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VLM Airlines
VLM airlines started its service in 1993 and became the most successful commercial airlines in Belgium. In the entire aviation history of Belgium, no other airlines have witnessed continuous profit for 10 years except VLM airlines. Its routes go from Antwerp, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, and Rotterdam to Manchester, London and Jersey by operating more than 500 flights a week. This brought VLM airlines many awards including the prestigious Regional Airline of the Year. The airlines are also known for its customer service as the best VLM Airlines Customer service. However, in 2008, this airline was acquired by France’s KLM airlines.

Wide Range of Services
VLM airlines offers wide range of services: booking, baggage, special assistance, rental cars, hotel services, group bookings, travelling with pets. These services are not offered by most of the airlines and with its best VLM Airlines customer service, it values its customers’ comfort. VLM airlines also provide special services for the children who are travelling alone by taking care of them completely from boarding to destination. Customers can also travel along with pets and such customers are given special services to make them journey comfortable.

VLM Airlines Customer Service
Customers are provided with best customer service in wide range of aspects from the point of boarding to leaving them in their destined places. Incapacitated persons, unaccompanied children, patients, pregnant women are given special assistance during the journey and also during flight reservation. Disabled persons are travelled with the assistance of an attendant. However, customers have to give such kind of details before boarding to experience the best VLM Airlines customer service.

Contact for Everything
Customers are attended for every single issue by the VLM Airlines customer service and the only thing customers should do is to contact through Tel: 00 32 3 285 68 66. However, regional telephone numbers are given so that customers are given quick and instant service. Customers should contact only from 8 AM to 4 PM during weekdays. However, VLM Airlines customer service remains closed on Saturdays and Sundays. Customers can also reach the service through the e-mail: [email protected] For group bookings, customers can contact the customer service as they are provided with some special offers. Hotel search and car rentals are also provided for the customers under their special requests through customer service. Customers can also be in touch with the VLM airlines to provide feedback or any complaints regarding the management in airport or in flight.

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