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SFR- A Global Operator
SFR is a telecommunications company in France with its headquarters in Paris and was founded in 1987. In entire France’s telecommunications market, SFR hold significant position as a global operator. It provides mobile services to consumers, local authorities and as wholesale. SFR is the absolute and sole owner of its infrastructure. The main aim of SFR is to extend its 4G coverage and fibre coverage to every nook and corner of the country without compromising on its service quality. As a leading mobile network provider, SFR’s main objective is to become new leader in mobile markets and broadband. The SFR group is currently serving around 21.8 million mobile customers and around 6.4 million households in broadband services with its best SFR customer service.

Wide Range of Services
SFR provides many services- fixed line, internet access, mobile and audiovisual services. SFR is an expert in providing solutions in various fields like unified communications, machine-to-machine and cloud computing especially for businesses along with SFR customer service.

The Best Customer Service
SFR Mobile customer service is the best service as it continuously provides service 24 hours every day. SFR resolves various types of customers’ problems through different contact numbers. The termination service for mobile is accessible on 0033 811 707 175. However, subscription to any mobile plan can be done only by sending letter and not via telephone. The main SFR Mobile customer service phone number that deals with all solutions is 33-1-71-07-07-07. It operational location is from France. SFR Mobile customer service centres receive 2000 faxed pages daily and it is highly difficult to manage them. So, SFR turned to replace this paper based processes with fail-proof electronic document delivery. With this replacement, more customers are answered in the expected timeframe and hence more clients can be satisfied. With the new improved system of SFR customer service, the faxes are answered in less than 10 minutes. The use of electronic and automated solution of SFR is said to be a leap towards the green orientation of the company. Also, customers are now charged less for the SFR mobile customer service.

Best Ways to get solution from customer care
The SFR Mobile customer service can be accessed on 0033 6 1000 1900. After calling the number, # key should be pressed followed by zero. In order to speak directly to SFR Mobile customer service employees, 1 should be pressed. For other services like adding credit to the account and SIM card, customers can call on 0033 6 1000 1023.