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About Vodafone
Vodafone group is one of the leading telecommunications group in the world which was established in 1985. At present, there are more than 400 million customers who use Vodafone network. Vodafone group has its significant presence in Middle East, Europe, Asia pacific and Europe through various joint ventures, subsidiary undertakings and associated investments and undertakings. Vodafone is being operated in around 30 countries and partnered with other network in more than 50 countries. Vodafone has successfully completed 30 years of connecting people with its first call in UK and amazing Vodafone customer service.

Products and Services
Vodafone group offers many products and services including messaging, voice, data and fixed line solutions for assisting its customers in meeting their communication needs. Vodafone also provides wide range of handsets with advanced capabilities providing access to internet and email. Vodafone branded handsets enables peoples to share benefits of mobile phone technology. The main features of Vodafone branded handsets are high end features in low cost, internet capability and touch screen. Vodafone is known for its voice and messaging services that provide national, international and roaming services along with Vodafone customer service. With different tariffs and propositions, Vodafone is attracting millions of customers all over the world along with unlimited usage offers.

Customer Service at doorstep
All the enquiries about the general information can be made through central switchboard: +44(0) 1635 33251. However, Vodafone maintains different Vodafone customer service numbers in different countries. If anyone wants to be in touch with general updates about Vodafone, then they can contact Vodafone customer service through various social networking sites @Vodafone group, Vodafone media (YouTube), Vodafone (LinkedIn). The subscribers and users of Vodafone network are guaranteed with best quality of call and other excellent services by Vodafone customer service. Call handling and billing are also provided with high quality by Vodafone.

Every call is answered!
No matter how busy they are with the customers with heavy call traffic, almost every customer is answered by Vodafone customer service resolving the customer’s issues. No middle man is present in answering and dealing with customers’ problems except by Vodafone customer service. A customer can become Vodafone subscriber by updating or changing tariff plan and can directly call Vodafone customer service contact number to with the administrators. Customers can also get help through website by posting complaints online or can get solutions for various issues through frequently answered questions section. Customers can also send mail directly to the customer care as indicated in the website.

Vodafone Customer Service exhausting you?

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  1. Vaibhav Kishore Tripathy

    Hi . I am a visitor to Belgium for a period of 3 months starting 04th December. Travelling from India , I hold the no 9873647509 and I am facing issue to set up a local network in Belgium – Brussels . To be clear I have already activated roaming network on my mobile but currently unable to select any network manually. The available networks are PROXIMUS , BASE , Mobistar.

    Kindly help me with a resolution since I am unable to connect back with my family.

    Thanks ,

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