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Netflix Overview
Netflix is the largest television network in the world expanded over 190 countries along with Netflix customer service. It has 75 million members who are enjoying around 125 million hours of movies and TV shows per day including documentaries, original series and feature films. Netflix was founded in 1997 and its headquarters are located at Winchester Circle, Los Gatos, United States of America. Members can watch on internet connected screens any time they want, anywhere and as much as they want. Members can watch all these without any commitments or commercials and can also pause and resume them while playing.

Services of Netflix
Netflix is a rental service that offers media services to its subscribers through internet streaming. Netflix also provides video-streaming service separately that gives access to the online library content of Netflix for internet connected devices. It allows many individuals to make use of one subscription by ensuring authenticated login. When the streaming service was launched, no additional charge was taken from the users. Netflix offers rental services for both video-on-demand service and physical disc rentals. In 2013, it launched Super HD services that allow high quality streaming and supported by Netflix customer service. For providing all these services, open connect content-delivery network is used.

Contact Details of Netflix
Netflix provides “Netflix customer service” through calls and email services. For any press related Netflix customer service cases, one should email to [email protected] The inbox of this mail is monitored from Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM. If the issue is regarding to any Netflix customer service, then go to for contact information. Netflix customer service can be availed by calling 1-800-585-7265 which is available round the clock. For faster service, it is better to login into the site and then click “call us” link which provides service code along with waiting time.

Tips for Callers
Callers can call service number: 1-866-579-7172 to know information regarding joining Netflix service. Social media is the best and fastest mode of customer service by Netflix. Netflix accepts queries from both Facebook and twitter accounts. Callers should first take use of live chat on Netflix web page as it provides solutions to their questions quickly because of less waiting time. As it takes sometimes for the Netflix customer service to answer questions, one should look at the troubleshooting tips given in the official website. New user or existing customer can call anytime as the service is for 24 hours, 7 days. For better guidance, description of issue is vital.

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  1. Ghislain Weeghmans

    Geachte Netflix klantendienst,jullie hebben mij een beetje bedrogen met het lidmaatschap dat ik ben aangegaan met u,ik had één maand gratis gekregen tot 28 augustus 2016 kijk het maar goed na mijn naam is Ghislain Weeghmans.
    Maar wat gebeurt er nu ik kon mij niet dadelijk inloggen toen ik wou een film bekijken,moest ik mij aanmelden met Paypal dan wordt ik maar omgeleid waar men mij 9,99 euro aanrekent.
    Aldus is mij onrecht aangedaan en 9,99 euro afgehouden ten onrrechte want ik had tot 28 augustus gratis,zodus om rechtvaardig te zijn van uwentwege moet ik pas op 28 september opnieuw betalen,want ik heb de bewijzen van die maand trouwens zwart op wit bij Paypal staan op mijn uittreksels.
    Willen jullie mij AUB een bericht sturen dat bij deze alles in orde is waarvoor mijn oprechte dank aan Netflix.Vriendelijke groetjes en hopelijk is dat snel in orde,iedereen moet krijgen wat hem of haar beloofd is.!!

  2. Daisy

    Could Netflix please add modern Family to belgian Netflix?

  3. Mal Colyer

    Why was Orphan Black season 5, episode 1, not available for viewing? All it said was episode 2 available June 18th, it was supposed to be available June 11th.

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