3CA/2CA) location for testing.
    Do we have any chance to get the information from you?

    Thank you in advance and have a nice day.

    Best regards,
    Jürgen Wurth

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