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Welcome to From today you can record your Calls for 30c per minute. You must have the bill payer's permission to proceed. We provide a call connection with recording with 32702 numbers. Please be aware that calls to other access numbers (not 32702) will not be recorded and that we are in no way affiliated with the companies or actual brand listed on this website. You must be 18+ or have the account holders permission. service provided by Halak Online Ltd.

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Orange acts as network operator for broadband internet, mobile phones in almost 32 countries. The main focus areas of orange are: connected objects, cloud, big data and augmented reality. Presently, there are 10 orange fab programs being run in countries like Taiwan, Israel, USA, Poland, france, ivory coast, south-Korea, Spain and Jordan. The company is also very active in investment and finance with Orange customer service. 20 million dollars is allotted through budget in the first financial year of Orange digital ventures which is a new investment vehicle. The main goal of orange is to accompany around 500 start-ups in the world by 2020 through its various programs.

Wide range of services
Orange provides various kinds of services like business services, money transfer services, healthcare, submarine telecommunications etc. It also provides mobile finance services: Mobile banking, mobile payment and mobile money. Orange business services provide many solutions to the needs of the business irrespective of small, large or medium business. With Orange money, the lives of people in Africa are made easier because of common currency and Orange customer service. In the field of submarine telecommunications, orange marine is highly specialised with accurate communications between various submarines in water.

Big Orange Customer Service
Customers can expect prompt answers from the Orange customer service employees by contacting various employees according to the needs of the customer. All about life and news of the orange group can be responded very soon by the customer service. Customers can be in touch with group by clicking on various profiles as given in the site under group contacts section. Companies, professionals and multinationals can avail customer service benefits from orange business services. All inquiries can be written to the customer service by submitting requests directly to the employees.

All Customer Contacts
In order to cater needs of customers, Orange France opened Orange customer service to all the English speaking customers in France. Technical support from the customer service is provided in English by contacting the number +33(0) 9 69 36 39 00 either from France or from abroad. However, the call charges vary depending on the network rates. Customers can also be in touch with the orange group through various social networking sites like LinkedIn, twitter, Google+, facebook, YouTube and pinterest. For any other general question, customers can contact the technical team and sales team through various modes. With the best customer service provided to the customers, Orange is known for its customers’ satisfaction.

Orange Customer Service exhausting you?

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  1. Zadran

    Hello sir, I am want to using orange sim card. My number is lycamobile .i want to change my number lycamobile to orange. Please you can help me. Thank you orange service.

  2. Robert Cherry

    I would like to commend your staff at the Orange Shop in Causee De Boondael 433,especially Olivier L and his colleague.I had a rather traumatic time which meant I had to contact the UK.Having never done this before,your staff very patiently guided me through the process.It took me four separate visits to the shop to achieve my goal and each time I was treated with the greatest courtesy and kindness.Staff like this should be cherished and I hope that you will pass on my warmest regards and thanks to them.They are a credit to your company.Best wishes,Robert Cherry.

  3. Panagiotis Fotidis

    Worst Service ever!!!!
    I have asked to cancel my contract a month ago, I was told that I had to pay my last month’s subscription and then I had to wait for them to call me and ask me some questions(probably why I want to cancel my contract etc.) .
    When somebody called me, he could only speak French, and when I told him that I don’t speak French, he just hang up on me!!
    Of course the bills kept running…:)
    I tried calling their customer service line, the supposedly English one,and the menu was in Dutch and French!!!
    When after many efforts I finally got through to someone who can speak English, I was explaining the situation and she just told me that my contract hasn’t been cancelled, and when I asked her to do that, guess what, she hang up on me…

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