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Scarlet Company
Scarlet is a telecommunications based company in Belgium and Netherlands. It also acts as Internet service provider and provides fixed and mobile telephony services. It even performs some minor operations in curacao, Luxembourg and Sint Maarten. Scarlet established its internet and telephone services since 1992. However, Scarlet is active in Belgium since 1997 with its internet and telephony services. Scarlet mainly focuses on providing telecommunication services giving best value for money and also provides qualitative Scarlet customer service. Wide range of services like digital television, internet connections (VDSL and ADSL), mobile and fixed telephony is being provided by Scarlet.

Scarlet Trio Services
Scarlet’s Trio services is known for its services in internet, telephone and TV. It provides access to 2 most watched television channels through digital television connection which also includes decoder. Through internet services, it provides download speeds up to 30 Mbps and upload speeds up to 4 Mbps with unlimited data usage. Inclusion of modem and free activation are the additional internet services being provided by Scarlet. Scarlet also handles unlimited calls to landlines for 16 hours in weekdays and for 8 hours in weekends. Wireless surfing can be done throughout home with one modem that has two Ethernet ports. The telephony services are also provided at very cheap costs compared to other service providers and any errors in connections can be reported to scarlet customer service.

How to Reach Scarlet Customer Service?
Help pages in scarlet’s website provides quick answers to most of the questions in the form of Frequently Answered Questions by Scarlet Customer Service. If the answer is not found in the list, then Scarlet Customer Service can be contacted at 02 275 27 27 from 9 AM to 11 PM on weekdays. On holidays and weekends, the Scarlet Customer Service remains closed. However, to place any new order, one can call toll-free at 0800 84 000 or can place order through online in their official website.

Test Your Line
Anyone who wants to test whether their line is available for products to be served by scarlet can check directly in their official website by entering their address details along with pin code. The search results simply show whether services can be provided in the customer’s required area or not. This reduces the customer’s time in calling Scarlet Customer Service to know whether their area is provided with service or not. As customer service is not provided on weekends on holidays, customers should call only on weekdays and calls are easily connected during day times.

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