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Sanef is a 2063 km motor way in France and is based on concession model which is considered as successful business model. This model helps in maintaining the infrastructure along with financing the delegate construction thereby guaranteeing public expenditure. The main quality of sanef is that it didn’t tie up with any construction group but is the subsidiary of Abertis which is a French company. Abertis is a world leader in managing highways. Sanef’s main missions are exploiting, secure, maintain, valorise and develop. To achieve all these missions, an expert team with sanef customer service is highly essential.

Sanef services
Sanef provides services in various fields with high quality and amazing sanef customer service. Some of the services provided by the company are infrastructure management, facility management, and salt order. The technical and human resources of the company helps in meeting the demands and serves its customers in maintenance and management of infrastructure of organisation. The facility management is provided by sanef whose operation is explained in the website. Salt can be delivered either in bulk or in bags. Customer can also choose the type of salt that suits their need.

Sanef customer service at your disposal
Many questions are answered from sanef customer service through its high qualified technicians. Some of the questions which are answered are visit to toll, advancing trip, damage of car, subscription toll, and administrative matters and joining issues. Questions on any other subject are also answered with high precision. If an individual wants to apply for the vacancies, they are directed to career space in the company’s official website. Sanef has around 24 service centres and customers can contact to 01 41 90 59 00 from Monday to Friday during business hours. High quality of service is guaranteed to customers from the service employees.

Contact Sanef customer service
Sanef customer service can be contacted through 01 41 90 59 00 and [email protected] Customers can also send the filled form through online in which various details like name, social reason; email, phone, subject and message are required to be filled with accuracy. The customer service further contacts the customers through the email as mentioned by the customer in the form. Dedicated customer service is provided for different issues and different subjects. Any other questions or queries can directly be written to the crossing, 30 gallieni. The company can also be found on twitter as “sanef groupe”.

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