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UPS is a messenger company which was founded in 1907 in United States of America. In its journey, it has grown in to multibillion dollar companies as it clearly focused on enabling e-commerce all over the world. In the present scenario, UPS is regarded as the best recognised and most admirable brand for transportation of various couriers and packages in the world. It is known for its specialised logistic services and transportation. UPS is being operated in more than 220 countries with everyday flow of goods, information and funds. With UPS customer service, the customers’ satisfaction is given highest priority by the company.

Courier Services
UPS provides various courier services like shipping, tracking and freight transportation services. In shipping services, company provides for the return in case of any damage. UPS account can also open which synchronises the customer’s purchase history every time the goods are delivered. Customers can also track the shipments and can access UPS MY CHOICE service which is displayed in the main page of the official site. Freight services include critical freight, air freight, and ocean freight and customs brokerage services. All these services are backed by UPS customer service all the time.

UPS customer service is provided in various categories like tracking package, calculating time and cost of the delivery, receiving e-mail communications from the UPS customer service and multimodal access plan. The registration details of the company in Belgium are: trade registry- Brussels, Trade registration number- 480.871 and VAT number: BE0428759497. For any details from the parcel office, customers can contact to 078-250-877 or can e-mail UPS from the web page itself. In order to e-mail through web page, customers should fill a form with details like name, email address, support category, support topic. Customer service professionals are highly trained in order to provide best customer service to its customers.

Frequently Asked Questions
UPS official site has some Frequently Answered Questions for which various solutions are enlisted in the site itself for which UPS customer service is not needed. Some of the questions which are listed under this category are: Meaning of Next Expected Tracking Event, “On vehicle for delivery”, number of days for delivery, delivery of package in three days and up-to-date information about package. Support can also be browsed by various topics like shipping, tracking, receiving shipment, billing and payment, technology support. Shipping services include shipping with UPS, national services, international services, import or export; void a shipment, locations and UPS holidays.

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  1. Tomasz Wojciechowski

    This morning I was not home but expecting a parcel. So, I got an “avis” in my inbox, with nothing on it apart from the info that my parcel is at OCTA+ which is a fuel station (UPS Access point), one of many in Brussels; no exact address, no opening hours, no dates when my parcel will be available. You have to be a real idiot (common here) to leave a notice like this. So when I found out (by calling UPS) which station it is, I went there… to see the place completely closed. UPS told me on the phone that its opening hours are 07-18:00… I got there at 17:35. Annoyed, I dialled a nr marked on the door (no opening hours were visible)- and got connected with the lady from the telephone centre OCTA+ permanence who told me she has no idea that this OCTA+ was a UPS access point, and she has no idea how to contact the manager and which are the official opening hours. This is the classical Belgian attitude. Super frustrating!!!!

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