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Proximus – History And Background
Proximus, otherwise called Belgacom Mobile is now one of the biggest of Belgium’s three top mobile telecommunication organizations. The other two main rivals of Proximus are Mobistar and BASE. Proximus was established in 1994 as a joint endeavor between Belgacom and AirTouch. Later, AirTouch was converged with Vodafone. The company assumed control over the operatorship of the old MOB2 simple system, and also the new second era GSM system. “Proximus Customer Service” has only somewhat more than 45% of the business sector now considered as immersed.

Proximus Specialized Information & Services
“Proximus customer service” as an organization declared the income of € 2,239 million and an EBITDA of € 1,135 million. The company is presently completely coordinated in the Proximus Group and is no more a subsidiary of Belgacom Mobile. “Proximus customer service” has declared Pay & Go as one of the main prepaid service of the company and works under GSM 900/1800MHz, UMTS 900/2100MHz and LTE 1800MHz frequencies. The “Proximus customer service” is utilized by various Mobile Virtual Network Operators, including TMF Mobile, Scarlet, RSCA Mobile and Post Mobile. The main line of Proximus services and products include a variety of options. Some of the main products and services are Mobile subscription, Smartphone subscription, Pay & Go prepaid card, Internet subscription and fixed line subscription.

Connect With Proximus
There are several different ways to connect with Proximus and get advantage of “Proximus customer services.” As a customer you can visit the Proximus Center or Point-of-sale by simply making an appointment with their staff. You can also make an appointment at your home or at one of the best suited places you prefer. You will get a customized advice from their expert. The other nice option is to shoot an E-mail in their inbox. For that, you must create an account on the company website and fill the auto generated form to get an instant response from them. The last, but the easiest way to connect with them is to make a call at the “Proximus Customer Service” representative. You can make a call on the given numbers: 080055800 from Belgium and +32475156030 from abroad.

Useful Advice To Consider
Are you a new customer to join Proximus? Don’t worry; you are at the right place to get some useful advice, before subscribing for their services. “Proximus customer service” offers the “Toll Free Numbers” for their customers and future clients. So, you don’t need to spend money to have a chat with them. The opening hours of the Proximus support Center is from 8 AM to 10 PM daily. But for the Proximus TV the support team is available until Midnight. Both options fall under the Frequently Ask Questions category. But, if you are already a client with Proximus and want to report for your lost of stolen mobile then you can call the support team 24/7.

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